Ant1ka: “Guys tend to be skeptical about practicing with girls”

Ant1ka: “Guys tend to be skeptical about practicing with girls”

After a second place finish at WESG 2018, Anna “Ant1ka” Ananikova talked about the difference between her current squad and the former one, shared impressions of working with the coach of Vega Squadron, and the dynamics between male and female Counter-Strike.

For Ant1ka’s Lazarus WESG Finals was a bitter-sweet event. The Russian team entered this year’s competition as reigning champions and their expectation were high.

Lazarus started in Group B with a 1-1 tie against Those Damn Canadians, followed by two straight wins against Team France and ArkAngel Pro Team from the Philippines.

In the semi-finals, the Russian team overcame Australia’s Carnage esports in a two-map thriller. It was on Nuke, where a fierce fight between two teams lead to a 28:24 scoreline.

In the grand final, they were ultimately defeated by Counter Logic Gaming Red — one of the best female Counter-Strike teams in the world right now. On both Train and Overpass the game ended with a 16:14 scoreline, making it a very bitter defeat for Ant1ka’s team.

Following her return from the Chinese event, Anna “Ant1ka” Ananikova talked about her thoughts after finishing second.

It’s not your first time in China. How do you like the country this time?

Very cool! Here people are so hardworking and responsive that it never ceases to amaze. I’ve always noticed it, but this time, it’s especially obvious. The same applies to the organization of the tournament. Our whole team admires the work that is done. Also, Chongqing, as I noticed, is a typical Chinese city. I love it!

Did your practice for the event went well?

Yeah. We played on a local gaming platform and also practiced with a Chinese team. The girls themselves gave us an offer, we are in good relations with them. Unfortunately, we did not perform as well as we wanted, but it’s even better – we immediately found our mistakes and fixed them.

Have you tried practicing with men’s teams?

No, we haven’t. Although, now it seems that it would be worthwhile to offer to practice. But guys tend to be skeptical about such proposals.

On a ten-point scale, how would you rate the shape of your team?

9/10. I would have given the maximum rating if we had more time to prepare with our coach.

Your coach is the coach of Vega Squadron, Fierce. As far as I know, you’ve been friends for a long time. How did you come to the idea of working together?

It’s a very interesting story! I did not even know that he was invited to coach us firstly. After losing four qualifiers for IEM in Katowice, we came to a conclusion with the team that we need a coach. And as a result, Dasha invited him to look at how we play, and he agreed.

Will you work with him only during WESG, or the cooperation can be long-term?

I don’t know, it’s up to him. I would like him to continue being our coach. He is very competent and clearly explains all the things. Moreover, he has a huge experience – two times he led Vega Squadron to Top 16 of the Major. I have great respect for him, and of course, I would like to continue working together after the tournament.

Was the result at WESG disappointing?

We came for the victory. That was our goal.

You were defending the title. What does that mean to you?

I wanted to be a two-time WESG champion. I’d be the only girl who could say that. That would be really cool. I believe in our team, the girls try very hard, play a lot, train a lot. We were all set on victory.

Last year, you played with a completely different line-up. Then it was the most famous and experienced female players in the CIS. Can you compare your current team to the previous one?

In fact, the girls in Lazarus are also very experienced. There is a thing in women’s esports: if you do not take first place, you are a noname. The girls used to take second or third places in international competitions, and they individually perform very well.

In Lazarus, we have a team of friendly and family relations. I have known them all for a long time, and the relationship is very strong. We also were all friends in the last year’s line-up, but I can’t say that it was like this.

Which team impressed you the most?

To be honest, TyLoo plays very well. I hoped to meet them in the playoffs, but we were basically ready for every opponent.

How did you spend the money you won last year?

I put it in the family business. I won’t tell you which one. But this is my joint project with my mother and sister. I hope this works.

For men’s teams WESG is special, but still one of many tournaments. Girls have much fewer championships. Tell me about your preparations, please.

For us, it is much more responsible tournament. We prepared and trained five days a week. Closer to the tournament, we increased the number of training days to 6-7. We tried to train at least five hours, but often it took more time. When I arrived here, all I do is train my aim and movements. 

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Furlan: “There is a huge desire for victory at WESG”

Furlan: “There is a huge desire for victory at WESG”

Damian “Furlan” Kisłowski’s AGO Gaming settled in Chongqing, China, where the Polish team will fight the world’s best for their share of $890,000 USD in prize money.

