Hobbit: “When I joined HellRaisers the atmosphere was just unplayable”

Hobbit: “When I joined HellRaisers the atmosphere was just unplayable”

With the New Challengers stage at the IEM Katowice Major 2019 well underway, Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov’s HellRaisers are waiting for their time to shine, while keeping an eye out on all the teams battling for survival.

Hobbit joined HellRaisers a few months back, after his departure from Gambit Esports. Khasenov already seen success in the Major before with his previous team, then lead by Zeus himself. This time the young player is looking for a repeat result.

HellRaisers, however, are no Gambit. The team showed some promise at the FACEIT Major London 2018, finishing in the Top 8. Here in Poland their sights are aimed much higher but the competition is stiff.

Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov talked about their chances in this Major, joining HellRaisers and the beginning of his career.

Hobbit, 3 months have passed since your transition to HellRaisers. Are you used to new teammates? 

Slowly getting used to the team. The atmosphere in the team is playable, it’s working. 

Can you describe each teammate in one word?

ANGE1 — thinking, ISSAA — calm, DeadFox — positive, w0xic — quick-tempered.

A few days left until the next Major stage. How do you rate your training at the moment? 

Our preparation, in principle, is good. I believe that we can go to the Legends and this is our first goal. Naturally, more would be better. I rate my individual game as average. I can do much better, my issues are connected with communication. I have some minor problems with English and some more personal problems. I try very hard to work, but for now it’s hard, I will try to make up for it and really want to be 100% ready for the Major.

How is your communication in English? As time progresses, how does your skill progress?

Now the difficulties are still there, but already much easier. I adapted. Sometimes even ANGE1 has problems with English. In stressful situations even in the native language it is very difficult to communicate correct and clear information, and in English this is twice as difficult. It is just a fact.

How is your daily routine going? How many hours a day do you train individually and with a team? 

The training starts at 15:00, I wake up at 13:00 — I eat, for me it is breakfast, I spend time with my wife, for example, I will watch one episode of a series. Then warm up before exercise. From 15 o’clock we train until 22 and after that we are free. I’ve been spending little time in Aimbotz and DM lately, since we train more than enough, but if I have to play, then I go to DM.

Did you find your game role within the new team?

There are some problems with this. When I came to the team, I counted on other roles, but it didn’t happen. I was given roles that are sometimes hard to handle, but this is all for the good of the team and I am ready to do it.

On each map, I play completely different roles, somewhere openfragger, somewhere lurker, somewhere support, and somewhere I trade frags. I’m getting used to it now, but, it seems, I’m doing pretty well.

What has changed with the arrival of “ami_R” to the place of the coach? What changes did he bring to the team?

When I joined the team, I saw a picture that I didn’t like. The atmosphere was just unplayable. When Amiran became a coach, the atmosphere became better. In tactical terms, Johnta helped us a lot, in principle, he helped us a lot, but since Ami is a new coach, he doesn’t have much experience in that. He is a very good and positive person, this is bearing fruit. Everyone in the team loves him and treats him positively.

During your career, you played under the leadership of two experienced CIS captains. How do you like ANGE1 as a captain? What are the obvious differences with Zeus?

Frankly, they are completely different. Zeus is the captain, the leader who leads the whole team, he strongly motivates and places emphasis on this. Finds and uses the strengths of each player. ANGE1 thinks more structurally and pays more attention to team interactions. In other words, ANGE1 — on game and tactical moments, and Zeus — on life aspects: motivation, confidence. It is difficult to compare them, they are completely different.

Let’s move away from the preparation for the tournament. During your career you have traveled a lot. Can you highlight the country or city that made the most impression?

Probably Los Angeles, and in general, in principle, the United States. When I fly to this country, I feel great. Very cool country and every tournament that takes place there, you understand that it will be a bomb. In Europe, I would single out Krakow. It is clear that we won there in a major, but I remember the city itself for its historical moments, we walked there a lot. I also liked Shanghai — a very beautiful and modern city.

Tell me how you came up with your nickname?

Nick came up with my brother. I was 9-10 years old and the Lord of the Rings movie was released. At that moment I was the smallest player in Counter-Strike and my brother called me that.

