The fight for the highly coveted playoff spots in Europe is in full swing but anyone can still show up. At least on paper. A review of the sixth week of LEC.

Result: 0-2

XL wanted to get a little away from the bottom of the leaderboads, so this week they decided to surprise with Caedrel in the match against Rogue with the Urgot pick to jungle. It came as a surprise, but obviously not in the way that exceL was expecting (spoiler: the pick did not justify itself).

He tried to save the situation with Expect on Yorick and maybe he would have succeeded if the team gave him the opportunity to splitpush. Instead, he was forced to stay with everyone, which did not have the best effect and was one of the reasons for the defeat.

Anyway, apart from Expect there are no bright players in exceL. KaSing is no longer the same as in Splyce, Caedrel is not performing at the proper level, but at least they are trying. But the main problem here is that the team does not have a carry — neither Special nor Jeskla can fight with more powerful players.

Now for them, only the last place in the standings is available, from which they can observe how the stronger teams compete for a place in the playoffs.

Their games for the next week:

XL (2.80) vs SK Gaming (1.45)

XL (3.30) vs Misfits (1.44)

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Schalke 04
Result: 0-2

Despite a fairly high position in the overall ranking immediately after Vitality, Schalke 04 is showing more and more weaknesses every week. Abbedagge, who already won first place in solo deaths before 15 minutes, in the first match of the first day against G2 was completely ineffective. Lissandra’s ultimate was supposed to be a tool to make their team-fights work in favor of S04, but the German midlaner simply did not have time to press the buttons.

The star Upset on Ezreal did not show a good performance due to the strong G2 snowball and the passivity of his team: yet, Ezrael is far from being a character who can carry with Jace’s damage.

Team’s fans aren’t happy with the performance of Memento either. He could have made mistakes before, but in the match against SK gaming, they led the team to defeat. At first, he confused the buttons and, at the key moment, used Stopwatch, leaving Abbedagge to die in a 1v2 fight, then, in the later stages, he jumped on the blastcone directly to the enemies. He survived, but his teammates died in an unnecessary fight. In the end couldn’t take Nashor.

Odoamne on Urgot did his best to pull the team out of this distressful situation, but the weight of the jungler’s mistakes was too great even for him. If nothing is fixed, then with such a game you can forget about the coveted playoff spot.

Their games for the next week:

S04 (2.17) vs Fnatic (1.70)

S04 (1.86) vs Splyce (1.95)

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Result: 0-2

After such a beautiful victory over G2, the team was waiting for better results and a rise in the ranking, but this week they did not look as strong. In the game against Fnatic, everything went wrong: they lost lanes, the execution, the control of the card.

When in 28 minutes of the game the only kills in the team are your support, it’s a clear signal that everything is bad. Kold on Nunu could only take the Nashor once, but that did not help the team at all when they needed it.

Against Misfits, the team looked better, but Origen’s midgame began to sink. Glittering at the end of the fifth week, Nukeduck looked mediocre this time. And when the mid didn’t drag the team, there’s still hope for Patrik, but even here OG failed: AD Carry simply couldn’t do damage without a strong frontline. A very sad week, after which Origen needs to seriously work on their mistakes.

Their games for the next week:

OG (1.81) vs Splyce (2.02)

OG (2.31) vs Vitality (1.62)

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Result: 1-1

Changes last week worked out well for the team, but did not deprive it of irresistible craving for senseless fights. Sencux is proving with all its might that he is a solid midlanet — starting a game well, he makes more and more mistakes in the later stages, when the stakes get too high.

The marksman HeaQ is not taking the best example from his midlaner, flashing straight into the face of the enemy or getting up at a disadvantageous position on the map.

And if against excel, these mistakes did not affect the outcome of the match, then against Splyce, luck did not work out — this team is too strong to leave mistakes unpunished. And although the week was not as disastrous as that of other teams, Rogue’s playoffs hopes should be forgotten, unless, of course, they drastically tighten their game to at least the level of Misfits.

Their games for the next week:

Rogue (5.60) vs G2 esports (1.15)

Rogue (3.10) vs Fnatic (1.48)

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SK Gaming
Result: 1-1

Weeks go by, and SK Gaming still depend on Selfmade. He is the only one of the entire team consistently showing good results, but this is clearly not the way to success. Sometimes Werlyb helps him, but the Spanish toplaner is so inconstant that it’s too dangerous to hope for him.

In the match against Misfits, Selfmade played literally 1v9, but even so he kept the team afloat for 43 long minutes, despite a monstrous deficit in gold.

In the game with Schalke 04, the mistakes of the opponents played a big role. Then Werlyb woke up and finally began to fuss on the sidelines for Yorick, paving the path for Selfmade to lead them to victory. However, can this go on forever? It is unlikely that the jungler alone will be able to drag the team into the playoffs.

