KuroKy: “As a pro player you have to give it your all, nothing less”

KuroKy: “As a pro player you have to give it your all, nothing less”

After the abysmal performance at DreamLeague Season 11, Team Liquid will be looking to redeem themselves at MDL Disneyland® Paris Major next month. Team’s veteran Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi talked about the mindset within the team, preparing for events, and his career.

Earlier this year, at the Chongqing Major, Team Liquid found themselves one man short and were playing with Chu “shadow” Zeyu as a stand-in. There TL finished in respectable Top 8 position, considering they were missing one of their leaders, Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi.

In an interview with XBOCT, Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi talked about what it means to play with a stand-in at a professional level, playing with someone who doesn’t speak the same language, why they changed a coach, as well as his plans for the future.

About shadow

“Suddenly he [Miracle-] could not go to this tournament, and we had to very quickly look for someone to replace him. We talked to shadow, and he agreed. He were to play with us until the end of the tournament.

In general, this is a cognitive experience. Shadow is a very hardworking and modest person. It is easy to communicate with him because he knows how to listen. But it is difficult to communicate with him because he does not understand us at all.

He does not speak English, so if he wants to tell us something, he takes out the telephone and uses a translator. Here he wants to say: “I think this hero will suit us” — and shows me the phone with the translated text. It is such a small annoyance. But he tries hard and works hard. In general, we did our best.

The biggest difference for me as a leader is that I gave him a lot of guidance on the microgame. We discuss the subjects — he asks for advice on what to buy. I try to tell him when to engage in fights or just farm.

I think he experienced undue stress playing with us. For him, our game system is new. He does not know when we want to fight, gank the enemy or something else. So I tried to help him all the time. The effectiveness of my game from this, however, suffered a little, but it was worth it.”

About playing with a stand-in

“My personal goal was to find suitable strategies under the current conditions. When Miracle- could not come, the biggest problem was that the strategy pool shrank by more than half. I lost about 60% of my workpieces.

The fact is that our team is built around the rotation of the positions of MATUMBAMAN and Miracle-, but Shadow doesn’t really want to play in mid. So it is worth paying tribute to MATUMBAMAN because now he had to stand in the middle lane all the time and did a good job. He is truly one of the best players in the world.”

About changing the coach

“The coach is a very exhausting position. You can’t do this for long. And it seems to me, Heen is a little tired of this. He wanted to do something new. And together we came to the conclusion that yes, we had a good many years, won the International together and a whole bunch of tournaments …

It seems to me that at a certain moment the team wanted to change something. Not necessarily the players, just change at least something that would bring new ideas and fresh blood to the team. In such cases, you just change the coach.

I think Virtus.pro acted in a similar way, changing ArtStyle to ArsZeeqq . After The International, as for me, both us and VP were in a very similar situation. We felt that we needed to change something, but the team was good, and everyone knew that we could continue to win. And really won this composition. So somehow it all came to a change of coach.”

About goals

“Win The International for a second time. And the win two more Internationals.”

About the difficulties in the team

“I think the hardest thing we had was when you win one The International everything goes down. We had a desirable goal, and we put all our efforts to win the most important tournament.

And after we did I made a mistake, because I began to squeeze all the juice from my team. I want to win another TI, and they also want to win, and in general we had a very good season. We hit the top a lot of times, won one Major and two Minors. And when the time came for TI, we were completely exhausted. 

After the end of TI, we decided to take a big break. We missed the first Major to refresh our heads and take up the game with new forces. After all, be that as it may, the main goal of any player is to win The International.

This is a huge test — to win a second time with the same team, because these people have already won. But I accept this challenge, and I hope we can make it happen. As for me, this is a great motivation: to become not just the first two-time TI champion in history for myself, but to make it a whole team.”

About his career

“If you give in to the life of a pro-player, then you have to give it your all completely, nothing less. Career is your whole life. You have, in fact, no privacy. It does not give me problems. Many at first suffer, but quickly get tired of living like that. I still like this life.

