“I think the game has enormous potential” Early testers spoke about Riot’s Project A

We’ve known since October that Riot Games is preparing a first-person tactical shooter, which is known — at least for the time being — under the name Project A. Already the first information about the new production of a popular developer suggested that it could become a rival of the Counter-Strike dominated FPS scene. And now the specifics have finally reached us. And all thanks to private playtests, featuring professional players, esports analysts, and gaming personalities, including Henry “HenryG” Greer, Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, and Filip “NEO” Kubski, among others.

Some participants of experiments carried out in Dublin at the beginning of the year yesterday evening shared their feelings with the rest of us. “Three weeks ago I was with Pasha and NEO in Dublin and we played Project A,” said a popular polish CS:GO streamer Piotr “izako” Skowyrski. “With a dozen other people we were the first team in the world to play this title. And I will tell you that it is very cool!”

“Look, this will be Counter-Strike’s first direct competition in esports history. This is the first game with economics like in CS. There will be economics, there will be bomb sites — it’s awesome. We played all day and it was really fun,” he continued. “The problem with CS was that it never had competition in this category. I am very crazy about this game. The feeling of shooting a rifle is the same as in CS. Project A is not Apex Legends, neither is it Overwatch, contrary to the expectations of many people. Character skills are more like Counter-Strike grenades than Overwatch skills.” he added.

“I was afraid of some candy graphics, but I will say that it is not so bad. The game is very transparent and it is very cool. There are different weapons and skills, but shooting and movement are more important than skills. Skills are supportive, just like grenades in CS. Recoil is also the same as in CS, not at all like it is in Call of Duty or Battlefield for example. As soon as the game comes out, I will definitely play a lot of it. I think it has huge potential,” sumarized Skowyrski.

HenryG had similar things to say about the game in his series of Tweets. “The gameplay and gun mechanics are super slick and satisfying,” he said in a Tweet. “On the build I played we experienced pretty well balanced and varied hitscan weapons that had their own unique spray patterns and best method(s) of approach for your situation or position.”

“ProjectA is the best game I have played since CS:GO,” Greer concluded.

The release date and final name of Project A are not yet known. According to information from Riot, this year we are to know more details about the emerging FPS.

B Site League finally official with a new name: FLASHPOINT

The CS:GO season is starting to slowly unfold, so it’s time to get to know the details of one of the major leagues announced in the calendar for several months. The organizers of B Site shared their new name, FLASHPOINT, because that’s how the official title of the competition will be.

FLASHPOINT will be the first league in CS history to be owned and created by representatives of several leading esports organizations. Among the founders of the league we will find brands such as MIBR, Cloud9, OverActive Media (mother organization for, among others, MAD Lions), Gen.G, Dignitas and c0ntact Gaming. The operator of the league will be FACEIT, which until now has dealt with, among others competition under the name Esports Championship Series.

The teams themselves can count on really substantial financial rewards. For twelve league participants — ten permanent and two selected by qualifying — as much as $2 million will be allocated, which can be obtained throughout the entire 2020 season. FLASHPOINT officials also revealed the format of the league.

As they say, the term “league” might be an overstatement, because we will simply experience two tournament phases. Each of them will be attended by all twelve teams, which will be divided into three groups. The situation will repeat itself on the occasion of the second part of the season, and in both cases the same number of tournament points will be earned, which will later decide on participation in the playoffs played in the double-elimination system. Eight teams will go to this part of the competition.

All meetings will be held offline, and during the broadcast behind the microphones there will be some of the biggest names in the scene. You can read more about the casters and cast at this address. It is worth noting that the first open qualifications for the tournament are already scheduled for tomorrow, and you can sign up for them via this link.

Interestingly, even players on whom VAC ban was imposed can try their luck, provided that it took place before February 5, 2018. This is the league organizers’ response to the claims of the community, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the previously binding regulations (i.e. permanent bans).

More details for the competition are set to follow soon.