Their games for the next week:

SK (1.45) vs exceL (2.80)

SK (4.00) vs G2 (1.25)

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Result: 1-1

Located at the top of the standings, Splyce is still at risk. Already the sixth week, and Humanoid still cannot show a bright performance at the level of the top midlaner. All responsibility falls on the shoulders of Kobbe and Vizicsacsi, but even they are not all-powerful when the team meets with serious opponents.

In addition, the Splyce toplaner fell ill this week even before game days, but insisted on performing in the first match. As a result, after the defeat against Vitality, Vizicsacsi became worse, and in the game against Rogue, Orome, who plays for Splyce Vipers, took his place.

Substitution paid off, and in his debut on the LEC stage, he showed a brilliant performance on Atrox, having previously played only two training matches with the team. But nevertheless the level of opponents is not so great, which means that the question remains: can a young toplaner show the same skill against stronger opponents if Vizicsacsi does not recover until next week?

Their games for the next week:

SPY (2.02) vs Origen (1.81)

SPY (1.95) vs Schalke04 (1.85)

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Result: 1-1

Vitality trying to play in their own style — as aggressive as possible, but not reckless. The best formula for success for them is to put Jiizuke on some powerful killer (like Ecko or Fizz), and then wait for him to accumulate enough items to midgame. Against Splyce, this strategy worked as well as possible, as did the Vizicsacsi focus on the top, who was clearly out of shape on the day of the performance.

With Fnatic the scheme was about the same, only the performance let us down. While Jiizuke and Cabochard put pressure on their lanes, the Vitality botlane cannot withstand a combo of Rekkles and Hylissang. The magic style of the elder dragon Jactroll on Tahm Kench could have been victorious, but in the team fights VIT were much weaker than Fnatic.

Aggression is aggression, but they still have to work on fights and backup plans to protect their place at the top of the table.

Their games for the next week:

VIT (1.81) vs Misfits (2.23)

VIT (1.62) vs Origen (2.31)

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Result: 2-0

Misfits really want to get to the playoffs, and for this they have done a lot of work on their mistakes. Febiven finally began to play and drove over the enemies of his Irelia and Oriana. sOAZ came out of hibernation, in both games creating a constant threat not only in team fights, but also on sidelanes. Even Maxlore took on the role of the support-jungler, playing on Sejuani and Yvernet, and ceased to be a weak link. For once.

But even with such positive changes, Misfits still look uncertain. Yes, they were able to beat both rivals this week, but both games went for 40 minutes. And on the first day against SK Gaming, they could not finish even with a big gold advantage for a long time.

Against Origen they were saved first of all by the mistakes of their rivals and only then by the correct positioning. If the team still wants to fight for the slot in the playoffs, they need to think more clearly about the plans for the game and work out their execution.

Their games for the next week:

MSF (2.23) vs Vitality (1.81)

MSF (1.44) vs exceL (3.30)

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Result: 2-0

Having started the split with disastrous results, Fnatic seems to have found a way to solve their problems. In the game against Origen, the result of a competent and aggressive early game with dives under the tower at level 2 became absolute domination. They even could afford a small BM, because the risk of losing was still negligible.

Due to the inconstancy of Bwipo, the team began to play completely around the bottom of the map, trying to bring Rekkles and Nemesis forward, and so far it works.

Against Vitality, not everything turned out so smoothly. Having lost the bot, VIT concentrated their attention on the top and mid, which is why both lanes of Fnatic sagged. Bwipo nevertheless took the decisive barons, but the lost contest of the elder dragon almost turned into a disaster: Jactroll could pick up the object just by licking it with Tahm Kench.

As the jungler asserted at the end of the show, he was accustomed to measured infusion of damage to objects and such a sharp boost from the team knocked him out of a rut. A similar situation happened in the match against Origen, where Broxah missed one of the barons, losing to Kold, but there it was not so critical. That remains a noticeable weak point for the team, over which they have yet to work until next week, if they want to get into the playoffs.

Their games for the next week:

FNC (1.70) vs Schalke 04 (2.17)

FNC (1.48) vs Rogue (3.10)

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G2 esports
Result: 2-0

Following the results of this week, G2 are the only team that defended its place in the playoffs, losing only one game against Origen in the fifth week. Playing around the mistakes of their rivals, they were able to play a game against Schalke 04, quickly ending it in 23 minutes. However, even bright performances by Caps and PerkZ can not hide the raw edges of the team, which are becoming more noticeable.

The plan for the early game, the mistakes of rivals and a pinch of luck — these are the components of their victories. But if at least one element disappears, then G2 no longer looks like such titans. That we were shown by Origen a week earlier.

Of course, they have already received a ticket to the playoffs and can play the split quietly, but if G2 wants to win the split, they need to stop hoping that someone from the team will definitely carry them to the win.

Their games for the next week:

G2 (1.15) vs Rogue (5.60)

G2 (1.25) vs SK gaming (4.00) 

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