When I finish my career, I will certainly spend almost all the time with my parents. As time goes by, parents grow old, so spend time with them at least sometimes.”

About unpleasant teammates

“Sometimes, when playing solo, you come across ruiners who just want to waste your time, and you don’t want to play with them. In general, yes, there are people with whom I hate to play. I don’t even know their names. I don’t care about them. I don’t even turn off the sound for them. I don’t even want to quarrel with them — it’s a waste of time.

Yes, I am sitting at the computer, I understand — you just play, but for me this is work. I have to get better. And I just can not do anything, just sit and endure. And then I will either allow the negativity to devour me, or try to keep calm and play on.”

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fitch: “Vertigo is very difficult for me”

Coming out victorious at DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 boosted AVANGAR up the world rankings all the way to #14. Team’s veteran Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov talked about their performance in Brazil and other events, as well as adapting to the new map in the rotation.

fitch: “Vertigo is very difficult for me”

fitch: “Vertigo is very difficult for me”

Coming out victorious at DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 boosted AVANGAR up the world rankings all the way to #14. Team’s veteran Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov talked about their performance in Brazil and other events, as well as adapting to the new map in the rotation.

While the world’s best missed the first ever DreamHack event in Brazil, including the local superstars MIBR, it turned out to be an exciting event. In the opening match alone, AVANGAR were pushed to the limit against North America’s eUnited on Inferno.

In the end, AVANGAR defeated their opponents 25-23 and moved on to face Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe’s INTZ whom they overcame in a laidback manner 16-8 on Mirage.

The real trial was supposed to start in the playoffs, where AVANGAR faced Valiance. In a three map thriller, the CIS-based team overcame Rokas “EspiranTo” Milasauskas and co securing their spot in the grand final.

For a lion’s share of $100,000 dollars, Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov and his team faced the local favorites FURIA in the final. Even though they were seen as the underdogs, the Brazilian FURIA opened the final with a 16-2 victory on Vertigo. What followed, were two straight wins for AVANGAR, securing them $50,000 US dollars.

But they didn’t have a lot of time to celebrate, as they had to return to Europe, to play at the WePlay! Forge of Masters Season 1 finals, which will take place this weekend in Kiev, Ukraine.

After the Brazilian event, Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov talked about their preparation, playing on Vertigo, and what’s next for the team.

How do you rate the group stage of WePlay League?

The group stage at Weplay was interesting for me, everyone plays with everyone to enter the playoffs. Fair and a lot of games.

How has your game plan and role distribution changed in the absence of Krizzen?

At the moment, SANJI took on most of the roles of Crizzen, and I took on a small part.

What is your goal in the WePlay League? Who is your main opponent?

The main goal, of course, is winning the tournament. I think HellRaisers is our main opponent.

Many expected to see Team Spirit in the finals. Why, in your opinion, did they fail?

Again, all the matches were BO1, and sometimes your luck runs out, and sometimes it is not the peak. For this reason, there are risks of this kind of thing happening.

At the same time, DreamEaters qualified to LAN. Expected result or not?

DreamEaters may have surprised many, but not me. These guys I know for a long time — I will not say that I watched them strongly, but the tag and the players are very familiar to me. Therefore, their journey was a warning to me that the guys are capable and that we need to be ready for them.

Can you clarify the situation between you, ESL and Winstrike, which recently appeared on Twitter?

Honestly, I did not understand about the match against Winstrike. From what I heard, the organizers of the qualification refused to postpone the match. And what was on Twitter, I did not see.

You recently won a tournament in Rio. What did this victory give you?

Victory at DreamHack Open Rio may have given some confidence on the LAN and more confidence that you can return to the game at any time. Yes, a victory in Brazil is a great feeling and a pleasant vacation, impressions of which are not easy to describe in words.

At DreamHack you had to play Vertigo. What can you say about this map? Do you like it?

Vertigo is very difficult for me. I hope that in time I will be able to adapt to it and I will be able to relate to it better.

