MagicaL: “We had to learn to be independent in some way”

MagicaL: “We had to learn to be independent in some way”

After a stellar performance at ESL One Mumbai, where the CIS-based Natus Vincere finished 3rd, ahead of TNC Predator and TEAM TEAM, team’s midlaner Idan “MagicaL” Vardanian answered the most pressing questions.

Even though they started the event with a loss against Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao’s TEAM TEAM, they quickly came back with two straight wins against compLexity and TNC Predator. After defeats against Mineski and Keen Gaming in the playoffs, Natus Vincere had to make do with a third-place finish at the Indian event.

But considering recent performance, this could still be a great result for the team. The last few years in DOTA 2 were less than successful for the Ukrainian organization. Four-time The International attendees and three-time finalists NaVi find themselves desperate for top positions.

Last week’s ESL One Mumbai 2019 was meant to serve as a way for the CIS team to bounce back. The 20-year-old midlaner Idan “MagicaL” Vardanian talked about the event, esports in India, stand-ins, and many other topics.

How did you like India?

We lived in a very nice hotel. It turned out to be very cool. But there was a very big contrast: as soon as you leave the hotel, there are people that sleep on the street.

What about the spectators and the fans? Were they rooting for you?

Yes, the mob of fans were very “pumped”, we felt the support. Even when we were just coming out, they supported us a lot.

Did you try any Indian food?

ESL provided its own food, they did their best, and we had access to it all day. I tried Indian bread: it’s something similar to matzo.

How are you feeling?

I feel okay, in a working spirit. We are not tilted, top 3. Need to get home and practice.

How did you like Misha as a teammate?

A good guy, brought a lot to the team. Even though he was just a standin, he was involved in the team. I liked playing with him, I think it’s mutual.

Why did you choose Misha as a standin?

Chuvash has a good relation with him, and Misha is also a captain.

Playing with standin, is that a useful experience?

I think so, yea. Especially when it is the captain. When Akbar left us, there was a lack of calls, information. Everyone had to get involved, offer something of their own, throw ideas around, take responsibility. So this is useful. We have learned to be independent in some way.

Keen Gaming players said they lost to you “by chance”. What do you think about that?

They did mistakes, we did mistakes. As for me, we deservedly won the first series, and they — the second.

What heroes would you like to add to your pool?

Ember Spirit. Of course, I play Ember, but I would like it to be my signature hero.

Whom would you call a favorite in the upcoming Major tournament?

Same old teams. Team Secret,, Team Liquid. I think Liquid should show a good result.

Dendi left Tigers. Where do you think he will go next?

I don’t know really. He plays well, he practices a lot, he just needs to find the players, or that the players find him. It just didn’t work out in the Tigers.

What teams would you like to play against?

Against the strong teams. Team Secret, Team Liquid,, PSG.LGD.

Could you assess the team atmosphere on a 10-point scale?

Actually, this is my only team, where we have a friendly atmosphere. There is no such thing that people try to blame each other. I think it’s 10, we just need to work more.

To whom would you give the MVP title of ESL One Mumbai 2019?

Blizzy. Actually, I already wrote that the midlaner of Keen Gaming is worthy of that title. He is one of the strongest on the laning stage. I re-watched the replays, watched how he played, and this person knows what he is doing.

Who is the toughest to face on mid?

Against No[o]ne-, perhaps, SumaiL, Midone.

Besides Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD, who is the most interesting Chinese team in your opinion?

In the Chinese scene, everyone is very cool. In China, right now it is like a slaughter: seven teams that are battling each other. I would highlight Keen Gaming, they play very cool.

What country would you like to visit as part of LAN-tournament?

The United States. Doesn’t matter where exactly. Los Angeles, New York, Miami …

Share your thoughts on the Dota Pro Circuit format.

The fact that the top 12 goes to The International is appropriate. As for the Major and Minor tournaments, I would immediately invite the top 3 of the Major to the next Major tournament.

The best heroes on an offlane in this patch?

Beastmaster, Dark Seer and Pangolier.

What heroes would you buff or nerf?

I would nerf Mars or even remove him from the game. And I would buff Storm Spirit, Zeus, Queen of Pain and Shadow Fiend.

Would you be able to play the Carry position in official games?

I think so, yes, but would need some training.

Why not swap during the official matches with Crystallize?

We can do it, but we won’t be able to show our best, what we are really capable of. We need certain practicing to do, both me and Vlad, so that there is synergy with supports. But we will train it.

What can you say about the TEAM TEAM scandal?