How did your parents react to the choice of such a profession?

They always supported me and treated this very positively. I am very lucky with this.

Will you allow your children to become cyber athletes?

Honestly, I do not know. Watching how he will succeed, probably so. If there is a talent and I will see that he is burning to play computer games, and wants to play and win, to put all his soul into it. I will support him anyway.

Are there any books or movies that motivate you?

Were once. For example, Itzhak Pintosevich: “Act! The Ten Commandments of Success,” but these books no longer motivate me. I used to read it, but now it is the motivational books that do not help me. From the films, I would even say anime — “Kuroko Basketball”, this is the last anime series I watched, and it gave me its share of motivation.

Do you have a favorite sport? Favorite team?

Football. Manchester United.

The best teammate for the entire pro-player career. Can you pick someone?

If you take the team Gambit, then every teammate was the best. Accordingly, in HR they are all top. I would single out fitch, who plays for AVANGAR now. I like the fact that it is easy with him even in stressful situations, even when you lose a tournament, it is always openminded. In a stressful situation, roughly speaking, I could shout at him, but he always perceived it adequately. Very calm, just a genius and top dude, probably the best with whom I played. Also Dastan and keeN, they would also be included in the list, but to describe each, you need a lot of time.

Who is the best player in CS: GO? Highlight top3 at the moment.

S1mple – no need to describe. Dev1ce, but I don’t like the way he plays. I would single out Magisk. My top3 is S1mple, Magisk and Electronic.

What crosshair and resolution are you using now?

1680x1050 (stretched). The crosshair is always different, depending on the mood.

A few words to the fans?

No matter how overused it sounds — thanks! Thank you for always supporting us. I will try not to let you down and show my 100%. I think time will put everything in its place and someday I will still delight you with victories!

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Slow and steady: the fourth week of LEC

Slow and steady: the fourth week of LEC

The continued failures of Fnatic, disappointing Misfits, unstoppable G2 esports and predictable Rogue — it’s the fourth week of LEC in review.

Stats of the week

One of the main questions of this season is what will happen sooner: the loss of G2 or the victory of Rogue? The probabilities of both events are extremely small, but the first seems almost impossible. If you look at the statistics of all the LEC players, then we will see that on every role, the G2 representative are the best at the moment per minute. And Mikyx, for example, on average does as much damage as Fnatic’s Broxah.

The “damage per minute” stat leaderboard looked as follows:

1. Perkz ADC 750

2. UpseT ADC 571

3. Caps MID 570

4. Kobbe ADC 570

5. Wunder TOP 557

The statistics of Perkz, the leader in this indicator among all players of the championship, looks awful for opponents. He inflicts on his opponent 750 damage every minute, while his main pursuer Upset is only 517. And these are the numbers of the person who plays the first season in a new position and still does not fully understand how to correctly stand the line. While G2 does not have any problems in the early stage of the game, their shooter can play aggressively in any position — in Europe there is no one to punish him and take the whole game, and not just the line.

Progress of the week

Three teams managed to win both of their games this week. Nobody doubted G2, but Splyce and Origen were surprises. The first after the failure of the two meetings were able to return life to their players, especially in Kobbe, and won two games in a row, once again adhering to their favorite tactics:

1. Win in the early game
2. Do nothing
3. Wait for late game for Kobbe to collect all 6 items.
4. ???

The plan does not look perfect, but the winners are not judged. As long as Kobbe is fine, it will work.

Origen, on the other hand, was able to breathe life into Mithy, after which he demonstrated the level of one of the best EU support players for two whole games. If the victory over Rogue shows only that you are stronger than the random set of players from solo, then winning against Schalke is already a sign that the xPeke and Deficio teams are on the right track.

The entire Origen lineup began to play better: Alphari remembered that he could press the buttons at a level above the average, Kold partially rehabilitated and looked like a jungler who does not want to fly out of the league after this split, Patrik found his comfortable picks, and there were no special complaints to Nukeduck — his level is undeniable.

