Warzone tournaments will feature the biggest stars on Twitch

The premiere of Call of Duty: Warzone, a battle royale set in the realities of the legendary FPS, took place on March 10, and the game has already become a hit. After a few days, it could boast of 15 million players, which can best testify to the scale of the success of this free production. It didn’t take long for the appearance of esports tournaments for this title.

Two of them will take place this week. Today, Code Green is scheduled to start for prizes from the $ 50,000 prize pool, with participants being primarily from North America’s well-known streamers, personalities and professional Call of Duty players. On March 20, tomorrow, there will be a tournament prepared by 100Thieves: Warzone from Home with a prize pool of $100,000 dollars.

Interestingly, these prizes will not go to the participants themselves, after all the organizers decided that half the amount will be allocated to the charity goal indicated by the winners, and the second part will be distributed among people watching the competition on the stream. Little is known about the list of participants at the moment, but the 100T CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag announced that he will be taking part in the competition as well.

And what awaits us next week? Next Tuesday (although the name of the competition suggests Wednesday) there will also be the first competition from the #WarZoneWednesdays cycle organized by Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, in which participation was already confirmed by Félix “xQc” Lengyel, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar and Ali “Myth” Kabbani. The stake will be worth $20,000. In turn, on March 25-26, the first CoD tournament will be held: Warzone at Twitch Rivals in three regions, including Europe.

On the first day, there will be solo struggles, and on the second day there will be a team tournament. At the moment no official list of participants has been presented, but intuition suggests that it will not lack the biggest stars on Twitch.

Call of Duty: Warzone was released on March 10 on personal computers and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game from the very beginning was completely free and used many solutions known from the last part of the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

More information about Warzone can be found at this address. However, it is worth remembering that if you do not have Modern Warfare, then you’ll need to download about 80-100 GB of data.

Riot presents the skills of the new Fiddlesticks after a rework

Yesterday, a short trailer on Fiddlesticks’ rework appeared on YouTube’s League of Legends channel, which could have suggested that Riot Games will soon officially present its skills. And in fact — exactly 24 hours after the trailer appeared on the network, the creators of LoL released another video, this time presenting Fiddle from a more specific perspective, i.e. as characters in the game.

Although today’s film lasts a little over a minute, it already partly reveals what we can expect from Ancient Fear — as Fiddlesticks will now be called — and to what extent the new range of abilities differs from what we have seen so far.

Answering this second question – it seems that not so much. It is true that the very beginning reveals the new possibilities of Fiddle, but the further into the forest, the less visible changes. Under the Q key, the skill will still be available to cause terror to enemies, under the sucking of the opponent’s life energy (now it will cover more than one opponent), under E, the silence will continue, and the final skill will have changed in the least, except for its visual update.

However, it is not that absolutely nothing has changed. The third ability will look completely different, because instead of releasing a ghost that will bounce off enemies, Fiddlesticks will strike with their weapon, while slowing down the opponents hit. You cannot pass by indifferently to the passive skills that have changed the most … and probably will no longer be “passive” anymore.

Instead of the usual bonuses to the movement speed, Fiddlesticks will be able to put scarecrows looking like himself, which will have the ability to discover invisible objects. In today’s video only the discovery of Warding Totems is shown, but it is possible that this skill hides — and in fact discovers — more.

The whole video presenting the possibilities of the new Fiddlesticks can be seen above.

VALORANT will have 10 heroes on launch

Up to a point, we knew almost nothing about VALORANT, but the last weeks have already been a real flood of information about the upcoming tactical FPS from Riot Games. Which, according to many who have already had the opportunity to play, can become a serious competitor to CS:GO.

However, the upcoming production from the old, honest Counter-Strike is distinguished primarily by one thing — agents. As in Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege, they are to have their own individual skills, useful on the battlefield, and each of them is to be different in some respects. And how many heroes will Valorant have on launch, exactly?