Last year the Polish team’s journey ended in the quarterfinals after their loss against Team Russia. This year, AGO are facing much tougher competition but their plans for the event are much higher as well.

In Group C, AGO found themselves against a team from Kazakhstan k23, Argentinian Isurus Gaming, and Brazil’s MIBR. As luck would have it, both k23 and Isurus dropped out of the event right before the start, granting the Polish ticket a free ticket into playoffs.

About their hopes for the event, preparations and future plans, we talked to Damian “Furlan” Kisłowski.

You and GruBy won the showmatch in Danger Zone at IEM Katowice. What was it like?

This is a new and quite interesting thing. In my opinion, the system is a little badly made, because there are no points for kills, only for the ranking. It’s more like a game for fun, we do not take it too seriously. We’re just playing for fun.

Last year in WESG you made it to the quarterfinals, this year the group is much more difficult. Regarding the draw, it could have been better?

It’s not good, but it’s not bad either, because I’m probably looking at the E group, there are really four teams that are in the top thirty HLTV rankings, and some in the top ten. So that’s really hell in that group. We are quite well-disposed towards our group, it seems to me that we will manage and advance. And I hope that we will improve the result from last year.

And how would you rate the general drawing of these groups, because shortly after their publication there were many objections to them? Some of the groups were really strong, and the some — very weak.

Well, I’m not surprised, because these groups were probably randomly drawn. Surely there was no such thing as seeding. It was a fair lottery game, in which each team was placed on the same level and one was better and the other worse. It’s good for us, because if we leave the group, we will have it easier.

How important is this event for you guys?

We approach this as every tournament — calmly. But for the whole three months we have prepared for this event, so we will give everything we’ve got and won’t slow down.

You mentioned improving the result from last year. Is this your goal or are you just focusing on a good performance?

It’s supposed to be a good performance, but I’m counting on us improving the result from last year. And I even want to improve the result from two years ago, which is the second place. There is a huge desire for victory.

For some time you have been training regularly in Warsaw at the AGO training center. What’s your day like in the gaming house?

When it comes to preparations, it certainly helps a lot, because the whole day is subordinated to playing CS. When we see ourselves live, we are able to make progress faster, explain what and how faster than when we would do it on the internet, because it is often the case that someone just isn’t as focused on the internet and then does not know what is going on, and here we know what we are talking about, it gets to everyone.

It’s only the beginning of March, and you already have several bootcamps behind you. What were you focusing on during these sessions? On a particular aspect of the game, was this a more general practice?

We rebuilt our game during all these clusters. We improved it and made a turn on every map. I think we are better than last year with this lineup.

Nevertheless, the beginning of the year did not look good. I am talking especially about ESEA MDL, where you initially had a rather poor series.

It seems to me that at the beginning we put too much on our veterans’ shoulders, the more that we were after the break and we completely did not feel the game. We started to win the games only when we worked on our game and clearly improved.

Exactly, you’ve been told a lot about the fact that you’re practically on every tournament that’s going to happen. This year, will you limit this a bit or will we be watching you every week?

We try to limit it, but from what I see, it is quite poor for us, because in terms of the number of maps played, we are at the forefront with the advantage of a dozen maps over the second place. In my opinion, it’s bad, but we’re trying to limit it.

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juliano: “Last year was very bad for us in terms of training and roster changes”

juliano: “Last year was very bad for us in terms of training and roster changes”

It was another disappointing event for Julia “juliano” Kiran’s Beşiktaş, where the European girls ended up third in Intel Challenge Katowice 2019 — just behind their North American rivals.

After a good start in the group stage, where Beşiktaş defeated both Australia’s Carnage and NA’s Counter Logic Gaming Red things turned sour. In a semi-final match, juliano and her team lost to the would be winners of the event, Dignitas.

In the third place match they managed to overcome their rivals Assassins in a three map thriller, 3:16 on Cache, followed by two 16:13 finishes on Inferno and Train respectively.

You defeated both Carnage Esports and Counter Logic Gaming Red in the group stage. What can you say about both meetings?

The first game is always the hardest, right? We had light problems, but after some time we caught the rhythm. As for the second match, it was fine, choosing Inferno we knew it was our strong point. For this year we have a very strong team, we have been preparing a lot and we have shown everything that we have worked out during training.

Who do you consider your greatest rival right now?

It seems to me that there are several such teams. At the tournament there are teams with amazing individualities composed of players who work well together. One of such teams is of course Dignitas, we have always fought side by side with them. Actually, every team is decent, all teams are on a similar level.

