Xron: “The one who puts in the most work is the winner”

Xron: “The one who puts in the most work is the winner”

With the future of Quake Champions esports in question, many of the pro players are looking for the answer elsewhere. Dmytro “Xron” Sakharuk is enjoying Apex Legends for now, but is there more to it?

Although it found a strong core audience, Quake Champions has been struggling to break through into the gaming mainstream since before its release. Nonetheless, there was always a strong, developer-backed esports scene behind it.

Recently, however, with the dropping viewership numbers as well as issues within the game the future of the scene came into question. Even more so, after the unexpected hit release of Respawn’s Apex Legends. Most Quake professional players have been openly playing (and enjoying) the new battle royale.

Dmytro “Xron” Sakharuk himself thinks it’s a fun game and he’s going to be playing more of it. But what about the future?

Many Quakers are indulging in Apex Legends right now. How serious and promising is the game?

It is hard to say. In battle royale games, as a rule, all the money goes to popular streamers and tournaments are made for them, not for players. It’s too early to talk about tournaments at all. This is just a fun game.

You played PUBG, Fortnite and now Apex. What do you like (dislike) in each and which one is better?

I played everything but PUBG and Fortnite only for a couple of days or weeks. In PUBG I do not like the mechanics and the slow game. In Fortnite I ran a little with Cypher, I liked it, a very cool and skill based game, but in order to play at a normal level, you need to give it at least 10 hours a day, I am not ready to go for it. Apex — very easy to understand, a lot of action, very fun to play with friends. It is always interesting to chop into something new. I don’t want to compare these games, each is good in its own way, but I personally don’t like only PUBG.

What qualities should a popular shooter have today? Does it have to be a battle royale?

Everyone has their own views on this. I personally like quick games with team interaction. Team play is generally the main thing. Running with friends is fun after all. I am very pleased that Apex has achieved such popularity without a solo mode. I do not think that the popularity of the game requires the format of the royale games. Counter-Strike proves it.

You communicate with many top players in Quake Champions. What is the mood now in the pro scene regarding the future of Quake?

In general, everyone is just waiting for announcements or at least something, nothing more we can do.

How are you going to prepare for the OGA Quake PIT #2 Duel event?

I will play a couple of days in Free For All or in 2x2 with friends, I can pick up a stream and play a ranked duel.

Do you expect the overall skill level to drop there due to Apex and other games?

I think the results will be unpredictable. Most likely the favorites are Vengeur,Raisy,Toxjq. They are the most active players in Quake today, but as in any game, the one who puts in the most work is the winner.

Is the format of the OGA Quake PIT tournament and the composition of participants good (after all, there is no Clawz, Agent or Base)?

Clawz was invited, but he refused, I don’t know about the others. I’m just glad that there will be at least some tournament for Quake and its format is not important.

Where does your love for cats come from? Do you have cats?

I just like cats. And yes, I live with a cat.

By the way, how did you come up with your nickname? Does it bother you that casters mispronounce it all the time?

I just liked the word, I never thought that they would pronounce it in English. I’m not going to change it. It’s normal that most people don’t pronounce this word correctly. If we recall 2017 and LANs, then the people working at the time as commentators / interviewers constantly approached me and asked how to pronounce correctly. They tried to do this even after I told them that I absolutely did not care.

What holidays do you like the most? Do you support the European traditions associated with Valentine’s Day?

No favorite holidays. I spent Valentine’s Day with my beloved Jack Daniels.

Which of the current Apex characters do you like more? Is there a need for new heroes?

I like Lifeline. I would like to see new characters with time, I am always for any new content and innovations. It’s hard to say how the character pool should look like if you suddenly add ranked games, then it may be worthwhile to balance everything, but for now let it be just a fun and a cool game which it is.


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Chuvash: “Everybody knows that I am the king of Sven”

Chuvash: “Everybody knows that I am the king of Sven”

NaVi’s Evgeniy “Chuvash” Makarov talked about the patch 7.21, analyzed some of the buffs and nerfs, as well as the rework of the Io.