In general, it is very sad for the guys, since one of the players bought tickets, booked a hotel for his parents. You spend your energy, you qualify for a Major tournament, it’s a shame.

Do you consider yourself as a tier 1 mid player?

I think not yet. I lack the skill and experience. But I’m close to that.

Which tournament was most memorable for you this season?

I think EPICENTER will be most remembered. This is the most important tournament, with the exception of The International.

Highlight your favorite talents.

I listen to Lex, Olsior, V1lat and CaspeRRR. Among the English speakers are ODPixel, TobiWan, SirActionSlacks, Redeye.

How do you like the idea of the OpenAI?

It’s cool. I do not quite understand the concept for what it is, but, in general, I would like to practice 1v1 on the midlane.

Would you like your own set for a hero?

Yes. For the Templar Assassin.

If the mid is taken in a pub game, what do you do?

Recently, this has not happened. And yes, I raised my MMR. If it happened in the past, I would just go to another lane.

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Mag: “You can’t just adapt and give the captain’s role to the new player”

Mag: “You can’t just adapt and give the captain’s role to the new player”

Natus Vincere bounced back after a crushing defeat at the DreamLeague Season 11 and took 3rd place at ESL One Mumbai last weekend, taking home $35,000 dollars. Andrey “Mag” Chipenko talked about their performance there.

The last few years in DOTA 2 were less than successful for the Ukrainian organization. Four-time The International attendees and three-time finalists NaVi find themselves desperate for top positions lately. The last win for the team was over 18 months — a first place finish at Adrenaline Cyber League. And even that was with a completely different lineup.

These days NaVi have a much younger, less experienced roster. According to team owners that was at least partly intentional — the players are still growing, but they are improving quickly.

At DreamLeague, however, NAVI suffered defeats against Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming in the group stage and a crushing loss against Clinton “Fear” Loomis’ J.Storm in the Loser Bracket Round 1.

Last week’s ESL One Mumbai 2019 was meant to serve as a way for the CIS team to bounce back. Even though they started the event with a loss against Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao’s TEAM TEAM, they quickly came back with two straight wins against compLexity and TNC Predator.

After defeats against Mineski and Keen Gaming in the playoffs, Natus Vincere had to make do with a third-place finish at the Indian event. But considering recent performance, this could still be a great result for the team. In an interview with cybersport team’s coach Andrey “Mag” Chipenko talked about the event.

How do you like the tournament in India? Were there any concerns about the quality of the tournament?

Probably everyone had their concerns about the tournament but in reality, we got a sick hotel, there is very good cuisine, everything is organized well and comfortable. There are practice rooms in the hotel. There are no issues and everything is great. In my memory, this is one of the best hotels that has been provided for the tournament.

Did you manage to try something from the local cuisine?

I don’t really want to try the local cuisine. Even though I lived for two months in Malaysia, I don’t really like spicy food. At the tournament, we have some fresh delicious fruit. Personally, I eat here rice and fish.

There is also a swimming pool on the tenth floor. If you have free time, 15-20 minutes in the evening after the games or early in the morning you can just go there and chill out there.

Do the locals like Dota 2?

I can not speak on that yet, we haven’t gone anywhere. We will be at the venue only tomorrow, we’ll have an autograph session. It seems to me that there are quite a lot of Dota fans out there, and for them, this is a first major event.

How much did you manage to play with Mikhail “Misha” Agatov? Did you have a bootcamp before the tournament?

There was no bootcamp because the team just finished playing qualifications for the Minor (bootcamp was during the qualifiers), and there will be no bootcamp with a stand-in before another tournament — we had to rest.

We played online with Misha for about six days after qualifications. Had time to strategies some stuff. Evgenii “Chuvash” Makarov previously played with Misha for a quite some time in Comanche. So between the supports, there is a good synergy.

As a coach did you have to change strategies and picks because of a stand-in? Or did he adapt to the role of Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev and his duties on the map?

You can’t just adapt and take the captain’s role. Imagine that a player just comes in and takes the role of Puppey (laughs). But I can say that Misha was perfectly able to fit in our team in such a short period of time, and he was able to bring something of his own views.

The first days of online practice I tried drafting, then Misha volunteered. I decided to give him such an opportunity, and I, in turn, tried to advise and help. And watched how it would turn out.

Who makes calls in-game currently?

They all do calls themselves. Without Akbar, they began to take the initiative. At first, we didn’t do very well, but there is already some progress. During this time, we have improved the understanding of the game plan for the first 10-20 minutes, due to this it has become easier to play, we have a general understanding of what we want on the map at any given time.

