The Sneaky goodbye: Legendary Cloud9 player is stepping down

The American League of Legends scene has been struggling with problems for a long time and cannot compete equally with the best regions in the world during international tournaments. There can be several reasons, but the most frequently mentioned is certainly the lack of young and prospective players who could bring a fair amount of freshness to the league. And although we would like to see new faces, each time the true legend of a given region decides to hang the mouse and keyboard on a stake, we begin to wonder if this is really a good step.

Last night, one of the most successful botlaners on the American scene decided to suspend his professional player’s career. Of course, we are talking here about Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, a long-term representative of Cloud9, who we will not see in the near future in the role of actively participating in any games. Not so long ago, Sneaky was replaced in C9 by Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen and did not have the slightest intention of fighting him for a place in the main formation, competing in the struggles intended for the academy. And although for some time Scuderi was associated with the transfer to the LCS Dignitas returning to the franchise, ultimately nothing happened, because in the end, wearing the yellow-black leotard in the 2020 season there will be a youngster — Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen.

So it’s no wonder that when Sneaky didn’t find a new home for himself in the 2020 most important league in North America, he decided to take a break and suspend his career for an indefinite period. The 25-year-old botlaner, however, does not intend to remain idle and step aside completely, because in the near future he will continue to work as an independent streamer, he will still be one of Cloud9’s shareholders, and in addition, he has assumed the position of advisor in the organization. For those who are worried that they will probably never see Scuderi again in professional LoL games, we have good news. Sneaky in his statement assured all fans that he still wants to compete, however, he wants to look around for the best option for a possible return.

We would like to remind you that the former Cloud9 botlaner has appeared on all editions of the LoL World Championships since the 2013 season. And although every year American teams significantly disappointed the expectations of lovers of the struggle, Sneaky and his companions repeatedly gave them reasons for joy. The C9 with Scuderi in the composition was able to be in the Worlds quarterfinals four times, and in 2018 it even reached the semi-finals, surprising all enthusiasts. In addition to international successes, Sneaky has also made several important trophies from NA LCS, including two championship titles.

YellOwStaR is back in the game! Legendary support will play in the French league

Just a few days ago we were informed about the merger between the LDLC and one of the most recognizable sports clubs in France — Olympique Lyon. As a result of the cooperation of both entities from now on in La Ligue Française, which is the most important League of Legends competition in France, we will no longer watch the LDLC Team, but LDLC OL. The first fruit of the popular club’s partnership with the esports organization is the return of legendary support player, Bora “YellOwStaRa” Kim, to active participation in the LFL.

YellOwStaR is without a doubt one of the most recognized and titled players of the European League of Legends scene. It was he who contributed to many of Fnatic’s successes in 2013-2015, among which we can distinguish the five-time European championship and twice reaching the World Championship semi-finals. Later, however, YellOwStaR’s career certainly did not go his way, because both joining TSM and subsequent return to Fnatic was not abound in glorious triumphs.

Later, however, YellOwStaR decided to accept the offer from Paris Saint-Germain, then working as an esports director and abandoning the player’s career. After all, after a year in PSG, Kim joined the LDLC Team, taking over the role of head coach of the formation participating in the French competition. Under the leadership of YellOwStaR, LDLC triumphed in both editions of LFL 2019, thanks to which it took part in the European Masters twice. There, however, the French players were unable to advance further than to the quarter-finals.

Kim will be joined by the jungler Kristian “TynX” Østergaard Hansen, previously of Movistar Riders and GamersOrigin. At the moment, no official information has been given about the rest of the LDLC OL lineup, so it’s difficult to assess whether this team will be a real threat to the already established and solid Misfits Premier or Vitality.Bee formations.




Legends of Runeterra open beta to start this January

During the closed beta, you didn’t have the opportunity to play Legends of Runeterra? Don’t worry — you will have the opportunity soon. And this time you will not need to follow the streams of Riot Games partners to gain access to LoR. The American studio announced the open beta of their card game, which will start in January, and more precisely on Friday, January 24.