Natus Vincere have been struggling to find their way back to victory. The last major tournament win for the Ukrainian team was back in 2017 at Adrenaline Cyber League where they triumphed over Virtus.pro. Recently, however, Chuvash’s team managed to show some worthwhile results, including a second place finishes at MegaFon Winter Clash and DreamLeague Season 10.

NaVi’s support player Evgeniy “Chuvash” Makarov sat down to discuss the recent patch 7.21 and what changes will it bring to the game.

The amount of experience required from level 7 to 12 has been increased from 640/660/680/800/820/840 to 720/750/780/810/840/870. How this will affect the gameplay? Does this mean that the life of a support player got a little difficult and the matches will be longer?

The gameplay will not change much. A little annoying that’s all.

Phase Boots and Power Treads, are you happy about the fact that Icefrog basically reverted the changes?

Yes, I like this change. I actually quite dislike Phase Boots.

Valve keeps buffing Lion’s talents. Does he have the potential to be the mid hero? Or solidify himself as a support in the patch 7.21?

You can utilize him in midlane but after his first death, it’s very hard for him to come back. As support thought not so bad.

Earth Spirit is being nerfed once again. In your opinion is that justified? How would you approach this hero and the people that are weakening one of your favorite heroes?

Well, the nerf looks quite natural, because Earth Spirit is the first pick material. I wouldn’t say that he was super strong (but it’s a pity).

Grimstroke was also nerfed. Is he balanced yet or he requires some more nerfs?

I think, in the current patch he looks quite adequately.

Enchantress’s Enchant has been reworked, she seems more powerful early- and in late-game. Is that sufficient enough to get her back to meta?

Yes, we will see this hero more than once.

Io got a complex rework. In your opinion, which changes are positive and which are not? Is the hero OP?

I didn’t understand this at all, why buff the first pick hero?

In the patch KotL got his 30% exp talent at level 10 instead of 15, will we see this hero more often in the pro scene because of this change?

The KotL lovers will still pick him, but in general, the change is insignificant.

From patch to patch, Ogre Magi gets more and more buffs, how many does he need to get to be drafted? What do you think, what is he lacking?

Ogre does not suit into this meta, he loses the lane to the main batch of heroes of this patch.

Sven who was gaining more popularity in the last patch as a support has been reworked. Did you enjoy your time while it lasted? Is he now back to the carry position?

Everybody knows that I am the king of Sven. I think we won’t see him much as a carry.

Has Tusk got a sufficient nerf or should they have nerfed it more?

Previously Earth Spirit and Tusk were stronger then the rest of the pos4 supports, now they are about the same as Tiny and Elder Titan and that’s good.

Top 3 pos4 heroes for the calibration?

As a person who got 3 wins out of 10, I shouldn’t give any advice.

How do you counter rank 3 Slark in DotA Auto Chess?

Haven’t played it for 3 weeks(hopefully, I won’t play it at all)

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No[o]ne: “We played with a stand-in. That makes the game a lot more complicated”

No[o]ne: “We played with a stand-in. That makes the game a lot more complicated”

Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko told what prevented The Pango from defeating the Thunder Predator at The Chongqing Major and appreciated the performance of Arseny “ArsZeeqq” Usov in the match against PSG.LGD.

The leader of the Russian team also explained why the team refused to invite ESL One Katowice 2019 in favor of MDL Macau 2019 and what plan would they follow with Virtus.pro in the match with Team Secret .

Virtus.pro had a great start at The Chongqing Major defeating both EHOME and TNC Predator in group A securing themselves a playoff spot. To start off the winner bracket, the Russian team overcame the threat of Evil Geniuses and completely suppressed the Chinese PSG.LGD.

In the winners’ final No[o]ne and his team defeated Team Secret securing a spot in the Grand Final of the $1 million dollar tournament.

Before the tournament, you and your teammates said that after an invite to The International 2019 the motivation of the team has become smaller, but in the playoffs, you smashed Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD. Why is that?

The team did not say this, it was Pasha who spoke in an interview. I think it was his personal opinion at the time he was asked this question. My motivation is the same. I just want to win tournaments, so the answer to this question will be.

After defeating EG, Pasha said that the match was easier than he expected. What about PSG.LGD? The first game looked nervous. Why?