What went wrong in the match against us TEAM TEAM?

We were leading by 5k in the first game, we could easily win with the Hex on the OD, we just performed poorly. There was a moment where we made a mistake in mid, and lost about 3 or 4k net worth advantage, after that, it was harder to play.

The main mistake was that one of the carries had to play more greedily, but we were playing an all-in build — one went for Hex and the other got Diffusal blade and Manta style. And when the enemy got BKB’s, we did not have enough damage. We did not have a clear plan for the game, we made a mistake and lost.

And in the second game?

In the second game, there were difficulties with Ember. We didn’t have any “catch”. We could only kill him with Doom’s Ult, we were not ready for this hero. Because according to Dotabuff they didn’t play much with Ember, but they took him at this tournament, and we faced some difficulties.

But we had a chance to win the game — to the point that we went on to the throne, but something somewhere didn’t add up, used our buttons poorly, we died without buybacks. If we would have used our skills better we would have killed the opponents and closed out the game.

We then analyzed these games, broke down our draft, made some changes, came to the next day and already played better.

What knowledge did you have about the opponent before approaching the game against Keen Gaming?

They have a 100% win rate with Dark seer, Disruptor and 90% with Doom. It all went from there. We understood that they were favorites. I initially considered them the main favorites of the tournament, because they entered the top 6 of the previous Major.

We surprised them in the first game. They did not expect Dark seer from us. We understood that if we didn’t take him as the first pick, they would most likely take him. They weren’t ready for that, and we managed to win the first game.

The second game we got outdrafted. We could have taken other heroes … and it was difficult to play, we got crushed.

In the last game, we had a good draft, but they managed to do better on the lanes, and so we faced some difficulties. But they didn’t have a hard carry. They have Tiny Ursa, Death Prophet — and so you know that they are on time limit.

They do not have a save for the DP — this is a huge weakness. And so DP is hitting the rax with the Cheese, we jump on her, and no one can save her. We killed her even before she managed to use Cheese. That’s when we started coming back.

The first game gave us confidence because it was a victory against a strong team. Everyone understood that this was a serious opponent, but thanks to the victory, the barrier was removed, and we realized that we can easily win this series.

What do you think about Mineski?

We played scrims vs them. In fact, what is there to say… It is my former team (laughs). Of those guys with whom I played with left only Michael “ninjaboogie” Ross. I caught up with him, chatted a bit. Mineski plays well. We still need to prepare for the drafts. I think we can win. We’ll see how it goes.

You had a few days rest before the finals began. How did you prepare?

We did not rest. We had an autograph session scheduled, and after that, we planned to play scrims in order to prepare as much as possible for the finals of the upper bracket. In practice matches, we only played against teams from Southeast Asia or against those teams that were there. In this regard, there weren’t many options.

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NaVi CEO: “Investments will be necessary in the future. Esports does not stand still”

NaVi CEO: “Investments will be necessary in the future. Esports does not stand still”

The man behind the Ukrainian NaVi, Yevgeny “HarisPilton” Zolotarev, talked in-depth about running an esports team, expanding into international waters, creating a winning team and remaining profitable in highly competitive esports scene.

Natus Vincere CEO also talked about the appointment of Andrey “B1ad3” Gorodenskiy to the role of esports director, the opening of the academy team, recent struggles of their Dota 2 team and much more.

Recently Andrey “B1ad3” Gorodenskiy joined for the role of esports director. How did this idea come to be?

Similar thoughts started long ago. We are quite familiar with Andrey, we even played on the same team, but somehow all this time we went parallel to each other. Nevertheless, we constantly communicated, shared opinions about CS and everything else.

I have always considered him an intelligent specialist, he has a good eye for young talents, a lot of experience on the professional stage: a player, a captain, a coach. His main advantage, unlike the other 90 percent of former esports athletes, that he has a high focus on the business component, he understands the development of the club as a business. I think he is very suitable for this role.

Previously, Na’Vi did not have such a position?

Not for the last 2.5 years, but even earlier I myself was in this position when Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovsky appointed me in 2016. I worked there for six months and then took the position of CEO, combining it with the esports director, and ZeroGravity went into inactivity.

The position can be called new, but it is necessary for large clubs. Team Liquid, for example, have several general managers at once, who have distributed disciplines and regions among themselves. Na’Vi, like any other multigaming, requires personnel enhancement as well.

He will only deal with Counter-Strike?

