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Although we are still a good few months away from the end of the tenth season of League of Legends, the developers from Riot have already decided to reveal what changes we can expect at the turn of 2020 and 2021. The current season has brought refreshed elemental dragons and Summoner’s Rift changes to the game, which has been quite enthusiastically received by the community. Another element that employees of Riot want to change a lot is the items and everything related to them.

Developers’ plans are extremely ambitious. After changes from the current items, only 34% of them will remain unchanged, while 33% will be reworked and improved, and another 33% will be new equipment. The main goal of the game balancing team will be to create a completely new, healthy item system that will eliminate existing problems and introduce innovative solutions. How do they want to achieve this?

As Marc “RiotScruffy” Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer writes, the new system must meet four conditions:

  • Purchasing items must be fast and intuitive
  • Different ways to build a hero are to be part of learning the game
  • Objects are to be “epic powerful” and make you feel the strength of your hero even better
  • Iconic items will remain in the game so you don’t have to relearn everything again

However, these are not all the details that Yetter shared on the development blog. The pre-season update is also to focus on making the items have one unique application, allow creating interesting builds, and contain only useful mechanics. This will allow you to add more reaction items that will be built in quite specific situations. In addition, it will simplify the gameplay a bit and make young players not feel overwhelmed by the contents of the store.

In addition, a thorough rebuilding of the store interface awaits us. The new version is intended to serve both players who want to know what is best to stock up at a given moment, and those who prefer to experiment on their own. The current system of recommended items will disappear, prepared manually by developers, and its more automated version will appear, analyzing the characters in the game, their strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to know all the details about the upcoming changes, be sure to check out the development blog.  Remember that still nothing is officially announced and many concepts may change. Rioters give themselves time to accept the community feedback and it is possible that they will take account of user feedback in their changes. 

One thing is certain — League of Legends is facing a revolution, the only question is how big it will be. We will see this at the end of the year, and for now, we have nothing else to do but wait for more information and details.

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