All in all, all these improvements became possible due to the efforts of the coaches and the shotcalling from Mithy, which gave Origen an early advantage due to timely roams. This team has a hidden potential, and only now they began to use it for the number of percent close to a hundred.

Fnatic’s mistakes

Fnatic’s suffering continues, despite their former results. No one has lost as quickly as the boys in orange lost to G2 in one of the main matches of the week. The problems are obvious both for the coach Youngbuck, and for all the team members — Fnatic are terrible in the early stages of the game, and in this environment, the victory in the early game is almost equal to the victory in the game. Instead of picking early game champions, we often see 3 losing lanes in their draft, which are aimed at the late game instead, which leads to the majority of defeats.

Youngbuck himself says that he is weak in learning the early game, and will develop in this component with the team. But Fnatic is not the best place for such experiments, because after the World Cup final, the expectations for the team are extremely high (or at least were).

Winter management mistakes hit the team critically. Whether it was worth letting head coach Dylan Falco go, and getting Youngbuck instead, is a big question that will be answered by the table after the four weeks of LEC. Dylan with a less talented roster in Schalke 04 is in second place, and Fnatic — in second from the end.

Rekkles on the stream voiced the opinion that Caps saw the Fnatic problems hidden from the fans and the lack of opportunities to solve them, so he went to G2 to win. Now it is already obvious that for him this turned out to be unconditionally the best decision that could be made.

Best team of the week — G2

Continue to speed through the LEC. Riot should allow more than 5 champions against G2 to be banned so that at least someone in Europe can beat them. Not only that individually each their player enters the tops of the best in their positions, it is still impossible to predict what they will play in each new match.

So far, the G2 level leaves only two intrigues: will they be able to arrange the perfect split with a score of 18-0, and how they will look on the international stage? If Perkz again doesn’t eat Korean snacks and approaches the game on the line more consciously, then the EU dream team will be able to resist the Chinese teams and robots from Griffin.

Worst Team of the Week — Misfits

Marked with the “Super team” stamp, the Misfits crumbled too quickly. Their in-game communication suffers, which significantly slows their development. Gorilla and Hans Sama no longer look so impressive as at the beginning of the season. After a great start, the Korean support seemed to lose all of his motivation, losing the whole game on his own mistakes. And it’s not necessary to talk about their synergy with Maxlore — why discuss what is not there.

Teammfight in the middle of the game with Splyce is indicative, when Maxlore, Soaz and Gorilla could not synchronize their actions, separately initiated the battle and gave all the advantage away. With this teamwork, the Misfits are infinitely far from the struggle for the Top 2 in the Spring Split.

Best Player of the Week — Caps

The main talent of Europe continues to destroy as once again the opponents forget to ban his Akali. All Jizuke had to do was helplessly raise his hands up. Against Duo Caps and Jankos, no one has yet emerged victorious, their interaction is now immaculate. Wunder said that after they picked Akali, whom he hadn’t played for a long time, because he knew that Caps would keep them closed. Confidence rolls over, but when you have collected such talents, you can not call it unjustified.

The game against Fnatic was quite simple. Jankos helped a little in the early game, and after Caps on Zoe, he was unstoppable, hit all the skill shots, did impressive damage, killed Nemesis solo, forcing Fnatic to be sad once again. A great week for the Danish G2 midlaner.

Worst player of the week — Gorilla

Gorilla’s frustration can be compared to Piglet’s initial disappointment with Team Liquid. Legendary Korean players often face difficulties outside their home region and without compatriots in the team, but Gorilla already has so much experience from various tournaments that the least problems were expected of him. This week he is directly responsible for the defeats of the Misfits.

Picking Tam Kench simply buried Hans Sama against the Blitzkrank — instead of saving him from the hook, Gorilla, on the contrary, was dragging his shooter straight into the enemy team. At first glance, this is a random error, but in the second game, the Korean support also gave up the early game on the bottom lane, just by not pressing the flash in a simple situation. This is no longer an accident, but a pattern. Gorilla and Hans Sama, like the rest of the Misfits, are sorely lacking in synergy.