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fitch: “Vertigo is very difficult for me”

Coming out victorious at DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 boosted AVANGAR up the world rankings all the way to #14. Team’s veteran Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov talked about their performance in Brazil and other events, as well as adapting to the new map in the rotation.

SirActionSlacks: “Dota 2 scene needs a villain — a real bastard”

SirActionSlacks: “Dota 2 scene needs a villain — a real bastard”

Everyone’s favorite Dota 2 co-host and analyst Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner talked about running Dota events, his coworkers, how to improve the viewing experience for the fans and much more.

Right after the conclusion of DreamLeague Season 11, where the Chinese Vici Gaming triumphed, bringing home $350,000 dollars, everyone was discussing the format of this particular event. For one, DreamLeague became known as a more relaxed, “fun” event, even considering its massive prize pool of $1 million dollars and its Valve Major status.

In a lengthy interview with the Russian esports coverage site cybersport, in his usual manner, SirActionSlacks struggled to keep a straight face and give a serious answer. In the end, it resulted in a funny, albeit interesting and informative read.

How are you? How do you like the tournament?

Well! DreamLeague is always great. It seems to me that since last season the tournament has grown a lot. That year it was also a major, but this time the scale increased significantly. I like the direction of this championship, its relaxed atmosphere, as well as the cool “DotA”, which is shown by the teams.

Would you like this format to adhere to more tournaments? Or let DreamLeague differ from everyone?

I think DreamLeague has its own unique image. Many tournaments are trying to copy this style, but I am not a supporter of this — in Dota 2 it’s not necessary to do everything the same way.

DreamLeague has been working in this format for a long time, but I do not think that now every tournament should be so relaxed. This unusual style looks even brighter when it is surrounded by major tournaments. Sometimes, on the contrary, I want to see more professionalism. <…>

But is this the right decision – to give the tournament major status? Maybe it was worth taking it outside the DPC?

Oh no, it definitely has no place in the DPC! Any tournament in which I participate in coverage is super-unprofessional. Take it away! This should not be in the official season! (Laughs)

[But in fact] it certainly has a place in the DPC. Because guess what? This is still a Dota 2 tournament. DreamLeague has been around for nine seasons! <…>

There are people who love Dota 2 for the fact that it has a lot of room for complex, in-depth analytics. Many professionals like to talk about it, go into dry details. But guess what? It is still a video game! It is full of people who want to have fun and spam memes! And they deserve to have their interests defended too.

A couple of years ago you played Omniknight and clicked skills with the mouse. Now you are sitting in a major as an analyst. Do you think this job suits you? Are you comfortable in this role?

Well, actually, I still click on the skills with the mouse. I do not use hotkeys because they were invented by cowards. It’s like heavy armor in anime. On the day when I decide to put the hot keys, I will be the best in the world!

But seriously, analytics is a very difficult word. Technically, I am not an analyst, but a “co-host,” which means I can talk … nonsense! You must not … listen to me!

But in general, if you watch a lot of DotA, then you start to sort it out a bit. No doubt, I am not the smartest or even the most qualified person for this job, but they still called me. I’m not complaining!

How do you work with AdmiralBulldog?

I hate him. God, how I hate him. He is a terrible person. You will not believe what terrible things he says behind the scenes. He constantly repeats: “I hate my fans, I hate this game, I love League of Legends”. The contemptible little man.

It actually sounds a lot like him. Once I talked with him for an hour.

That’s it! He is very creepy! Dastardly, vile creature! He needs to stop! At any price!

And is Sheever the same?

Of course! Sheever is the most toxic, hateful person I’ve ever met.

Are there any good people in this tournament? Only MATUMBAMAN?

Yes, Matumba is a true darling. Very cute boy. Today he brought me a cake just for being cute.

Sorry, I’m kidding. All of them are wonderful people and have always been like this. And this is terrible! Dota 2 stage needs a villain — a real bastard. So that he would go on the stage in a coat and criticize everyone. But we don’t have that — everyone loves each other, loves our game, respects the fans … It’s so boring! But nothing can be done.