No, by all teams, it will include Dota 2. An esports director is a person who is responsible for all the compositions of an organization. Transfer policy, tournament schedule, bootcamp schedule and more.

I took Andrey as an experienced specialist to build a vertical search, training and education of players. As a general director, I still have operational work, finance, media and marketing, the rest went to B1ad3.

With his signing, you will also open a youth academy?

Yes, in the near future it will really appear. By this time, the market had matured, and our organization had matured, human and financial resources appeared to implement these plans. All other details will appear very soon in the official announcement.

I can only say that there will be many opportunities for young players. I really want to realize our accumulated experience in working with young people.

So talking about your Dota 2 team. One cannot help but wonder when you have a team as well supported as yours, where are the results?

The conditions are really good, but if the players did not work at the same time or if we had questions about their discipline, then we can say that the organization slacks off or something else. Speaking specifically about the composition of Dota 2 — the team has no disciplinary problems at all, the guys worked and continue to work with maximum commitment, even after defeats.

I cannot say that we are pleased with the results, but we see their return, they live on DotA and there are no problems inside the team. There are only game moments that we are trying to fix.

Nevertheless, there are positive things — some players six months ago were considered to be unknown to anyone, and during this time they were seriously tightened up from the point of view of the skill, the pool of heroes, the LAN experience and so on. I try to look for a positive in everything and we will continue to work for it.

Do you participate in the life of the team? Can you suggest something or express displeasure?

There is a manager, coach, captain and even an analyst who works with players remotely. For the last bootcamps, we have attracted such a person as a mental coach, with whom we plan to continue cooperation.

I am not competent enough in DotA to prompt guys. First of all, I appreciate the game as a fan, I can be dissatisfied, angry about why they made a pick for that hero and not for another, to draw conclusions based on the words of commentators or analysts. With my game level, I do not allow myself any in-game recommendations.

Na’Vi was among the first to announce the opening of a division in Apex Legends. Right now you already announced the signing of two Quake world champions — Cypher and clawz. What went into this decision?

There’re a lot of unknown moments, the game itself faces certain difficulties.

Regarding the region: in the case of Apex — this is still two players from the CIS. When we choose the composition, the criterion of the region is not in the first place. We are after the players that we want, everything else is secondary.

We will take players and look at what the publisher will do, how much their efforts will be directed to the development of the esports component of the discipline. In PUBG we are now seeing a big recession, for instance.

Are you disappointed in PUBG?

It is too early to talk about our position, but we have serious concerns. The start of a Major league cannot be called successful. As an average person, I don’t see sponsors, I don’t see any views, and at the same time I see high costs associated with moving the team to Berlin.

The failure in the results of the team are related to this?

To a lesser extent, the season has just begun, the first phase has ended. The results are unsuccessful, but there is time to correct them. The concerns are tied to the discipline itself.

After a very long break, you recently signed foreign players. What led to that decision?

Fortnite is definitely a western game, not popular in the CIS region. Rainbow Six Siege — we wanted both a competitive line-up and the team that has a slot in the ESL Pro League. In the CIS, there is no choice in this regard, there is only one team — Team Empire, which recently signed the guys and did not intend to sell.

And getting more foreign fans while at it?

Of course, we perfectly understand that it is necessary to improve monetization. Unfortunately, this is hard to do in the CIS region.

We do not intend to leave the CIS esports, here are our roots. We, like any other major multigaming, are just trying to increase our presence in other regions. For example, in Team Liquid, FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas, the compositions for Rainbow Six Siege are Brazilians.

Recently we could see stagnation in tier 2 esports — fewer sponsors, less audience interest, fewer fans. Do you think it may have a negative impact on esports?

In order for sponsors to pay good money, you need to show good numbers: reach, audience, views or results.

Sponsors calculate ROI (return on investment) — clicks, transitions and everything else, the more videos you watch, comment, etc. the better you’re off.

NaVi right now has no such problem. From the point of view of the business model, Natus Vincere can be called an independent asset, and it can sustain itself right now, but one way or another, investments will be necessary in the future. Esports does not stand still.

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Resolut1on: “After DreamLeague, my belief in the team and in myself began to disappear”

Resolut1on: “After DreamLeague, my belief in the team and in myself began to disappear”

Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok said that due to frequent defeats and underwhelming results he lost confidence in himself and in the team. A disappointing 16th place finish at the latest DreamLeague Major was a final blow for the team.

