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C0ntact Gaming players had far more problems beating FunPlux Phoenix than one would expect. However, ultimately the international line-up reached their goal and successfully started the second stage of Flashpoint.

In the early minutes, however, Espiranto’s team got on mercilessly, unable to find an effective way to bypass the defense of the newly baked representatives of FPX. As a result, at some point North American players were already leading 9:2, being on their way to the win. But this did not happen then, because before the break c0ntact came to the front and recovered some of the losses, leading to a result of 6:9.

he problem is that after switching sides, FunPlux Phoenix still dominated the server and only occasionally allowed its rivals from the Old Continent to respond. No wonder that the duel ended after 25 rounds with the victory of Michael “dapra” Gulino and the company.

But it wasn’t over yet. Although the Inferno started better for FPX again, but it was not able to maintain a high pace and with time it lowered. And rallen and his friends were just waiting for it — with a score of 0:3 they finally managed to take the lead, thanks to which they recorded a series of eight rounds won in a row. Fortunately, because the rivals did not think to let go, as a result of which after the first half the two teams were divided by only one point. I’m afraid to think what would happen if c0ntact didn’t get a second pistol round. But they got it, again running away from FunPlux Phoenix players and forcing them to chase the leader.

It seemed for a long time, however, that it could be a successful pursuit, because both of them went head to head and only with a throw on the tape the European squad tipped the scales of victory to their side, triumphing 16:14.

A lot has happened on the decisive map, which was Dust2. There, no one could definitely take the lead — instead, we witnessed a leveled duel almost point by point. Constant escape, constant pursuit. This is how the first half can be described in brief. due to the result of 8:7 in favor of rallen’s team did not give us too many answers about who will ultimately win. But now we can say it — c0ntact won. The international squad diligently used the strengths of the defense game, and even Rodowicz himself was ruthless and ended the fight with as many as 33 frags on his account. This is eight more than the second most effective player on the server, dapr. Finally, the scoreboard indicated 16:12 in favor of the European team.

Thanks to the victory c0ntact advanced to the group C finals, during which it will take on MAD Lions this Thursday. 

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