But in Dota 2, the situation is still better than in most games. For example, we have ArsZeeqq, who openly says: “We have destroyed our opponent, the game was easy.” I can not imagine that someone from other disciplines could afford this.

Well yes. Because they are boring! Because they can’t be themselves — Blizzard makes you say what you need. Therefore, everyone has to be so correct, forgetting who we really are – gamers! And these are not originally the most politically correct people in the world. Sometimes we flame, sometimes we have fun. And guess what? That is why we are so successful now. Therefore, Dota 2 is the best discipline in eSports – it really understands who its audience is.

Yes, sometimes we have very strange characters. But guess what? In fact, we are all strange, because we are all gamers.

Can you say that is why you chose DotA?

“Chose DotA ?!” I did not choose Dota, brother.

Did “DotA” choose you?

Exactly. Once I was a very handsome guy. I didn’t have bald patches, I was attractive, I lived a full life, I earned money … But then “DotA” ruined everything!

And there is something beautiful in its own way. Because it was then that I became who I always wanted to be in the shower … Techies spammer.

Are you happy about this?

Absolutely. Now I devote every day to spoiling someone’s games, to incorrectly analyzing matches and spreading madness and sadness around me. In the end, it is precisely for this that we live – in order to beat out as many people as possible before we go to the pearly gates.

It really looks like DotA! What would you like to do next? Seriously, are you tired of what you are doing now?

(Laughs) I have a very strange character. When I feel that I have succeeded in something, I immediately lose interest in it. It seems to me that in life it is important to constantly look for new obstacles, overcome them and thus gain valuable experience.

Specifically, at DreamLeague, I find it very interesting, because usually I am not invited to the studio by analysts — there are plenty of wonderful and talented people there. Yes, here I am having fun. In addition, I like to organize tournaments — soon there will be our Midas Mode, which we will try to conduct in the LAN format. And I am always looking for new tasks!

Last year I worked a lot behind the scenes of TI — filmed content, entertained the audience. It gives me great pleasure. Therefore, my future lies more in the organization of tournaments. It seems to me very interesting, this is my serious answer.

Do you want to say that we can lose you in the role of co-host and participant of the broadcasts?

I really hope for it! I’ve been waiting for someone to replace me for so long! (Turns to the camera) Guys, what I’m doing is not at all difficult. In fact, it is very easy. Why no one comes to my place? I need a replacement! I have been waiting for you for a long time! We already have a new TobiWan — this is ODPixel. LizZard becomes the new Merlini. Maybe, finally, someone will take the torch from me? You are welcome! Start shooting the content, please! I want to leave!

What qualities should a person have to successfully take your place?

Generally any! I constantly see the hate on the reddit and on Twitter about how I annoy everyone and have to leave. So, you can literally arrange it — just replace me! I really hope that one day someone will come up to me and say: “I watched your broadcast. You made a mistake in all predictions, your analysis of games is at the level of 2 thousand MMR, and therefore I decided to take your place. ” You are welcome! Where are you, you tryhard with 6 thousand MMR? Come here and set me free! I feel like a genie from Aladdin — I want to be free!

Half a year ago, you said otherwise. Then you said that you have to work very hard …

(Interrupts)It was a complete lie! (Laughs) But seriously, my work certainly requires certain investments. First of all, it takes a lot of time. But I cannot say that it is hard for me to do it, because I really love what I do.

So everyone who sincerely loves their work can say so. Yes it’s hard. But this is still a party! This is the best job in the world! I do not know, I would be happy to share it with anyone. So get out and follow the dream! Do not think that you are not good enough, just do it. Even if you fail, you will get great pleasure in the process.

In spite of everything, people see in you a person who just goes on stage and has fun. Can you show us some backstage work by Slacks?