In a short video published today on the game channel on YouTube, representatives of Riot Games responsible for the card game from the LoL universe, Jeff Jew and Andrew Yip stated that they initially intended to continue giving out invitations to the closed beta. However, after feedback from the community, it was clear to them that it would be better to share it with everyone. By the way, they told a bit about the functionalities that await players after gaining access to the game.

For those who want to get into the game as early as possible and test their skills against other players, we have good news. Ranked games will be launched already in the open beta phase, and their system will be similar to that available in LoL. By winning games we will be able to earn ranking points and after getting enough of them we will be promoted from the Iron circle to the Championship. The second similarity is the constant change of gameplay to prevent weariness — get ready to view the patch descriptions!

In addition to ranked games, we will also have the option to challenge your friends. And you won’t have to search for them again — thanks to LoL and LoR’s activities as games of the Riot Games brand, in the card game client you will find all the friends you also had on the list of the flagship American studio production.

The pain of many card games is the compulsion to spend real money to at least partially improve your deck. However, this will not be an issue in Legends of Runeterra — card packs will not be available for purchase. This does not mean, however, that there will be no store in LoR. For money, you will be able to purchase various visual enhancements, such as the appearance of your part of the playing field, or Guardians, i.e. your avatars in your game, sitting quietly next to the virtual table.

And what about the most important element of each card game, i.e. … cards? Jew and Yip announced that they will be introducing many sets to the game this year, each one dedicated to a different Runeterra region, but also adding heroes to other regions. “You will see popular items from each region, but it is possible that you will be pleasantly surprised by new heroes who will join Legends of Runeterra this year,” said Jeff Jew.

You can watch the whole video above. We remind you that the open beta will start on January 24, so it is less than two weeks until the launch. We can expect the official premiere of the game in the first half of this year, both on computers and mobile devices.

TFT will appear on mobile devices in the first half of 2020

In mid-October during a stream celebrating the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, Riot Games announced that both LoL and Teamfight Tactics will appear on mobile devices in the future. From that time, however, it remained unclear how widely this “future” should be considered. TFT chief designer Stephen “Riot Mort” Mortimer recently lifted a veil of secrecy.

During his Sunday stream, when he appeared as Santa Claus, he announced that Teamfight Tactics will be released in the first half of next year, and more precisely — before May 31, 2020. It is possible that Riot plans to link this date with the introduction of the third set — as long as the second, like the first, will last several months. The beta will be available in January, as Mort also mentioned.

At the moment these are the most accurate dates for the release of TFT on mobile devices.

For several months, the appearance of updates in League of Legends also means changes in Teamfight Tactics. It is no different in the case of the last patch marked with number 9.24b. It also introduces significant changes in TFT, and being more precise — numerous nerfs and several reinforcements.

Changes did not bypass entire groups of heroes, i.e. their classes and origins. As for classes, one of them had a nerf in its activity, and they are the Assassins. If you have three characters from this group on the battlefield, they will deal less critical damage than before, while their chance for crits remains unchanged. More modifications have already appeared in the origins — the Infernal ones have been improved while weakening the Electric and Shadow ones.

Nerf hammer also found its target in objects. There are not many of these modified ones, because there are only two, and both relate to the chance of activating a special effect of a given item. But if you are innately lucky person, you may not be affected by this change. In total, this also applies to extremely unlucky people.

If you want to be one of the first to try TFT on mobile, you can already pre-register via Google Play. iPhone owners still have to be patient, because Riot still has not released more information about the appearance of the game on devices with an apple in the logo.

Riot bringing changes to the EU Masters structure

In the last three editions of European Masters we watched the same format. The struggle was divided into two stages — in the first of them seven runners-up of the leading European regional leagues fought, and the three best formations advanced to the main tournament, where thirteen champions of all the regional cups were waiting. Next year, however, a change in this system awaits us — both in terms of placement and the number of participants.

