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Just over three months ago, the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational tournament took place in Alvernia near Kraków. The name of the competition itself, as well as information provided by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment seemed to confirm that we will soon see more esports moves from the developer. Reality strongly verified these expectations, and the fans had to be patient. In the end, however, the developers of the game decided to reveal plans for the future, which, no matter what is here, are really ambitious.

In 2020, the participants of the Apex Legends Global Series announced today will compete for as much as $3 million dollars in prizes, and EA plans to also play as many as 12 events throughout the year. The start of the season has been announced by the game developers as well, at the season is set to begin on January 25. Then the first of several online tournaments will start. However, this is not the end of good news, because the inaugural competition will take place on new, dedicated tournament servers.

The whole gameplay system is a bit complicated. The basis of the games will be the online tournaments in which players from over 60 countries from around the world can participate. Some of the online struggles will lead straight to the Major, and so to the competition already being thrown. In the middle there will be Premier rank tournaments as well as for the Challengers — in both cases, the best teams will also have the opportunity to get a pass to larger events. The culmination of the entire season will be the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, which is the event aimed at selecting the best three players in the world.

The first Major will be held in Arlington on March 13-15. The prize pool for this event will reach $500,000 US dollars. More information about the Apex Legends Global Series can be found here.

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