Well, first of all, we played with a stand-in. That always makes the game a lot more complicated. Secondly, we threw a lot, did unnecessary actions, and LGD took advantage of this — in some moments they killed us, and then the game became super-complex. After that we had to comeback.

How did Arseny “ArsZeeqq” Usov show himself in the captain’s slot? He said that Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnaryov even asked him to shut up. How do you like the game with the new coordinator?

Ars from the very beginning of the game did not say anything, but then he began to get used to the role of the captain and just be the player of the “five”. He began to coordinate on smokes, on wards, etc. He showed himself quite well.

In the final of the top bracket, you played against Team Secret. Yazid “YapzOr” Jaradat promised that they would lose this match in order to win the final. Have you already figured out how to counter this strategy?

Lose to them. Naturally, we wanted to lose to them. This was the match “who will lose — will win the final.” ( laughs ) I don’t know, YapzOr was probably joking. We will simply try to show our best game.

Some people think that Zheng “MidOne” Yek Nay invented a new approach to playing mid-early fighting, a lot of roaming, collecting non-meta items. How do you like his approach to the role? How difficult is it to stand against it?

He has a good understanding of the game, but he is not the strongest mid-laner of those that exist. But he is very good at his job.

After the match with PSG.LGD, it has been a day. How do Alexei “Solo” Berezin and Vladimir “RodjER” Nikoghosyan feel after it?

Solo is already sitting in practice, almost recovered, and RodjER something came down with fever. He seems to be recovering too — so the manager said. We have not seen him yet today.

What is going on at all on this major? Tell us about the conditions in which you live. Why are so many players already sick?

A lot of people from the staff got sick, from SLTV, the players, etc. A lot of people got sick from analytics. In fact, I do not know how it is related. Maybe somehow the city influenced this. A flu virus, perhaps. We came from different places, the body is not adjusted. Probably something like this.

Why did you give up on ESL One Katowice 2019? Want to leave Pasha without a car?

Yes, it was our first goal, so that Pasha did not get the MVP. We really don’t want that. ( laughs ) In fact, we refused in favor of MDL Macau 2019. We decided that it would be more comfortable for us this time to go to Asia and play here. We were already this year at ESL, and the team decided that we should also play in front of Asian fans. Show yourself here.

Have you watched The Pango games? What did the team lack in a match with the Thunder Predator?

Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanova was missing. We watched their games, they had to win, but lost, like any CIS-team, to themselves. Plus they had bad drafts and there was no player to step up and carry. This all affected their game.


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MinD_ContRoL: “After TI8, we are starving for more victories”

MinD_ContRoL: “After TI8, we are starving for more victories”

Team Liquid’s off-laner Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Borislav said about the chances of his team winning at The Chongqing Major plummeted due to the lack of Amer “Miracle-” al-Barkawi on the roster, but that doesn’t make them any less hungry for victories.

He also admitted that he was surprised at the failure of Ninjas in Pajamas at The Bucharest Minor and explained how he fights against negative emotions during matches.

The Chongqing Major takes place in China from January 19th to January 27th. The prize fund of the competition is one million dollars as well 15,000 Dota Pro Circuit points.

Even though Team Liquid are playing with Chu “shadow” Zeyu as a stand-in, they had a great start in China winning both of their group matches against The Pango and Vici Gaming. In the upper bracket quarter-finals, they fell behind 2-0 against Team Secret but successfully bounced back in the match against TNC Predator.

In the match for survival, MinD_ContRoL’s Liquid will face off against South East Asia’s Fnatic, after which the winner will battle PSG.LGD and the loser will finish 7th-8th, taking home $40,000 and 450 DPC points.

You played well with NiP at The Kuala Lumpur Major, and then won Winter Clash with Team Liquid. How do you adapt to new conditions so quickly?

What can I say — meta was on our side. Everything was easy for us because of the way the new patch came out. After TI8, we are starving for more victories. Now the curse of TI has finally fallen from us — we have won TI7, but now the new season has begun, and everyone feels much better. My teammates rested. I myself did not go on a vacation, but it suits me perfectly. Perhaps that is why recently we are so hungry for victories. Like sharks!