Games not to miss this week:

G2 [1.48] – Misfits [3.05] (Feb 15, 22:00 CET)

Schalke 04 [1.99] – Team Vitality [2.01] (Feb 16, 19:00 CET)

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Five young players to watch out for at the IEM Katowice Major 2019

Five young players to watch out for at the IEM Katowice Major 2019

More and more professional teams bet on the young talent, we take a look at the five youngest stars of the IEM Katowice Major 2019 and what can we expect from them.

The next CS:GO Major starts tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13th with the Challengers stage. 16 teams will fight for the eight available spots in the New Legends stage.

Jere “sergej” Salo – 16 years old, ENCE

The Finnish Jere “sergej” Salo even retired in 2018, after the things didn’t go so well for them that year. The retirement age of 16 would end weeks later, with the return of veteran Aleksi “allu” Jalli to the local scene with an ambitious project ENCE.

The team made of biggest names in Finland, surprised early on with impressive results. Out of all of them, sergej was the highlight, doing the double with the veteran round.

The fact is that, even at the young age, sergej is the highlight of ENCE, doesn’t need to carry the star post, since Allu has that role. With the spotlight on the veteran, the kid has been showing incredible results. Of the 17 events in which he participated with the team, including face-to-face, online and qualifiers, none were negative at all. His lowest rating was in EPICENTER 2018 , with 1.04.

The greatest success so far in his career was the title of StarSeries i-League Season 6, with sergej himself being the MVP of the event.

Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin – 16 years old, Fnatic

Another of the club of 16 is Brollan, from fnatic. The young Swede is highlighted by his above average performances since the day he debuted in the legendary organization. Brollan was revealed by the reality show GAMERZ , when he was 15 years old. The performances under the command of the great Oskar “ins” Holm made the eyes of the whole Europe to put in a new name for the future, but few expected that this future would arrive so quickly.

Brollan is marked by a tendency for aggressiveness and very risky moves, but most of the time they work because of an incredibly sharp aim, with about 55% head shots during the last six months. Any other player would suffer from such playstyle due to dubious decisions, but it seems to work for the young Swede.

David “n0rb3r7” Danielyan – 17 years old, Winstrike

norb3r7 debuted competitively at the beginning of last year, by the revived dAT Team , completely unknown on the international stage, the youngster began to leverage his career in the local scene with good results.

It did not take long until he was invited by a bunch of great teams from the CIS region, much for the moment of shuffle that was made in the second half of 2018 there. Gambit and forZe entered the dispute, but it was Winstrike who took the young Russian home. It was them who took advantage of his high investment to give a good project contribution to norb3r7.

After the changes, Winstrike bet on a more experienced team, signing Georgi “WorldEdit” Yaskin and Jan”wayLander” Rahkonen, providing greater moral support and guidance for the young player, who can be leveraged by the experienced, caring for the game itself.

Mathieu “ZywOo ‘” Herbaut – 18 years old, Vitality

ZywOo is perhaps the player who has the greatest responsibility on his back. The 18-year-old is one of the most talked-about names ever and has been plumbed by several French teams over the last few years. The end of the novel came with Vitality betting on a promising player.

1.43 rating in the last six months and different figures from any other high-level player. ZywOo is the biggest name for the future of Counter Strike, considering his current firepower and potential for the future. Young man who was not in a hurry to appear to the world, preferring to finish school before signing a professional contract. Now, fully focused on the game, it’s not hard to predict who will be one of the greats of this year and most likely the next.

WingHei “Freeman” Cheung – 19 years old, ViCi Gaming

Counter Strike’s boom in Asia has brought a new crop of players in the last year. The player from Hong Kong, Freeman is a great example of this. Defending the traditional ViCi Gaming, the player was the absolute highlight in Asia Minor, with a rating of 1.32.

Freeman is already in a fairly common age for the players, but the vast ignorance of the region in which it operates, makes it a name to look closely at major events.

His role in the team allows him to become the star of the team, especially with local opponents. However, in big tournaments, the youngster still has not shown up to be prepared, turning negative in the only two occasions, in the ZOTAC world finals and in the ESL Pro League world finals in Odense last year.