Missa joined your team just last month. Are there differences between the style of the game between her and vilga?

Missa acts as an entry-fragger, the same as vilga. Missa is a team player, she moves with the team and communicates well. She is very helpful and brought a lot of positives to the team. I think that is the biggest difference between her and vilga.

You had your bootcamp in Katowice as well. Why did you choose Katowice as your pre-tournament venue?

Because we were here a year ago and it was very good. There is good food here, and besides, it is close to the tournament and hotel venue. We like Katowice very much.

What do you think about the conditions for training at Katowice Gaming House?

Computers, internet and location are very good. Everything is perfect.

In the women’s Counter-Strike, there are not as many tournaments as in men’s. As far as I know, your last offline competition took place in July last year, and therefore it is difficult to maintain adequate motivation and high form. Did you think you were well prepared?

A year ago, before the tournament in Katowice, when we were playing with Potter as RES Gaming, we had nine days to prepare. Before Copenhagen Games, I took part in the WESG, which lasted for a week. We had to find two new players before Portugal. Last year was shitty for us in terms of training and team changes.

As four of us we are together since July, in the meantime we have added one new player. We trained very hard. I think that for the first time in a year or even two years, we are really well prepared and have enough time to do so.

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EMUHLEET: “We came to this tournament as if we had never won it before”

EMUHLEET: “We came to this tournament as if we had never won it before”

Dignitas Female defended their title at the Intel Challenge Katowice 2019, defeating Counter Logic Gaming Red in the grand final and bringing home $25,000 dollars.

Team captain of Dignitas female team Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido talked about their journey through the tournament. In the group stages, the North American team fell short against Europe’s Assassins, led by Michaela “mimimicheater” Lintrup. In the fight for the playoffs, Dignitas bounced back and overcame the Brazilian girls of paiN Gaming.

In the semi-finals, EMUHLEET’s team faced off against Beşiktaş — one of the best female teams in the world. Dignitas overcame the threat in three maps and moved on to the grand final, where they defeated CLG Red.

Emmalee Garrido talked about adding CAth to the team, their preparation for the tournament, the future of female CS and more.

You recently brought back Catherine “CAth” Leroux to the roster. How did she fit into your team this time, what is her role?

We added her because she was playing with us before. She fits us really well, because she is almost a veteran in CS, she’s been playing for a really long time. She gives us a lot of knowledge about the game. In the team we have, for example, Kiara “milk” Makuę, who has only been playing for about four years, so it’s good to have CAth in.

How did you prepare for this tournament, what was your main focus on?

We train throughout the year, we play in the ESEA league, currently, we are in Main. For a week before the competition, we had a bootcamp in Philadelphia with Philadelphia 76ers, the basketball club that owns our team. We were preparing at a local training center, where we could talk to psychologists, dieticians or sports trainers who showed us some stretching exercises or how to deal with jetlag. We did a lot of work.

You came to Poland as a defender of the title from last year. Does this put additional pressure on you?

We came to this tournament as if we had never won it before. We play with this mentality and in my opinion it is the best approach.

In the female Counter-Strike, there aren’t that many LAN games, the last time you played in the women’s tournament was a few months ago. Do you believe that the situation may improve in the coming months?

I’ve been playing Counter-Strike since 2005, so I’m witnessing a huge development of the scene. Now we have large companies, such as Intel, investing in the female scene, which can only grow and create more and more teams.

Let’s talk about your games in the Intel Challenge. You lost to Assassins, which is quite a young team. Was their unpredictable style the cause of your failure?

Yes, it’s a young team. We were not too sure how they would play, but now we know it, so I hope we will meet again.

You dismantled paiN. You showed your best face in this match, can you play even better?

I think our performance against paiN was such a summary of our expectations for the entire tournament. These girls are really good, they have been playing together for a long time, so we always respect them very much, but we came here to fight.

Beşiktaş is probably your biggest threat in the scene. How did you prepare for your games with them?

We went to the hotel, where we watched several demos and prepared for the choice of maps. We are ready for all seven maps and I think that’s what brought us a big advantage.

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Who are we betting on at the IEM Katowice Major 2019 playoffs

Who are we betting on at the IEM Katowice Major 2019 playoffs

In just a few hours pashaBiceps will enter the Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII – Katowice Major 2019 stage to announce the start of the playoffs, which promise to be colorful.

Indeed, thanks to the updated tournament format, there are no extra teams among the legends. Everyone had to give everything to get there. Everyone who made it this far deserves to be here. However, the most important test for all is yet to come.