Team Envy set to return to CS:GO with an international squad

It’s been rough few months for the North American organization. Ever since their French roster disbanded, Envy had trouble getting international success. Even locally the team struggled to perform, most recently failing to qualify to IEM Katowice 2020. However with a new roster change on the horizon all that may soon change.

Ever since Michał “MICHU” Müller left the ranks of ex-Virtus.pro, the topic of his future has been the subject of heated discussions among native supporters. The 23-year-old announced that he would like to try his hand at an international team, for which he would prepare additional English lessons. As a Polish esports site cybersport.pl announced, the next stop in the career of the player from Grudziądz will be Team Envy.

The American organization had to build its CS:GO division almost from scratch, because after the last personnel turmoil only two players remained in it. According to unnamed sources, both Noah “Nifty” Francis and Ryan “ryann” Welsh will keep their place in the composition. In addition to Müller, Buğra “Calyx” Arkın and Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić will join this duo, the latter will take over the duties of a coach.

It was an experienced German who had a key voice during the team picking process and spotted the young talent to join the team. At the time of preparing the article, the fifth player’s name remains the question mark, which originally was to be an up-and-coming teenager Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras, but now the Lithuanian candidacy is no longer considered.

After signing the contract with the new organization, the European players will move overseas, where they will live permanently. This level of commitment held the Lithuanian youngster from getting his big break, as he is still in school.

Team Envy roster will look as follows: 

  • Noah “Nifty” Francis
  • Ryan “ryann” Welsh
  • Buğra “Calyx” Arkın
  • Michał “MICHU” Müller
  • Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić – coach


The cup stays in Germany. BIG wins DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020

The end of the year brought several changes in the ranks of BIG, but today no one regrets such a development. All because the German formation, strengthened by the recently acquired Florian “syrsoN” Rische and Nils “k1to” Gruhne, today reached for the DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 championship trophy, not leaving Renegades much of a chance in the final.

The first minutes of the match did not look great for BIG, because Renegades had a better start. Australians not only won the first pistol round, but also several rounds following it. However, for them the meeting really ended after the fifth round, because then the initiative was taken over by BIG, who did not really give it back to the very end. Despite the game on the theoretically harder side, the home team representatives caught up and then even took the lead, which just before the break was 10:5. What’s more, in the second half they didn’t give their opponents a single round, making their defence unbreakable. It all ended with a scoreline of 16: 5, which brought the germans closer to the desired victory.

On Dust2, the dominance of the German-Turkish formation continued, although both teams also gave us a light déjà vu. All because Renegades seemed better prepared at the start, who turned out to be better at pistols, but they did it only to quickly give way to opponents. These did not have to be invited twice — BIG diligently regained the winning mindset and, aware of the shortcomings in the opposing five, started the march for victory.

Or maybe not a “march”, but a “run”, because subsequent points hit the account of syrsoN and the company at the speed of a machine gun. The result was a huge advantage of 11:4, which seemed to determine who would win. Nevertheless, Renegades did not intend to give up so easily and went to come back after the attack. What’s more, it was going well enough that they unexpectedly even led to an 11:11 draw. But that would be all she wrote, as the last word belonged to the players of BIG. They finally woke up from the long lethargy and put a dot over I, triumphing 16:12.

The final classification and distribution of the DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 prize pool is as follows:

1. BIG $ 50,000
2. Renegades $ 20,000
3-4. Heroic, MAD Lions $ 10,000
5-6. Cloud9, North $ 3,000
7-8. Sprout, Virtus.pro $ 2,000

The new CS: GO league is officially coming. The cast of B Site announced

The theme of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league has so far been just something that has been rumored. Today, however, we finally got to know the specifics, and the league which as a placeholder is called B Site has become a fact.

The first information was published via the official ECS Twitter account, which is not surprising due to recent reports that FACEIT intended to end its own league to focus on the upcoming B Site. Either way, there is not much information because we still do not know a lot, including the list of teams that we will be able to watch, but instead, we met the analyst and commentary cast of the entire event. Among the announced ones, there were interesting, recognizable names on the CS:GO stage, but there were also a few surprises.