According to Peter “ppd” Daguerre, you promised to destroy him in the qualifications for major. However, NiP flew out in the group stage, and then also lost on a major. Did such club results surprise you?

I was sure that NiP will qualify for this major. They and OG. But EHOME proved to be a stronger team. By the way, I did not promise anything like that — ppd just trolls. Honestly, I feel a little sorry for his team. I’m sure he can play much better. Yes, hello, Peter!

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Tahasomi said at Winter Clash that in recent years he has pressed too much on his team. Don’t you think so? You refused to rest and played at KL Major.

I get tired sometimes too, but usually I’m fine. I like to play in tournaments, this is, after all, my life.

Last season for Team Liquid turned out to be very strange. The team was a favorite in many majors, but could only win the last one. This year, the majors are half that. Do you feel more pressure because of this?

Only time pressure. There is no Miracle- at this tournament, so our chances are diminished here. But Chu “shadow” Jaiyu is also a very good player. If we do not win this major, then we will have less chance of getting to TI. Perhaps then the pressure on us will increase. But now we’re fine.

By the way, how is Miracle doing?

I don’t know, we haven’t talked to him yet. Probably everything will become clear after the major.

You confidently won against PSG.LGD in Moscow. After that, this team was ranked fourth in the Chinese H-Cup Season 12 and was selected for major only from third place. Do you think this is still a force to be reckoned with, or is the place in the top now owned by Team Secret?

LGD is still a very strong team. It seems to me that Chinese players were just a bit lazy at MegaFon Winter Clash. Or maybe they are just tired. I do not know what happened to the LGD, but I am sure that this year it will still be very strong.

Your teammate Maroon “GH” Merkhey said that even he sometimes tilts and in such cases he goes to take a breath of air in order to recover. How do you cope with such emotions?

(Laughs) When I tilt, I just keep playing and try again to focus on the match. I usually do well with pressure.

Do you play other games during the breaks?

Sometimes. I like Age of Empires and Counter-Strike.

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Afoninje: “We knew that we were guaranteed to win if we took Meepo”

Afoninje: “We knew that we were guaranteed to win if we took Meepo”

After a very successful group stage for the Russian Gambit at the Bucharest Minor, Andrei “Afoninje” Afonin talked about their success there in detail.

He explained that the team lost one TEAM TEAM map because they didn’t know which characters the opponent would play. Afonin also admitted that it does not matter to him with whom Gambit Esports will have to play in the next stage of the tournament.

Gambit convincingly overcame Team Team in their opening game, followed by a 2:0 victory over the Chinese Keen Gaming. The Russian team have secured themselves a spot in the winner semi-finals, where they will face a second place team from Group B.

About the confrontation with TEAM TEAM

“We did not know that they were going to ban them, so we just decided to see what they would play in the first match. It turned out — they are playing Magnus, and for us this is an uncomfortable hero. But if we had put a triple with Visp and Gyrocopter against Phantom … <…> In general, it was necessary to choke the Phantom and leave the hero against Dark Sire one on one.

Then we would have a lot of farm on all lines, and we would have crushed them. And they have greed – Magnus and Phantom, OD. It turned out that we did not punish them for this greed, and it was clear that in the end we would lose. And so it happened. “

“After losing the first map there was no panic. The only thing that happened was insecurity in Wisp. Someone said that “we don’t need it” and all that. In the end, we came to the conclusion that you just need to ban Magnus, and everything will be fine. We looked at what they were playing with, and we had no more morale. ”

About choosing Meepo vs. Keen Gaming

“We wanted to close them [with the help of] Meepo, if they take Wisp and Gyrokopter or collect some heroes who do nothing. So it happened. We thought that in the end they would still ban Meepo, because before that they had banned all our heroes, but they somehow missed this moment. And we knew that we were guaranteed to win, if we took Meepo at the end. Regardless of what else we will have a bunch of heroes. The main thing is that we have that one hero to play around ”.

On opponents in the next round

“From Group B, I would like to play with everyone. I do not know who is the strongest there. OG and EHOME are probably at the same level, and the rest are weaker. But we don’t care who to play against.”

The Bucharest Minor takes place in Romania from January 9 to January 13, the prize fund of the competition is $ 300,000 USD and 500 Dota Pro Circuit points.