The main favorite of the tournament are, of course, Astralis. Their closest competitors were Team Liquid and Natus Vincere, but they are more likely to compete among themselves than with Astralis. Despite the January loss against Liquid at the iBUYPOWER Masters IV, the Danes are still the favorites. Having earned seven titles in 2018, they set a very high bar, but they are clearly not going to stop there. And the value of iBUYPOWER is clearly incomparable with the Major. For Astralis, that tournament was clearly just a warm-up.

As for the lost map during the New Legends Stage against Renegades, here the situation can turn around in two ways. On one hand, a given map could become a good slap in the face for the Danes, which would bring them to their senses. Currently, the Danish team lost one map out of five they played, and then on overtime. For the remaining Astralis, they only lost 17 rounds, 11 of which went to the very same Australians.

It is worth noting that one of the key players of the Danes, device, fell ill with the flu before playing with Renegades, and dupreeh’s father passed several days before the tournament began. In spite of this, Astralis managed to show a very confident and good game, although their rivals were not the strongest: compLexity Gaming , Cloud9 and Renegades.

The second contender for the championship title, as well as the main rival of Astralis, are Team Liquid. At the end of 2018, there were two replacements in the team: the Brazilian legionnaire and coach went to Made in Brazil, and the Boston major champion Stewie2K and a new coach adreN joined Liquid. Like Astralis, the Americans ended the group stage 3-0, but their opponents were more serious. First, they beat AVANGAR , then Ninjas in Pyjamas and, most importantly, their closest competitors NaVi.

On the whole, the squad plays smoothly: there is no strong difference in fraging ability within the team, the team game is not without problems, but at a good level. The only one who causes questions is the coach, or rather his competence. adreN at the time was the captain of Liquid, but with him the team did not achieve any outstanding results. However, even this is not the worst. The main reason for doubt is his lack of coaching experience.

That is, a player, without many achievements, who has never trained a team before, comes immediately to Liquid, the second best team in the world. The credit of trust rendered to him, of course, is huge. Yes, he most likely has good relations with the majority of players, and for the first time this may be enough to maintain credibility, but will it be enough when the first problems begin? Do not forget that zews (former coach) worked with Liquid for more than two years. At the same time, when he came to the American organization, he already had coaching experience, and not just anywhere, but in Luminosity and SK-Gaming. With him, these teams (in fact, of course, it was one composition under different tags) twice became major champions.

Most likely, Liquid is now playing on their old tricks. So far this is bearing fruit, but is this enough for a champion title, and can adreN help in a difficult moment? The big question. In addition, some of the players often fall out at a crucial moment, for example, the team captain nitr0 . If he can fix these issues, we’ll see soon.

In theory, both Natus Vincere and MIBR can compete with Astralis and Liquid. Let’s start with the Ukrainian team. In 2018, they became the second best rated team in HLTV ranking. Also, the main star in Navi, s1mple — the best player of the past year, and his teammate Electronic entered the top 4. The team is headed by a major champion, as well as a winner of multiple championships of all that is possible in Counter-Strike 1.6 — Zeus. And with that the advantages of the team end.

In addition to s1mple, none of NaVi is stable. Even incredible talented electronic and Flamie periodically fall out of the game. But Edward and Zeus cannot always contend with the youth in terms of shooting. Lately, NaVi is a team of mood: they swing at first, losing the first matches of the championship, then gaining a good shape and go to the playoffs, where slowly their rink starts to slow down. In their last matches, they lose pretty unprincipledly.

Judging by the Zeus’ vlogs, the situation in the team is not particularly changed. There are a number of differences that prevent the players from being on the same wavelength. In the post-match interview, they noted that sometimes they have problems with communication. In particular, this was noticeable in their second game in the tournament against Vitality , which ended during the third overtime.

But the French did not even reach the final stage, and in general they did not have good teamwork. NaVi will not be able to get away with it in a playoff match. If they are not able to get it together, then their path can quickly end. To be more precise, it is already in the quarterfinals. Yes, FaZe is not the championship-winning FaZe that we used to know, but even so, they can beat NaVi.

The situation with MIBR is also not unambiguous. On one hand, the team returned to the entire Brazilian line-up, with which they had already played in 2016. Also they were joined again by their former coach zews. So on paper, the composition looks strong.