Named by many to have a great future ahead, Tsvetelin “cerq” Dimitrov, 19, is also a good player to watch out for. Much to NRG’s favoritism for such a stage a fellow Bulgarian, Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte also arrives at the Major as a recent highlight of the team.

There are still players who have come back to be highlighted by changes of function within the team, is the case of Ali “Jame” Djami, from AVANGAR, who at 20 years became the main highlight after changing the role of IGL with Alexey “qikert ” Golubev. Lucas “Lucky” Chastang of the discredited G2 has also shown potential, much for being a hybrid and being able to perform various functions with different types of weapons during the confrontation.

IEM Katowice Major 2019 starts tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13th with the Challengers stage.

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Is Apex Legends the best Battle Royale around?

Is Apex Legends the best Battle Royale around?

On February 4th, EA and Respawn, with no prior warning, released a new Battle Royale in the Titanfall universe — Apex Legends. The element of surprise worked out, and the shooter immediately overtook Fortnite on Twitch, and in the first 72 hours it surpassed ten million players.

We looked into why Apex is better than other representatives of the genre — both as a game and as a potential esports discipline.

In almost everything, Apex Legends is reminiscent of the Battle Royale mode of the last Call of Duty. A small map, arcade shooting, nice graphics and a thoughtful interface that is suitable for both PC and consoles. The inventory system is almost one to one, except that the cartridges occupy separate slots.

Now for the differences. Blackout’s portable temporary perks have been replaced by characters’ permanent abilities. Each character has passive, active and ultimate skills. This rather changes every battle and the game as a whole: some will help with a shield or shelling in battle, while others will climb the cliff or find the enemy faster. However, there are no imbalances, and it pleases us.

Unlike most other Battle Royale games, there are no vehicles in Apex. The size of the map is chosen so that everyone can get to the safe zone easily too — the location is designed for 60 people, and not for the usual 80-100 players. The characters move quickly, especially with the help of some ultimate abilities, and you can even cut with the slide’s double acceleration. And who needs useless Blackout helicopters when there are ziplines, both horizontal and vertical.

The new BR game is ideal for those who are bored of PUBG but do not want to go to Fortnite yet. Apex Legends is something between these two giants of the genre. There is no need to search for loot and opponents for a long time, but it is not necessary to compete in the speed of construction either. At the same time just shooting well here, unlike in Blackout, is not enough.

If the Battle Royale in CoD is nevertheless closer to PUBG, where reaction, accuracy and a little luck decides everything, then Apex Legends is clearly trying to offer more: like Fortnite, but within reasonable limits. The abilities of the characters give a wide choice of actions and act as an alternative to all sorts of additions by Epic Games, and the construction system is easily replaced by multi-level locations with thoughtful landscapes and the ability to climb almost any wall. All in all, not only does it speed up the gameplay, but also allows you to quickly change the course of any battle.

Apex Legends has great optimization. Even on somewhat outdated systems, the game will work and give an honest 30 FPS. At the same time, the graphics at low settings will not severely damage your experience, and serious delays will appear only in lively combat operations. A dated station with Intel i5-2500 and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti does an excellent job with average graphics without a drawdown below 60 FPS. 

In my first five hours of play, I only had connection problems twice, and one of them was connected with the Origin side (and not with Apex Legends servers), and the second simply did not allow the match to start and decided to go out to the lobby.

No desynchronization of opponents’ movements, no missed shots or teammates with a huge ping. At the same time, there were some glitches along the way — on the game forums, there are enough complaints about crashes. So far this can be forgiven: the developers certainly did not expect such an influx of users, and there is still time for operational patches — not even a week has passed since the release.

In Apex Legends it is very easy to negotiate with unfamiliar teammates. At the moment, this Battle Royale can only be played by teams of three people. If you start the match alone — Apex will surely find you mates, and you will have to communicate with them.

Respawn has made sure that the game is not interfered by the language barrier or the absence of a microphone: you can transfer any necessary information using the wheel of instructions. All teams are tied to marks on the map from the first person. To offer a further way to the location, highlight the position of the enemy, or even talk about excess body armor, just click on the mouse wheel. In the same way, you can indicate where the opponents have just been or what position is worth watching — any proposal of teammates can be accepted or rejected by the same pressure on the wheel.

