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A month after the last major update, Riot Games announced a new VALORANTA patch. This will greatly increase the usability of the Guardian semi-automatic rifle, which from now on will be cheaper, but also more powerful. And this is due to the higher rate of fire combined with greater penetration of the environment. These changes are to encourage players to use this weapon more often, which until now was losing to Vandal and Phantom.

The recently introduced report submission system, which VALORANT players had requested during the closed beta, has also been improved. First of all, the very possibility of initiating voting is to be much more intuitive, because it has not been so far. What else? The decision to surrender can be made three rounds earlier than before, and additionally in simplified mode unanimity of the whole team will not be needed. It is enough for four players to vote to surrender for it to take place.

The full list of all changes included in update 1.03 is presented below:

Weapon updates

  • The Guardian
    • The price has been reduced from 2700 to 2500 credits
    • Rate of fire reduced from 6.5 to 4.75
    • Pierce increased from medium to high
    • Entry queue updated from 0.083 to 0.11175
      • Until now, Guardian had an incomplete place in the arsenal. In terms of price, this weapon reached the ceiling of the premium class rifles, but it could not necessarily compete with them in terms of power, so it was too expensive during a thrifty game and at the same time too weak to pass as better-class weapons. Its high rate of fire meant that at short distances it was much more powerful than we wanted. We designed it as a long-range, precise weapon and – despite semi-automatic fire and dealing massive damage – corresponding to other rifles in terms of penetration. We hope that these changes will give the Guardian an individual character as a long-range and versatile weapon, and its high penetration and low price will allow it to be a good alternative to other rifles

Map updates

  • Haven
    • Removed a place where Spike couldn’t be picked up after dropping it
  • All maps
    • Fixed many places where players could get stuck in level geometry
    • More places were removed where Sovy’s scout arrow could penetrate the walls

Mode updates

  • Spike’s fever
    • New bullet: Twin Hunters. Capturing this ball summons two hunting wolves that are chasing the two closest enemies (counting from the location of the ball – their targets will not change after they appear)
      • After seeing the enemy, the wolves accelerate and dash over a short distance, slowing him down and causing myopia for 4 seconds when struck
      • Wolves have 150 health points and can be dealt damage
      • Wolves will expire after 15 seconds or after killing a target
  • Split: ball location
    • The ball in the middle on the defenders’ side was moved to the middle platform in order not to favor the defenders

The quality of the game

  • Changes in surrender
    • The number of votes needed to vote in a non-voting mode has been changed from 100% to 80%
    • The number of votes needed to vote in the ranking mode was maintained at 100%
    • You can now initiate voting in round 5, instead of 8 as before
    • A new button has been added to the VALORANT menu that allows you to initiate a surrender vote
      • We know that sometimes it can be difficult to vote in surrender, especially since unanimity has been needed to date. In the case of unranked mode, which is supposed to be a game with a lower rate than the ranking mode (because you do not fight for rank), we have changed the requirements to surrender (80% of votes are needed), so if the vast majority of players want to end the game earlier and look for rivals on a similar level, nothing stands in the way
      • In the ranking mode, we plan to stay at 100% of the votes required to surrender, as this affects the player’s rank (all unplayed rounds count as losers). We want to make sure that the team unanimously decides what negatively affects the players’ rank. We have also limited the minimum number of rounds that must be played before voting. If players have an extremely poor start, they can end the game even earlier.
  • The collection screens have a window that, when selected or deselected, will allow you to display all or only your items (in future patches there will be more options and improvements to manage the collection)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the allies and disarms made by allies to not be taken into account during the mission “You or your ally plant or disarm Spike”
  • Transition and start screens are now panoramic
  • Fixed overlaps in the Combat Pass and Contract screens in some languages
  • In custom games with codes enabled, players can choose another agent from the code menu to play in the next round
  • A confirmation message will appear when deleting a friend
  • Pressing the Escape key while writing in the chat window will delete the entire message
  • The window layout has been updated to confirm that the main action is bigger and always on the left. Colors were used in different places – for example: red describes destructive actions. The approval and cancel buttons have been unified in several places
  • Several minor improvements have been made to visual artifacts on the Bind map when using Intel GPUs
  • Minor rendering improvements for modern hardware
    • An error window has been added in the event of the game crashing at startup, linking to the VALORANT troubleshooting guide – link
  • Patch descriptions and payment windows will scale correctly on 4K monitors
  • Entering IMEs in payment windows will work correctly (Japanese and Chinese)
  • Players can check the levels of individual skins in the collection view and in the store
  • Censored hit effects have been updated for better readability
  • Agent silhouettes for observers have been added
  • Silhouette rendering performance has been improved
  • Agent health bars are now visible to observers
  • Making a purchase while moving no longer affects player movement
  • Custom game tournament mode
    • In custom games you can now set the tournament mode. This gives all players access to a code that allows you to change the game time without having to enable other codes. It also allows you to mark observers as moderators, which gives them access to additional codes that they can use if needed. Normal observers can no longer use codes
    • In the next patches we will expand the list of moderator codes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Cypher where traps placed inside the door would not trigger when someone passed through
  • Fixed a bug related to game time in case of unstable network conditions
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to jump off the clamping devices if the jump was assigned to the mouse wheel
  • Fixed several visual bugs that could occur when the game was restored when the player was dead
  • Fixed barrier phase announcement in normal observer games
  • Some issues related to the observer interface and scoreboard have been fixed
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