At the same time, their performance on major began with the defeat against Cloud9 with a crushing 3:16 score. This was not expected by anyone. Either MIBR didn’t get enough sleep, or they didn’t understand that this is already a tournament, not a training session, but it was a failure. However, later they managed to rehabilitate themselves. They stomped compLexity, snatched the victory from G2 Esports and confidently played against NiP. Of all their rivals, only Ninjas looked competent, and even then they weren’t the strongest.

Whether they will be able to get in shape for the playoffs is unclear. Yes, they have an uncomfortable opponent: Renegades cannot boast famous players such as, for example, Coldzera and Fallen, but they compensate for this with talent and thirst for victory. If the Brazilians will be able to get the best shape, then the chances of the Australians will be little, they will have to show an impeccable game. Still, on the side of the Brazilians is a great experience and high skill. You just need to play and establish communication. However, this is hardly enough to beat the same Astralis and Liquid, which sometimes show a transcendental skill.

And so, back to the Renegades, which have already become the main discovery and sensation of the tournament. They beat ENCE eSports, FaZe and Vitality, and were able to squeeze a map from Astralis. Looking at their way to the playoffs, it’s not easy to say that it was easy or they were just lucky. They deserve each of the victories. Renegades were able to show not only a high level of individual skill, but also teamwork, tactics and preparation for the tournament as a whole. With due effort, Australians can really enter the top 5.

In the meantime, to get to the semifinals, they need to prepare very well for MIBR. Disassemble their old demos, new ones, as well as the latest Liquid matches in 2018. It is unlikely that zews will give up all his ideas and developments that he used in the American team. Of course, they will also need luck, because MIBR is the second strongest opponent after Astralis, with whom they will meet at the tournament. But, even if Renegades manage to reach the semifinals, then there will be Danes waiting for them. However, the top 4 will be an incredibly successful result for the Australians.

As for ENCE, their ceiling is top-8. They didn’t manage to show their best game during the group stage: the absence of allu, who flew home on the occasion of the birth of a child, probably affected them. But this could only affect the team game, and as it was seen during the tournament, from time to time there were different players on the team.

If we consider that their opponent in the quarter-finals will be Liquid, one of the main favorites, the Finns have a very small chance to go further.

NiP was pleasantly surprising: not without problems, but the old men in f0rest and GeT_RiGhT again came out as legends. If you look at their way into the playoffs, you can say that it was very logical: they beat those whom they had to beat, and lost to stronger teams, although they were able to impose a fight there.

If they were in the playoffs against someone other than Astralis or Liquid, then one would be wondering how far they could go. Now it is obvious that they will be able to go to the semi-finals only if all the stars converge in a row. However, this semi-final is unlikely to become a kind of repetition of last year’s Boston major final.

By the way, the participants of that unfortunate match for them, FaZe at this tournament became the main disappointment. Yes, they went to the playoffs, but what they showed, even the faintest shadow of their own name, is a completely different team, and a few worse heads. FaZe lost to AVANGAR and Renegades, twoo teams that they would not even “feel” before. Yes, the Kazakhs and Australians improved greatly, but this does not mean that they were favorites of the matches. And the match against comLexity almost became the last nail in the coffin for the current star squad.

Even in the latest confrontation against Cloud9, FaZe almost missed the victory on the first map. And knowing how the same NiKo easily goes into tilt, FaZe could merge the second one too.

Despite the fact that FaZe is a team of stars, now they clearly have a period of eclipse. The team is looking for itself, but it seems that in the process it got lost between three Christmas trees. One of the best players in the world, NiKo, moved to the captain position, the team took AdreN to replace Karrigan. And now it is generally not clear what is happening. If a Kazakh, surprisingly to many, in general, shows a decent game, then the situation that happens to the team tactically is just awful.

In FaZe obvious are problems with communication, the players “float” in psychological terms, and their skill drops. Of course, they still have ghostly chances of winning against NaVi, but they are very faded. It is obvious that after the major they will have to make the next roster change. The most correct of which will be to take an intelligent captain, and return NiKo to a fragging position.

Anyway, very soon we will find out the name of the champion. And this time undeniable. Thanks to the updated format, the result of any team will be undeniable. In turn, this will clearly lead to a number of reshuffles in the teams after the tournament.

And in general, Katowice Major 2019 opens a new era of Counter-Strike, where the teams will no longer hope for “maybe”, and will begin to approach training and rearrangements in training more seriously.

Before the playoff matches start later today, head over to and place bets on your favorites to win IEM Katowice Major 2019.