Of course, it’s impossible to quickly discuss the exact landing place before disembarking, therefore in Apex Legends the whole team falls from the plane with a single jump. The direction is chosen by a randomly determined jumpmaster. And although teammates can disconnect at any time and go to the place they liked, it seems that the developers see Apex Legends as a team game … or a discipline.

Apex Legends can be the best esports battle royale game. Neither EA nor Respawn have yet talked about the competitive component of the game — companies did not even announce it, fearing to create a negative attitude to the project before the release. It is possible that in a month matchmaking will appear in Apex, and in another month — a full-fledged competitive system.

Unlike other representatives of the genre, in Apex Legends everything initially works on team interaction. It is convenient to communicate in the game, you can experiment with meta when choosing characters and resurrect allies. If during the battle the player does not have time to save, teammates will be able to collect his flag to one of the stations and bring their partner back to life. These little things already give a minimal basis for a more spectacular esports experience.

In addition, Apex Legends may be more attractive to the viewer. Matches usually last up to twenty minutes, and the dynamic gameplay does not get bored in the early stages. If in PUBG there is really nothing to look at until the third or fourth zone, then in Apex Legends, where the map is much smaller, the battles can begin after only a few minutes. The only problem is the observation of individual players — there are still a lot of them on the map, but Apex has fewer participants in the units, and this can be useful for broadcasting.

Respawn and EA unexpectedly released a really good game. The battle royale boom has already exhausted everyone, but the release of Apex Legends was a great success — Titanfall fans didn’t even complain too much that the studio did not release the third part of the series.

The developers managed to make a comfortable and unusual BR with cool mechanics. In the store with paid currency, you can purchase both additional chests with skins, as well as certain skins that were in the temporary rotation. Prices are almost two times higher than in Fortnite. All the rest is given only for Legends Point and Crafting Metals — the first is credited for success in the game, and the second is compensated for repetitive skins.

Apex Legends has gathered a huge audience for the release and has every chance to overshadow even Fortnite, at least for a while.

If Respawn Entertainment takes up the game and keeps it up to date with updates no worse than Epic Games, the new battle royale will break all records. Otherwise, Apex Legends will soon be forgotten, as happened with Blackout.

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Is Apex Legends the best Battle Royale around?

On February 4th, EA and Respawn, with no prior warning, released a new Battle Royale in the Titanfall universe — Apex Legends. The element of surprise worked out, and the shooter immediately overtook Fortnite on Twitch, and in the first 72 hours it surpassed ten million players.

Recrent: “I played two games and then requested a refund”

Recrent: “I played two games and then requested a refund”

The newest addition to the Natus Vincere PUBG squad, Dmitry “Recrent” Osintsev, told how he came to esports and why he chose Battle Royale from a Korean developer.

Natus Vincere are one of the favorites in the European Pro League — PUBG’s $1 million dollar league — which is set to start next week. NaVi will face the likes of Team Liquid, FaZe Clan and others for a chance to become the first ever World Champions in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Dmitry “Recrent” Osintsev talked about the upcoming league, how he got into PUBG, the new map Vikendi and why he quit Overwatch.

You used to play CS: GO and Overwatch. Why did you abandon these disciplines and chose PUBG?

I did not try to play CS: GO competitively. I played at the amateur level, and the game got old. After that, I tried myself in Overwatch. They even called me to some organizations, but at that time I refused: I wanted to get into another team — something better (laughs). I had higher requirements. If they called me to a good team, I would have agreed to go. But, probably, I was not good enough for this.

What was the reason for moving to PUBG?

I had a team, or rather a mix. After the tournament, we broke up, because the captain decided to take a break from Overwatch, and no one wanted to play without him. I did not see any prospects in Overwatch and decided to try PUBG.