Works? (Laughs) It will be difficult! Actually, a lot … well, not a lot, but decently time is spent on preparation. If only because I need to understand a little about what I am talking about. I need to feel a passion for the game, really love it, love the fans …

It is important to understand that my work never ends. Someone arrives at the office by nine in the morning, sits until 5:00 pm and goes home to spend time with the family and relax. I can not afford this. When I wake up, I immediately go to work and do not stop thinking about it until I fall asleep. I need to constantly check social networks, answer letters, communicate with my personal manager, with agency staff … with everyone!

Of course, it is exhausting. But besides this, you need to do some sort of remake, prepare for the broadcast. If you want to succeed, then you have to do the same. Especially if you want to take my place — in my case, everything looks like I’m not preparing for anything at all.

But at the same time, it’s just memes. They are not so difficult to understand, so everything is great.

I suspect that it may be difficult for you to work with individual players, because they are not too open.

What are you talking about? They are gamers, it’s very simple for me — we are alike. I have never met a professional Dota player who I wouldn’t like. We are very similar. I told this to people at TI when I explained why I like this tournament so much.

Every time I meet someone on TI, I have something to talk to them about. This is impossible anywhere else in the world. Because I know perfectly well who we are — the players of DotA. We are very different from any other group of gamers.

We love being punished. We love the pain that Dota 2 entails. We like to reach those heights that at first seem impossible. So I really have not met a single player who I would not like. Not even a single caster! Because in the end, we all sit in the same boat. Except Sheever, of course. She is a devil.

And besides AdmiralBulldog?

And besides him, yes. Horrible people. Just kidding. They are the best. Some of my closest friends. Probably … (laughs)

Which of the players did you enjoy working with?

I like those guys who know how to have fun, but at the same time know how to play Dota …

So… iceiceice?

(Laughs) Yes! Really yes! I am constantly asked what this guy is behind the scenes. Does he turn into a stern rude? Of course not! Even those players who seem very tough on the outside, remain gamers inside.

The nicest guys on stage are all sorts of Arteezy , Fly , n0tail . But even Cr1t- or s4 – those who seem calm and serious are actually very cool backstage. They will always say hello to you and smile broadly. I have never met someone who in communication would be unpleasant! Not counting the Bulldog. Just kidding!

In the CIS, a dispute recently arose about whether casters can criticize the actions of players. Do you think analysts — not specifically you — have the right to say: “This player screwed up”?

Of course. In this case, most likely, they will be wrong, because the players understand DotA at a level that analysts can never achieve. On the other hand, if you, being an analyst, are not able to distinguish a mistake from a correct action, then you should reconsider your choice of profession.

It is our job to communicate to the audience what, how and why the players do. As my dad said, what matters is not what you said, but how you said it. So it all depends on you.

You can say, “Oh, what a terrible choice of artifact” And you can choose this option: “This is a very unusual choice of subject in this match, I do not know why the player decided to collect it. Instead, you could select items A, B, or C. ”

The first option, of course, is much simpler, but is this the best option? Probably not. Because so the viewer does not receive any additional information. What can the phrase “this player made a mistake” do? Its author simply does a poor job.

But actually, I’m from America, baby, and our first amendment reads: “Say whatever the hell you want!” Yes!

How do you choose the tournaments in which you will work? 

Usually, I just desperately beg the organizers to hire me and send them letters, and sometimes blackmailing photos — I use all means. Sir, I’m not the most valuable employee. In fact, my presence has discounted many tournaments. So now I’m just crawling up plainly to THAT.

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Coming out victorious at DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 boosted AVANGAR up the world rankings all the way to #14. Team’s veteran Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov talked about their performance in Brazil and other events, as well as adapting to the new map in the rotation.

Dignitas enters a three-year partnership deal with Vie.gg

Dignitas enters a three-year partnership deal with Vie.gg

A deal with Dignitas marks a first big partnership with a top-tier organization since January for the esports betting platform when Vie.gg joined forces with the European powerhouse Epsilon.

In a three-year arrangement, Vie.gg will provide safe and transparent P2P esports betting to numerous Dignitas fans. Unlike the traditional betting platforms, Vie offers a more player-friendly exchange model, where bettors are competing against each other. In bet exchange, the player always wins.