“Of the ten agents available at the start, five will be fully unlocked and free for everyone,” Anna Donlon, executive producer of VALORANT explained in an interview with IGN. “Others will be able to be unlocked by players.” 

What does this mean in practice?Well, it means that the other five heroes can be unlocked by playing and filling the levels of the battle pass. 

The more impatient, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to get agents right away, though of course for a fee. The aforementioned pass is to have both regular and premium levels, although the developers ensure that players supporting real money will not have an advantage over those who do not want to use micropayments.

So far we’ve met eight out of ten heroes who will appear in VALORANT. A detailed discussion of their skills and visual presentation can be found at this address.

Rift Rivals canceled, Mid-Season Invitational delayed

More and more countries are deciding to close mass events and limit the flow of population at airports due to the coronavirus epidemic that has been in existence for some time. It is no wonder then that the organizers of esports games also do not intend to keep players and fans in suspense and also take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of both mentioned groups and their employees. In view of the current global situation, Riot Games officially announced today that the Mid-Season Invitational has been moved from May to July, as well as the cancellation of all Rift Rivals tournaments.

An official note has appeared on LoL Esports today in which Riot Games esports director John Needham explained the reasons for the changes to the second-most-important esports tournament in the League of Legends calendar year.

“After talking to our leagues and other stakeholders, we’ve decided to transfer our annual Mid-Season Invitational from May to July this year. Moving the tournament to the summer gives you the best chance to wait out the travel restrictions, so teams from leagues around the world will be able to safely move and compete,” it said in a statement. “Location and other details will be shared as soon as possible. We need to remain flexible, considering how much the COVID-19 situation has affected international travel and live events for almost every type of sport and entertainment. However, we want MSI to remain a truly global experience.”

Due to the postponement of MSI 2020 to July this year, Riot decided to also modify the schedule of the summer round of the most important LoL leagues around the world. By the decision of the organizers of the games, all the most prestigious leagues in the world will start a few weeks earlier than usual, which means that MSI will most likely take place during the main phase of all games. Below are the new start dates for all leagues organized by Riot Games:

  • OPL – May 15
  • VCS – May 15
  • LCS – May 16
  • TCL – May 16
  • LCK – May 20
  • LEC – May 22
  • CBLOL – May 23
  • LPL – May 23
  • PCS – May 30
  • LJL – May 31
  • LCL – June 6

However, these are not the first preventive measures recently introduced by the League of Legends producer. Just a few days ago, the LEC spring finals were moved from Budapest to the studio located in Berlin, and LoL Champions Korea players after a long time competing in LoL Park without the participation of the public were sent to forced rest, as the Korean branch of Riot Games decided to stop the next matches and wait with the LCK continuation until the situation in the country is under control.

Call of Duty: Warzone, a free battle royale premieres today

Today, Battle Royale is a genre that every publisher wants to have in its portfolio. This type of competition can be found not only in Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends, but also in Battlefield and Counter-Strike. And even in Call of Duty — today CoD: Warzone, a variation on BR from Activision, will have its premiere.

Warzone will offer players two modes. The first is the classic battle royale, in which up to 150 players will compete on the server at once. The rules are simple, as in any BR, i.e. the player or squad who is the last to survive wins. And interrupting survival will include a constantly decreasing map space, which over time will be covered with deadly gas. The second type of gameplay, however, received the name Plunder and will consist of collecting money by eliminating opponents, performing contracts or simply collecting them on the map.

The struggle will take place in Verdansko, a fictitious city divided into several zones, among which we will find both urban and forest areas. Importantly, players will be able to move not only on their own legs, but also using vehicles such as ATV, SUV or even a helicopter. The creators also provide the option of crossplay, thanks to which players from different platforms will be able to meet each other on the server.

And last but not least, Call of Duty: Warzone will be completely free! The game will premiere today at 19:00 CET time, although Modern Warfare owners will start playing four hours earlier. However, those interested must reckon with the need to download approximately 83-101 GB of data. For people who have already purchased the latest installment of CoD and have it installed on their systems, it will only be 18-22 GB.