At that time it was very popular. The first time I tried it in May 2017. PUBG was on all the streams, everyone was playing it. I tried, played two games and then requested a refund because I was stuck in textures and died from the zone. I really did not like it. In fact, the main reason was that I had a weak computer then, and it didn’t run PUBG that well. I really missed the FPS, which kept around 40-50. It was impossible to play, although I already had a monitor at 144 Hz. Two months later, I bought PUBG for the second time (laughs) and then I started playing tight.

Do you play any other games besides PUBG? Maybe you follow other esports disciplines, watch tournament broadcasts?

I don’t play anything else. I only watch Natus Vincere on CS: GO. Watching videos on YouTube, Zeus blogs and so on. I am interested in the life of this team.

No single player games?

Not really. I haven’t played any single player games for a long time. Right now I’m waiting for Metro Exodus. I think I want to play it.

When did you understand that you want to connect your life with games?

I also wanted to break into the professional stage in CS:GO, but did not know how to do it. I spent little time on the game. Probably, when I played Overwatch, then I already understood that I wanted to connect my life with esports. I did not like to study as an economist. From the first semester, I didn’t like it when I entered university (laughs). But I dropped out only in the third year.

How did your parents react to the fact that you quit your studies at the university for the sake of your esports career? Do they support you, watch your streams?

Now, yes. My father watches all the tournaments in which I participate. In general, they are interested, I tell them a lot of things. Parents know what is happening. But at first, when I just left the university, they naturally reacted extremely negatively to this.

Everybody knows that optimization suffers in PUBG. At times, FPS drops even on top-end systems, and on medium and low-end PCs it’s generally dark. Does the low frame rate hinder the skill of the player?

I think it interferes, and very much. I’ll tell you by example. I played on a rather weak hardware for a year — I had a processor like i5 4460 and a GTX 970 video card. At some moments, the FPS could sink to 15. I only updated my computer in June-July 2018, that is, for a year I played on bad PC, and this greatly hindered the development of my skill.

I think PUBG Corp. is trying to optimize, but for technical reasons they don’t succeed. I read some blog from the developers, maybe it was a video where they say that it’s difficult for them to branch from what they originally had. I do not know what the problem is. But when they try to correct one mistake, they get new ones. Because of this, it is difficult to optimize the game.

You have played for TORNADO ENERGY for almost a year. Why did you leave the team?

I just received an offer from NaVi and I thought that in such a composition, in which I was called, I could achieve greater success than in the previous team. Because for the year of the game we, in fact, did not achieve any high results in tournaments.

Are you satisfied with the results in the composition of NaVi? Is it a pleasure to play in this team?

I like everything. The first week, maybe even two, after the announcement, we played badly. We performed well on the OGN Super League and after that the game began to improve. There have been few tournaments lately, and now we are preparing for the European league.

Do you think the team relationship should be that of co-workers or should it be like a second family?

I think the second option. Just friendly relations, in parentheses “family”, as you said. It seems to me that such a team can achieve more.

In Dota 2, CS: GO and LoL, the position of the coach appeared quite long ago. In PUBG you need it?

I think we do. Or, at least, would not hurt. A coach can help the team. I think in the next six months or a year the teams in PUBG will come to this. The Chinese had a coach six months ago.

In a recent interview, you said that the PEL format is “not bad” for you. Do you like such a system more or are the usual LAN tournaments better?

To begin with, in PUBG — everyone knows this — there is a significant element of the randomness. And a large distance can eliminate the influence of any random events to the maximum and reveal the real winner already. The distance of 300 games, which will be at PEL, I think, is able to determine which team is really the strongest. But it is not clear how this format will be interesting to the viewer.

Tell me how the team will prepare for the PEL? Do you have a bootcamp?

Bootcamp is planned directly at the venue. We will most likely arrive a week before the start of the league and play in those conditions.

It turns out that PEL will be your first major LAN tournament in your esports career?

I played on the LAN in Norway, but it’s hard to call it big. I am a calm person in this regard. I think that I will feel comfortable.

What can you say about your opponents? Who do you think will make you the most competitive?

It is hard to say. Almost all the teams had roster changes, and it is not clear who will perform. Plus the points system will change a lot. Everyone is used to the fact that kills play a small role, and points for places are the greatest, but now the picture may be quite different. Meta can change a lot.

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