“Vie.gg offer a premier destination for our fans to engage with the games they love in ways that play upon a competitive spirit that is decidedly Dignitas in nature,” Dignitas CEO Michael Prindiville said in a statement. “The partnership with Esports Entertainment Group and Vie.gg is extremely natural; we are connected in our shared dedication to developing and amplifying the gaming space in this period of rapid and inspiring growth, and as it blends naturally with entertainment, music, lifestyle, and more.”

Dignitas is an international esports team with one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the professional gaming industry that fields teams in seven of esports’ largest and most popular games. Dignitas was originally formed in September 2003 with the merger of two Battlefield 1942 teams. In September 2016, Dignitas was acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association.

Dignitas Rocket League team

Dignitas is a part of the Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment family of innovative and competitive holdings owned by an investor group led by Managing Partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer, which also includes the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League.

Most recently Dignitas made news after a merger with the Houston Rockets’ owned and operated Clutch Gaming, to form a new, gaming-centric, media and entertainment company. The deal marks Dignitas’ return to the LCS starting the 2020 season.

“I am very proud of this new partnership with HBSE and their Dignitas esports brand, which is founded in our shared common beliefs of player safety above all else,” Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group told the press. “I look forward to sharing our incredible product with Dignitas’ highly engaged fan base over the next three years and beyond. A partnership of this caliber is a significant milestone for our shareholders and tremendous validation of both our P2P esports wagering model and future plans within the esports world.”

Vie.gg offers bet exchange style wagering on esports events in a licensed, regulated and secured platform to the global esports audience, excluding jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling. The platform features wagering on most of the top esports titles.

Earlier this month Esports Entertainment Group, the company behind the Vie.gg platform, announced its successful application to list on NASDAQ. “A NASDAQ listing, if successful, would broaden our access to a larger and international group of investors as we seek to become a truly global company,” Grant Johnson said in a statement.

Currently, Dignitas flaunts top teams in several major esports scenes, including Rocket League, SMITE, Clash Royale, Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others. The representatives of the latter remain one of the best female teams in the entirety of esports as well as the reigning champions of Intel Challenge Katowice 2019 — a de facto World Championship in female Counter-Strike.

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fitch: “Vertigo is very difficult for me”

Coming out victorious at DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019 boosted AVANGAR up the world rankings all the way to #14. Team’s veteran Bektiyar “fitch” Bahytov talked about their performance in Brazil and other events, as well as adapting to the new map in the rotation.

pkmk: “I would not mind if Apex followed in Counter-Strike’s footsteps”

pkmk: “I would not mind if Apex followed in Counter-Strike’s footsteps”

Joining the legends like Cypher and clawz in a team would be a daunting task for anyone, but the newcomer Artem “pkmk” Nechaev says he’s ready to take on this responsibility at Natus Vincere Apex Legends squad.

Yesterday FACEIT together with the developers Respawn announced the first professional, developer supported league for the game — the FACEIT Pro Series: Apex Legends Tournament. The tournament will see 16 invited teams compete for a prize pool of $50,000 dollars.

The league, while locked to North America for now, is expected to come out with its European iteration. Before that, Natus Vincere caught up with its newest member of the Apex Legends squad.

Artem “pkmk” Nechaev, who previously played Overwatch professionally, joined NaVi last month but is already excited to take on this new challenge full force.

You are not particularly known to a wide audience. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, my name is Artem, I am 23 years old, I live in Moscow, I do not study. My entire life was connected to sports (I have been playing football since 3), which gradually changed into my passion for esports. I love dogs, and I’m single (laughs). At the moment, I devote my time to Apex Legends, which has become my main occupation. That’s pretty much it.

Before, you were a professional Overwatch player and played for TORNADO ROX. Why did you abandon this game?

At that time there were family circumstances that prevented me from continuing my career. I had to take a break, after which I never found myself in the game.