Forward Gaming lost to Ninjas in Pajamas in the first round of the lower bracket of the DreamLeague Major and left the championship. The team took 13-16 place and earned $10,000 US dollars and 75 points Dota Pro Circuit points.

In an interview with RuHub, Fominok also explained why he performs better at The International, and also why Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora moved to the fourth position in Forward Gaming.

About Forward Gaming Issues

“As the team thought, we had a problem in three cores that we do not stack. Three greedy cores, and no one makes space. It was one of the ways to solve this problem — we changed MSS and UNiVeRsE. UNiVeRsE is such a backline player: when someone goes forward for his sake, he can give all his spells perfectly, and the Quartet in this patch is more conducive to his style.

It was the idea of SVG, everyone supported her, it was interesting for everyone to try. Plus, this is something new — it will give a fresh breath of air to the team. Everything was good initially. And MSS feels pretty confident on offlane, and UNiVeRsE quickly caught up to it. But again something is missing, the problem with the synergy in the team. “

About his personal form

“I’ve already tried everything. I played all those greedy morphs, I played on DK, CK, Ursa. Everything I need I can do for the team. <…> What will happen next is not yet clear.

Honestly, at the end of this tournament, I began to lose faith in the team and in myself. This series of defeats is huge: you no longer understand what is working, what is not working; what characters we can play, what we should avoid. I need this faith in the game now to find me again. I will work on it.”

About preparing for tournaments

“I cannot physically and mentally prepare for each tournament in the same way as I prepare for The International. Then I just close in the game and do not go anywhere. I’m in the bootcamp for a whole month — and then we can roll. I can’t do the same for every tournament, because I’ll burn out at some point.

I made this approach to this tournament, played 16 games a day to [be the best]. I was dead tired of the last place finish in each tournament. I wanted to change something. Now I feel very shaken. I need to find my play style again, find how to play with the team. We need to deal with this somehow.”

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Armel: “We didn’t qualify for the Major, so we wanted to prove ourselves here”

Armel: “We didn’t qualify for the Major, so we wanted to prove ourselves here”

After TNC claimed the trophy of WESG 2018, Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios talked about the problems that the team had before the tournament and preparation for it, as well as his plans on how he is going to spend his part of the prize money.

The 19-year-old told carry for the team, defeated China’s Keen Gaming in the grand final, grabbing the lion’s share of the $890,000 USD prize pool.

On their way to the final, TNC Predator overcame one of the favorites and last year winners White-Off — a Russian team built around four members. Although few tier 1 teams chose to attend the event it proved to be great showcase of things to come for TNC.

After their victory, Armel talked about the importance of this title for the team and what a victory on the international stage means for the players.

What is your mood just right now after taking the WESG trophy?

It’s amazing. When we came to this tournament we had a good practice, even with two days of practice with our new offlaner. Overall, we played very well on scrims and had a good feeling before the event.

How hard was it to adapt to Raven as he was a third position player?

It wasn’t that hard. We all played together before, so we know the way he thinks and plays. He needed to adjust a little bit. For him, it’s pretty much the same, but now he is the player who creates the space and not the one who uses it.

Describe your attitude to WESG as a tournament.

This season of WESG is a good tournament. Obviously, it’s not a DPC event, but for us this tournament was important.

Was it all is just about the money?

For me personally, it’s not only about the money. I just want to win against tier-1 teams because we didn’t qualify for The Stockholm Major, so we wanted to prove ourselves here and redeem our confidence. We had a rough time, we were a bad team, and this tournament is the best practice for us. And now, we gained our confidence back and I believe that we will play better on the next Major’s qualifiers. We don’t have a problem with our gaming performance, it’s all about our mentality.

You were one of the favorites here in Chongqing. It’s quite unusual for you, doesn’t it?

We don’t pay much attention to it. Moreover, we didn’t see us as favorites because there were so many strong teams like EHOME and, who were the defending champions.

By the way, Valve recently released a new update. What do you think about it?

To be honest with you, when it was just released, we thought that Kunkka is a dead hero. But after we used him a few times on practice, we found out that he’s almost as good as he was before despite his power on a lane stage is nerfed now.

During the playoffs, Keen Gaming showed that even Vengeful Spirit can be used as a carry. So maybe the current meta is a bit more flexible?

Well, I think that they just saw how Team Secret used it during ESL One Katowice 2019 and just copied the draft. In my mind, the meta is pretty much the same now.

Your strongest opponent of the whole tournament?

