With the first split of the 2018 season nearing its end, we took a look back at the worst, most embarrassing plays of the last few months.

It’s been one hell of a weird split. SK Telecom T1 struggled in every one of their matches, they even managed to lose a series against Trick’s bbq Olivers — for the first time since the inception of the team! — only to just barely make it to the playoffs.

Over in North America, Team SoloMid managed to gather probably the strongest lineup of players they had in years, featuring some of the best talents Europe has to offer — only to deliver a completely disastrous performance that culminated in an almost comically ridiculous showing in the playoffs.

Though in retrospect, that just might be the most TSM thing ever.

At the end of the day, it’s been a split full of some of the most awkward plays we’ve seen in years, featuring some of the best players in the world… As well as Gilius.

The sheer number of easy smite-off’s lost hasn’t been this high since Saintvicious retired from competitive play back in 2013. That alone makes this split the one to remember.

Not so golden Guardians

When the roster of Golden Guardians was first announced it was a bit of a wildcard — no one really knew what to expect from them. It had an experienced coach in Choi “Locodoco” Yoon-seop, as well as some serious firepower in Cloud9 and FlyQuest alum Hai “Hai” Du Lam.

The reality turned out to be Hai’s worst nightmare, almost hilariously so. The team struggled to find a way to opponents base every single match, which lead to some embarrassing moments for the Golden Guardians. And I mean embarrassing.

Their game against OpTic Gaming in Week 6 is probably my favorite Guardian moment ever. When the Guardians found themselves 6.5k gold behind and 6 towers down, the only reasonable thing for them to do was obvious — force the Baron. No need for an opening either, just go into that pit and start hitting away.

Unironically, when that plan collapsed, Locodoco and the boys were probably the only ones surprised. By the time OpTic Gaming showed up ready to fight, Baron was already down to half HP. And the Guardians? They Realm Warped the hell out of there, just in time for OpTic to finish Nashor, completely uncontested.

What turned out to be the most awkward Baron dance in LCS — probably anywhere, ever — will stay with Golden Guardians and their fans (fan?) for a long, long time.

Stuck in ELO hell

There’s something comforting about seeing Faker make mistakes. When you realize a player who is widely considered to be the best League of Legends player of all time too can make mistakes, you somehow feel better about yourself making mistakes all the time.

But while seeing Faker make mistakes in a disastrous season for his team seems fitting, rarely are those mistakes as silly as they were in his match against bbq Olivers.

It’s the second game of the series, SKT are one game down. All of a sudden, Faker finds himself in the middle of the opponents base. It might be a bit disconcerting, considering they have but 3 towers destroyed and there’s no real escape route. But not Faker. He’s calm. He’s collected. And he’s very much dead.

It turned out to be a series that summarized SKT’s whole season perfectly — weird, awkward, all over the place, and Faker just doing his own thing.

An unconventional strategy

What had to be the strongest line-up in all of NA LCS, turned into one big crapshoot. In all honesty, the whole split for Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg’s Team SoloMid was laughable. Some plays even more than others.

We all played that one match that we just wanted to see end quickly. Maybe someone fed Kog`Maw early and the game is just unwinnable now. Or maybe your teammates turned out to be a bunch of insufferable pricks. Either way, you’d be happy to gently nudge your opponents towards victory and move on the next one.

For mithy, however, that game turned out to be a Week 7 match against 100 Thieves. And instead of a gentle nudge, he decided to be about as subtle as Tarik’s hammer. Seeing Thieves lose one and retreat wasn’t enough for the Spaniard.

And what better way to INT, than to Abyssal Voyage straight into their team, and hey, might as well pick up Bjergsen on your way there. After two quick kills gifted for 100 Thieves, they were happy to turn around and end this game just a bit quicker.

As for TSM, let’s write this one off as an “unconventional strategy”.

A nostalgic feeling

Have you ever made a play so unreasonably dumb you had to ask yourself “what was I thinking?”, only to realize you weren’t thinking at all? Did your brain just mysteriously shut off, leaving you with a lingering afterthought of how great would it be to engage your opponents 1v4?

If so, you may have experienced what we like to call a brain-fart.

Interestingly enough, “brain fart” is a great way to describe the kind of split Team Vitality’s jungler Erberk “Gilius” Demir have had so far. He’s at the bottom of the barrel in almost every jungle statistic known to man, including worst KDA (2.5), most deaths (45), and worst kill participation (64.8 percent).

It would be quite sad, if not for Gilius himself. Not only did he make it his life goal to trash-talk every other jungler in the European LCS, he continues to do so time and time again, to some hilarious consequences. In fact, things have gotten so bad, the phrase “trash-talking” got an all new meaning when Gilius does it.

So when he decided to gank four members of Splyce alone in the Week 9 game and died without dealing any damage, not many were surprised. The only one seemingly shocked by the outcome was Gilius himself. The only thing he could do, was to dumbly ask his teammates: “What the hell did I just do?”

No one knows, Gilius, no one knows.

Honorable mentions

In the same series against bbq Olivers, after Faker suicide-jumped on Ghost, in game 3 he decided to let everyone know he wasn’t done cosplaying a Bronze player yet. And what better way to do that, than ulting right into Skarner with no escape mechanism?

In a very special mention, European LCS caster and ex-player Martin “Deficio” Lynge decided to award the dumbest play of the split himself. The lucky winner turned out to be G2’s Luka “Perkz” Perković, with his game-losing Corki play.

Me, personally, I’m more of a Week 9 Perkz guy myself. The way he uses both his ultimate and flash just to get close to Unicorns of Love, only to get destroyed immediately? Instant classic.