First of all, in the next installment of the EU Masters, each of the regional leagues will send at least two representatives. At least, because in two ERLs (European Regional Leagues) the fight will be fought by three slots, but we will come back to it in a moment. However, a wider representation has a price — most of the regions that previously had only one team on EM lost their place in the main stage of the tournament. The exception is the Italian competition, because their champion will continue to fight in the main stage, but also the vice-champion of PG Nationals will perform at EU Masters.

As we have already mentioned, from now on two regions will now send as many as three participants to the European Masters. Those lucky are Spain and DACH, which is the area covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the next EU Masters, the two best teams from these ERLs will have a place in the group stage, and the bronze medalists will play in the play-in stage. The selection of these two leagues could have been influenced by the results of previous tournaments so far — the participants of LVP SuperLiga Orange in each installment reached at least the semi-finals, while the best Premier Tour teams did the same outside the first EM (but in the last tournament they both advanced to the semi-final).

In short, nothing has changed for the Polish Ultraliga. They will still send the two best formations of the leading Polish games to EM, and their winner will go straight to the group stage. The same applies to the struggles of the Nordic countries and the Balkans, and the aforementioned Italy also joined the group.

This is the deployment of teams from individual regions in EU Masters 2020 (and compared to the previous edition):

EU Masters in the 2020 season EU Masters 2019 Summer
Main tournament Play-in Main tournament Play-in
Spain 2 1 1 1
Germany, Austria, Switzerland 2 1 1 1
France 2 0 1 1
UK. Britain, Ireland 2 0 1 1
Poland 1 1 1 1
Nordic countries 1 1 1 1
Balkans 1 1 1 1
Italy 1 1 1 0
Greece 0 2 1 0
Portugal 0 2 1 0
Czech Republic Slovakia 0 2 1 0
Benelux 0 2 1 0
Baltic countries 0 2 1 0

Looking at the sum of the teams, you may have already noticed that the total number of teams in each stage, as well as the entire European Masters, will change. Next year, twelve formations will be promoted to the main stage, and not seven as before, but as many as sixteen teams will fight for the remaining places. We will have to wait until January 1 for more information on the new EU Masters format.

New origin, more characters coming to Teamfight Tactics

The last League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics patch appeared on the game servers a few days ago. This does not mean, however, that until the end of the year Riot Games awaits rest. Today, for example, the creators of LoL and TFT presented the new products that await us at the beginning of the next season in the second of the mentioned productions. We are talking about a new Origin, the Moon, and two new heroines — Leona and Karma.

Origin: the moon

The Moon is an Origin that players who enjoy long skirmishes in particular will be satisfied with. The longer it lasts, the stronger the heroes will be in the team with active Moonlight. The maximum buff will be obtained in the 28th second.

  • (2) – Every seven seconds your team gains a 20% chance of critical hit, 20% to critical damage and 20% to spell power (stacks up to 4 times).


Leona will be a tough character, just like in League of Legends (who would have thought!). Thanks to her defensive abilities, the chances of stacking more Moon charges will be even greater.

  • Skin: Lunar eclipse ( view )
  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Origin: the moon
  • Class: Sentry
  • Skill: Leona eclipse reduces all damage by 35/70/105 points for five seconds.


Although we can often experience Karma in the middle lane at Summoner’s Rift, in Convergence it will already play the role of a typical supporter. In addition to providing a shield to her nearest companion, she will also increase their attack speed.

  • Skin: Dawn Harbinger ( more )
  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Origin: the moon
  • Class: Mystic
  • Skill: Inspiration – At the beginning of the fight, Karma bonds with the closest ally and shields him (or a random ally if the original ally is killed) for five seconds, absorbing another 200/350/500 damage points. When the shield is active, the ally receives an attack speed bonus of 50/70/100 percent.

We will have to wait until patch 10.1 for these debuts on the official game servers. However, if you have access to Public Beta Environment servers, you can test these new products starting tomorrow. For more information on the origin of the moon and two new heroines in Teamfight Tactics, please click here.