White-off. They are playing like a tier-1 team in many ways. Before the final, I supposed that Team Ukraine would beat Keen Gaming, but the Chinese team showed confidence in drafts and game decisions. And we have to remember that KG qualified to the Major, so we couldn’t underestimate them.

I was surprised by the fact of how many people from the SEA region are rooting for you. Did you feel the pressure of responsibility?

We didn’t feel any pressure. Like at all. Before the tournament, we had issues with our confidence. And all our problems have gone so far. Now, we are just happy.

How will you spend your prize money?

I haven’t made plans for it yet. But for such a huge amount of money, you can buy anything! To be honest, I will most likely buy a car.

Speaking about the SEA scene, it looks like that Fnatic is on a much higher level comparing to all the other teams from the region. Why is that so?

It’s all about IceIceIce, man! He’s too good. When he joins a team, that team always starts to dominate the region. It happened that year with Mineski, it’s happening this year with Fnatic. Obviously, they have some good players, but so we do. So for me, IceIceIce is too good.

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7ckngMad: “Of course Ana will return to OG”

7ckngMad: “Of course Ana will return to OG”

OG’s Sébastien “7ckngMad” Debs talked about the current meta, the Starladder ImbaTV Minor, their new teammate iLTW, and the return of Anatan “ana” Pham to the squad.

Starladder proved to be another underwhelming event for OG. The team fell in the group stage after two straight losses against the Russian Old But Gold lineup. Even though they managed to win against China’s Royal Never Give Up, their overall performance was less than stellar.

One of the possible explanations may be that team’s newest addition, the young Igor “iLTW” Filatov wasn’t allowed in Ukraine following the geopolitical situation between Ukraine and Russia. Thankfully, iLTW was allowed to play for the team from his home, under the supervision of Starladder admin.

Sébastien “7ckngMad” Debs talked about the event and his teammates in the interview.

Let’s start with the most important topic at the moment: iLTW was not allowed into Ukraine. What was your plan for that?

The tournament organizers said that iLTW will be able to play online under the supervision of a StarLadder judge so that he does not break any rules. That was the only option that we had.

Have you ever thought of playing with a coach?

No, we wanted to play with iLTW.

Players from the CIS rarely perform in European teams. Only Resolut1on can be called an exception. Why did you invite iLTW and what do you think about his potential in top teams?

With iLTW, I played a lot in matchmaking and noticed that he is very good. He perfectly shows himself in the micro. I would say that he has talent. Therefore, we remembered him almost immediately [when we needed a carry]. ILTW has huge potential — he works a lot and approaches the game very seriously and professionally.

In addition, he has the motivation to win. In many ways, he reminds us of ourselves when we were just starting our career in DotA. He has the motivation and talent — everything you need to become the best. I think he is waiting for great success in this discipline.

I just have to ask you about Ana. Many sources reported that he is returning to OG. Can you comment on these rumors?

Of course Ana will return to OG. He did not finish his career but only took a break. Such rumors constantly appear.

That is, he will return to OG?

Yes, of course.

Let’s talk about the Minor. Many analysts considered OG, if not the main contender to win, then certainly one of the favorites. What other teams, in your opinion, are included in this list?

I think Vici Gaming and Gambit Esports were definitely favorites of this tournament. In fact, there were many strong teams here. For example, the RNG is also a very dangerous opponent.

In general, “DotA” teaches that in any tournament each opponent must be approached seriously. Therefore, no matter who comes against you, you have to act as always and do your best. The team looks not only at the favorites.

What do you think about the current patch 7.21c?

In general, this is a good update. The developers balanced some of the characters, but I didn’t like some changes. I do not understand why they strengthened Meepo. I think he was so good. For some reason, they improved it again. I love it when developers make characters balanced, and not reinforce only one side of it. If the hero is good only in a single situation, it will be impossible to use it in other cases.

The rest of the patch is very good. I liked that the developers had finally begun to change the system of denying. Look at how “DotA” has changed, when they stopped giving a lot of experience for selected creeps. Perhaps Valve still has to balance the sides — now the percentage of victories for the Radiant is slightly higher. Of course, this is not such a big problem, but, in my opinion, the winrate should be as close as possible to 50 to 50%.

What do you think of Mars? Already managed to play on it?

I have not yet taken Mars in matchmaking. Just tested it in training mode. Very funny and simple character with interesting abilities. In general, he did not seem to me too strong, but I always say this about new heroes. I think in a month everything will change. But for me now, he doesn’t look like a character from DotA — the hero’s model doesn’t really fit into this game, but on the whole it’s an interesting idea.

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