Imagine that a team appeared in the CIS that occupied the Overwatch League slot. Would you try to get into it, or are you done with the game?

It is completely over. Because of the Blizzard approach and the community that emerged in the game, I have no desire to continue playing Overwatch.

Do you think such a league is the future of esports? Or do tournaments by various TOs appeal to you more?

I prefer tournaments from various operators. That is where I feel the esports, which, for me, means competition, passions, sweat, tears, etc. The League and similar systems look like show matches, no more, at least in their current form.

Why did Apex Legends attract you? At what point did you decide that you would like to become a professional Apex Legends player?

First of all, I should say that I didn’t like this game. It looked like a regular battle royale without anything attractive. Subsequently, I realized that this is exactly the game that gives me pleasure, which I could not get in other games for a long time. I decided to become the best in what I like.

Have you tried other Battle Royale games, like PUBG, Fortnite? What was it that you didn’t like?

A lot of players went to PUBG when it was a hyped-up game. I have not seen the competitive scene in these games and did not want to try myself in them. However, my opinion changed after the release of Apex Legends.

Did you have a desire to try your hand in another genre? For example, Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO?

At one time I tried myself in CS:GO — before Overwatch came out. I even played on some LAN against my future teammate NLaaeR, who now plays for Atlanta Reign in the Overwatch League. But it all ended quickly, as it began. For now, I want to be the best in Apex Legends.

What should Apex Legends developers do to develop the competitive scene?

First, they should listen to the professional players’ community. There has long been a Discord server where you can ask what is worth adding and how to present it. Pubstomp tournaments are boring and have a big random factor. People need competitive Apex, and it needs a lobby.

Would you like Apex to follow any particular game in terms of esports? What esports scene appeals to you?

I am impressed by the CS:GO scene, an infinite number of LAN-tournaments and the most real esports. I would not mind if Apex followed in such footsteps!

Tell us, how did you meet cYpheR and clawz? At what point did you realize that your trio is really strong?

I met cYpheR and clawz directly when I was called to try out. The guys greeted me perfectly, the atmosphere was friendly and cozy. Afterward, we started to play and realized that we can play well to show the best result. It was decided pretty much straight away.

Your main character is Pathfinder. Why did you decide to main this particular hero?

The meta of the heroes changed constantly, until the patch that reworked the Pathfinder hitbox was released. Of course, all the teams started to play it, and I had to postpone my Lifeline and adjust to the meta, which was the main reason. And, of course, I am simply impressed by this hero, his mobility and the possibility of vertical movement on the map. So far he simply has no replacement in the game.

Tell me about your vision of the power of the characters. Which heroes currently pose the greatest danger, and which ones need buffs?

For me, a strong hero is, first of all, the one who brings the maximum benefit to the teamplay, while his solo potential is of secondary importance. Therefore, I think the strongest heroes are: Wraith — whose ultimate ability is universal and has no analogs; Pathfinder — with the possibility of vertical push with the team and the chance to take a position that is bad for the opponent; Bangalore — with universal smokes and the ultimate designed for both potential push and def. In terms of the buffs, an excellent solution would be to give strength guys a small MS buff, due to which they will have a slight advantage in fights, or, of course, just give them normal models (not like Pathfinder, please fix this ASAP).

Now, let’s talk about weapons. What kinds do you think need to be redone in any way?

New Longbow is something that should not be in the game in its current form. It’s good the importance of rifles was bumped up, but the insane rate of fire, which together makes it stronger than a Kraber, is in itself absurd. And also developers should pay attention to the broken Peacekeeper choke.

Are cheaters an issue in this game?

Yes and no. In this game, it is quite possible to beat the software user, but when this happens during some tournament, where there is no possibility of replaying the game, that’s when it’s unpleasant.

How do you cope with the negative comments? Does the hate give you a peculiar charge of emotions to try harder?

I usually abstract from this: many people, many opinions, right? And, yes, hate gives a charge, but please: don’t hate me more to help me “charge” (laughs).

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