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Johnta: “Playing fast-paced games develops the brain very well”

Johnta: “Playing fast-paced games develops the brain very well”

With the popularity of Apex Legends booming and more esports tournaments being announced for it, professional CS:GO coach Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov shared his thoughts about the competitiveness of the game.

Best known for his time with the HellRaisers, the coach recently made a move to new waters and joined TyLoo. The Chinese team successfully qualified for the IEM Katowice Major 2019 through the Asian Minor but had mixed results there.

In their opening matches in Poland the team behind Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov overwhelmed Team Vitality and Cloud 9 earning themselves a head start with two early wins. Following that, the inexperience of the Chinese players came into play and the team suffered three losses straight, against NRG, AVANGAR and G2 esports.

Moving past the results of the last Major, Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov talked about the “new kid on the block” and it’s future in the esports scene.

I couldn’t help but notice you playing Apex Legends a lot lately. Does it help you get away from the coach’s daily routine?

Yes, I would say that helps. It’s always good to be distracted, especially if you play with your buddies and get positive emotions from communication and playing together.

Also, games with high speed and dynamics generally develop the brain very well, because you learn to make quick decisions based on a bunch of various small factors. This is always useful, so the game like Apex for me is a combination of the useful and the pleasant.

Why did you decide to try Apex Legends? Have you played any other Battle Royale games like PUBG?

I played a lot of PUBG, so I am familiar with BR games. I like this format. But in PUBG it was boring, I wanted to break into some kind of fight all the time. Everything seemed to be a bit slow, even though the game was like made that way. Plus, I always loved to play Quake 3 because of its dynamics, physics, and speed.

Apex combines what I liked in both of the above games. The advantage is in an excellent loot system, cool dynamics, and convenient gameplay. You can play quietly in a team without a microphone too.

What do you think developers need to do in order not only to keep the audience but to develop the desire to continue playing? Or will it be a one-day game?

I think that it is necessary to hold regular events attracting attention. Quickly fix problems, and add new content (legends, locations, weapons, skills). It is also important to think up a good system for observers, so that it would be interesting to watch the events.

In Apex, the team consists of 3 players. Why do you think the developers decided to make it three-man teams because in other franchises the number is usually four?

Three is perfect, you don’t need more. Playing against three you always have to do your best, because the duel against three is very hard to win. Given the mobility in this game, it is important to move correctly. When playing 4 players, teams would often share two players and then positioning would have been completely different.

Some say that Fortnite is much more skill based than PUBG. What do you think it is connected to? Where does Apex Legends fit?

I didn’t follow Fortnite at all, I can’t compare it with anything. In Apex, the skill is of course important, if you move efficiently and shoot well — you will have a huge advantage. I think the skill ceiling is very high here, especially in team interactions and combinations between legends.

Can you highlight for yourself some unique aspects of the game you like? For example, many liked the respawn system.

Yes, the respawn system is very cool. Now they can not so easily ruin the game to one player from the team, as it often happened in PUBG. I like the fact that legends have different skills and there aren’t many of them. You can come up with funny combinations and choose play style depending on the weapon and armor that the team has. Also very cool is that it does not require a very powerful PC.

Many esports organizations have announced the recruitment of the next Apex Legend. Do you think there is a cybersport future? What do developers need to do, what is missing for the game?

If the developer comes up with a good event system, it will be interesting to watch it. After all, the game is very entertaining and easy to start playing. And if a lot of people play, then there are a lot of potential viewers. In this case, esports organizations and sponsors will be interested in maintaining this discipline and teams in it.

Have you thought about changing the game? In the case of interest and prospects arising in another?

Thoughts to become a player of course visited, but it is too early to think about it. (laughs)

You’ve been doing some great analytical CS:GO streams in the past. Any plans to bring that to Apex?

Working as a coach in CS: GO takes a lot of time but if you come and watch me stream — I’ll be happy to stream my shenanigans in Apex!

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Here’s how Apex Legends can remain relevant

Apex Legends quickly broke into the industry and for several weeks kept the leadership in the genre of battle royales. Now the game is gradually losing its audience — developers do not have time to fulfill the wishes of users, who find more and more reasons to return to Fortnite or PUBG.

Is Apex Legends the best Battle Royale around?

On February 4th, EA and Respawn, with no prior warning, released a new Battle Royale in the Titanfall universe — Apex Legends. The element of surprise worked out, and the shooter immediately overtook Fortnite on Twitch, and in the first 72 hours it surpassed ten million players.