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Today, Battle Royale is a genre that every publisher wants to have in its portfolio. This type of competition can be found not only in Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends, but also in Battlefield and Counter-Strike. And even in Call of Duty — today CoD: Warzone, a variation on BR from Activision, will have its premiere.

Warzone will offer players two modes. The first is the classic battle royale, in which up to 150 players will compete on the server at once. The rules are simple, as in any BR, i.e. the player or squad who is the last to survive wins. And interrupting survival will include a constantly decreasing map space, which over time will be covered with deadly gas. The second type of gameplay, however, received the name Plunder and will consist of collecting money by eliminating opponents, performing contracts or simply collecting them on the map.

The struggle will take place in Verdansko, a fictitious city divided into several zones, among which we will find both urban and forest areas. Importantly, players will be able to move not only on their own legs, but also using vehicles such as ATV, SUV or even a helicopter. The creators also provide the option of crossplay, thanks to which players from different platforms will be able to meet each other on the server.

And last but not least, Call of Duty: Warzone will be completely free! The game will premiere today at 19:00 CET time, although Modern Warfare owners will start playing four hours earlier. However, those interested must reckon with the need to download approximately 83-101 GB of data. For people who have already purchased the latest installment of CoD and have it installed on their systems, it will only be 18-22 GB.

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