One of them was undoubtedly the presence of Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, who until now has been associated with League of Legends and Overwatch. It was with this second game that he was involved in the last few years, commenting on the Overwatch League, but a few days ago he revealed that we will not see him in the third season. Now we know that he will cooperate with B Site — on the video material published by ECS he received the title of “special guest”.

In addition to the American, willingness to cooperate with the new league was also expressed by Anders “Anders” Blume and Jason “moses” O’Toole, two casters known to all Counter-Strike fans. During the broadcasts from B Site, we will also see Duncan “Thorin” Shields, who is always controversial, and who will also act as the creative director of the entire competition. At the same time, it seems that Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat decided to return to CS after a long time, who, like MonteCristo mentioned above, spent the last few years on Blizzard’s Overwatch.

The full cast of the new league is as follows:

  • Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat
  •  Sean “seang @ res” Gares
  •  Duncan “Thorin” Shields
  •  Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles
  •  Freya Spiers
  • Anders “Anders” Blume
  • Jason “moses” O’Toole
  • Daniel “ddk” Kapadia
  • James “JZFB” Bardolph

According to the announcement, the new league with a working name B Site is expected to start in March this year. We remind you that, according to recent rumors, the slot in the league cost up to $2 million and its prize pool is also expected to be the same. Potential participants include, among others, Astralis, Cloud9, Dignitas, MIBR, and TSM.

The legendary NiP quartet together again!

The legendary NiP quartet together again!

There was a time when the Counter-Strike scene belonged to Ninjas in Pyjamas. The legendary Swedish formation dominated the Global Offensive version in the first years of its existence, reaching the finals of Major five times. With time, however, this dominance came to an end, and the Scandinavian monolith began to crumble.

The inviolable, seemingly, quartet began to crumble in July 2017, when Adam “Friberg” Friberg left NiP. In the following months, more players said goodbye to the team — in 2018 it was Richard “Xizt” Landström, in 2019 Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, and now Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg left the ranks of the formation. For the last time, the aforementioned four were together on the server on May 28, 2017, beating Poles from Virtus.pro twice during the ECS Season 3. However, there is no point in crying, because today the Swedes are meeting again under the new flag, which is not Ninjas in Pyjamas. Legendary players decided to unite as new representatives of Dignitas, which after a break of nearly a year and a half returned to the scene of the male CS.

In addition to the above-mentioned four veterans of the American organization, 19-year-old Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli, who has not yet had the opportunity to regularly compete at the highest European level, will also be joining the team. Over the past two years, the Norwegian has been associated with Nordavind and has developed a patch of great talent there. And it’s big enough that at the beginning of 2019 the famous Håvard “rain” Nygaard tipped him as one of the future candidates for HLTV’s ranking of the best CS: GO players in the world. 

“I had the opportunity to watch this Norwegian kid, hallzer, and it looks like he is another talent from Norway. Let’s hope that in 2019 he gets a chance to show his skills among the best,” FaZe’s rain wrote then, however, it seems that his wish will come true only in 2020.

A big surprise is the person who took the position of the coach. For some time it seemed that it would be Faruk “pita” Pita, who had already had the opportunity to cooperate with four members of the new team in NiP, but ultimately, the focus was on Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson. The 32-year-old is a former club mate of Friberg, Xizt, GeT_RiGhT and f0rest, with whom he reached the championship and became the runner-up at the Major twice. So far, however, he has not yet had the opportunity to work as a coach.

“I am extremely excited to join the DIG family. It was important for me to find an organization that values ​​players and respects the entire process. I believe we found that in DIG,” said Johansson, who in addition to training work will also support his new employer in aspects related to management. “I look forward to the wonderful things we will achieve together. Let’s write history again!”

The new DIG composition is as follows:

  • Adam “Friberg” Friberg
  • Richard “Xizt” Landström
  • Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund
  • Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg
  • Håkon ‘hallzerk’ by Fjærli
  • Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson – coach