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Who are we betting on at the Bucharest Minor: Day 2

Who are we betting on at the Bucharest Minor: Day 2

With the conclusion of Group A at the Bucharest Minor, we look into the opening matches of Group B. Will the favorites prevail once again?

We saw Keen Gaming overcome Ninjas in Pyjamas and Gambit Gaming defeat Team Team in the first two matches of the event. The Russian Gambit continued their strong performance and overcame the Chinese underdogs KG, earning themselves a spot in the winner semi-final.

North America’s Team Team fell behind NiP and will finish the Group A dead last, whereas NiP moved on to battle Keen Gaming for the last spot in the winner bracket.

On Day 1 of the Bucharest Minor, all the favorites managed to secure wins when it mattered the most. Will we see the repeat of that in Group B?

We look at the match-ups of the opening games and see who esports fans at the bet exchange site Vie.gg see as the favorites in Group B.


The International 2018 champions in the offseason lost their carry and abandoned the first Dota Pro Circuit tournaments. Instead, they visited AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018, where they performed with the Australian player BOX HILL and took third place. After OG returned, they played qualifiers for a major with Anders “Pajkatt” Olsen Lille, but they did not even leave the group. In qualifying for the minor, the rivals couldn’t resist OG, and they took one of the two slots to the tournament easily.

After the New Year, the team decided not to continue cooperation with Pajkatt — they took Igor “iLTW” Filatov instead. The updated roster, having no time to train properly, checked their strength in the online tournament WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness. The organizers invited OG to the quarterfinal immediately, where the team of Johan “n0tail” Sundstein beat Vega Squadron with a score of 2:0, and then with the same score left out of business NoPangolier in the semi-finals. In the decider, OG failed to win a single map against Gambit Esports.

The performance of the TI8 champion in the Winter Madness final raises doubts that OG is the main favorite of the minor. But almost all players have a solid experience in performing at major LAN tournaments, iLTW has the motivation to show himself as a top-level player, and the rest have a desire to wipe their nose for those who consider the current TI champion to be a team of one tournament.

While the best teams in Southeast Asia are trying to fix the problems with the help of constant roster changes, BOOM ID has chosen a different tactic. In the offseason, they made only one substitution — the player that has been with the team since 2017.

As a result, it gave its fruits: for the first time since its formation in January 2017, BOOM ID reached the international LAN final. Previously, the team played only at local competitions. Although they won against Mineski (which is not in the best shape after TI8) and Clutch Gamers (where all third-tier players from Europe took, but they didn’t succeed) in the closed qualifiers, they had no experience in large LAN tournaments. And defeating OG, Gambit, or NiP is an almost impossible task for the SEA team.

EHOME vs Playmakers esports

The main mystery for non-Chinese teams is EHOME — the line-up that trains Zhang “Xiao8” Ning. Usually, teams from this region are gaining shape by spring, after the Chinese New Year. In December, EHOME won the qualifiers for ESL One Katowice 2019 and ranked second in two major Chinese leagues — Dota2 Professional League Season 6 and 2018 Sanya DOTA2 New-Stars Play.

The composition entered the training rhythm and is unlikely to slow it down. The organizers of the third major season — DreamLeague Season 11 — appointed Chinese qualifiers for the New Year holidays, and xiao8 himself said that there would be no time for rest. In addition, in Bucharest, there will be a slot at home major at stake, and the Chinese clearly want to play in front of their home audience.

South America is the least developed region in Dota 2. PaiN Gaming always wins the qualifiers for a major, and the battle for the slot on the major unfolding is serious. Local formulations change more often than in any other region. Playmakers Esports formed a roster at the end of November, and they won a ticket to Bucharest from Infamous, with Jackie “EternaLEnVy” Mao, Enzo “Timado” Hyanoli and Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu on board.

For them to get to the minor is already an achievement, and at least one victory in the playoffs will be the ultimate dream. The composition may repeat the history of paiN Gaming, if it continues to hold on and grow together. But winning the first LAN tournament, where much more experienced opponents will perform, as well as playing big money and a slot on a major, is almost an unattainable goal for them.

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