It’s the final countdown: Titans clash in the last week of LEC

It’s the final countdown: Titans clash in the last week of LEC

During the last week of the League of Legends European Championship 2019 Spring we are bound for an amazing battle where G2 Esports will face the amazing Fnatic.

The meetings of these two formations have always chilled the blood of fans of the European League of Legends and this time we are promised a wonderful spectacle once again.

G2 Esports became the first team in Europe to secure their playoff spot and now they have a free ticket straight to the semi-finals. Other teams with a playoff spot are Origen, Splyce, and Team Vitality, but it’s not the right time to relax either — everyone wants to skip the first round of playoffs.

With the final LEC Spring Split week now upon us, we take a look at teams worth following this week.

At the beginning of today’s competition Misfits Gaming will face off against Splyce. For both teams it is basically a match for everything. Steven “Hans sama” Liv and colleagues are now one spot behind the sixth place, so in the event of a possible defeat they will practically lose any chances of getting to the playoffs. The issue of entering the playoffs does not depend solely on them, because they also have to count on FC Schalke 04’s poor disposition.

Splyce, admittedly, has a place in the top six, but are still caught in a bitter battle for the second position in the table, which would guarantee participation in the second round of playoffs. So we can expect a very fierce spectacle, in which each player will give an absolute hundred percent.

Our pick: Splyce (place your bets here)

SK Gaming after two defeats in the eighth week found itself in an extremely difficult position. It is true that today’s match should be easy for the players of this formation, but in the next match with Team Vitality they will not be favorites.

After all, they still have mathematical chances for promotion to playoffs, which is why they will not allow themselves to waste this victory. All the signs in the sky and the earth indicate that it will be a free shot for Selfmade and colleagues. Sorry Rogue, but you haven’t shown anything this split that would make anyone think otherwise.

Our pick: SK Gaming (place your bets here)

This is the meeting that all fans of the European Legend League are waiting for. It is true that Fnatic is much lower in the table than its rivals, however, world runners-up have not lost a single match for several weeks. G2 Esports will play this game without their main support — Miky “Mikyx” Mehlego, who due to injury will not enter this matchup on the Berlin stage. His substitute, Hampus “promisq” Abrahamsson, is not considered one of the best supports in the Old Continent, and besides, he did not have much time to get used to the environment and the team.

In addition, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the company are guaranteed victory in the regular season, which is why they have basically nothing to play for, except for a vague sense of pride. It gives Fnatic a good chance, who are still not secured in the top six.

Our pick: Fnatic (place your bets here)

This is another match this week with not much on the line. Team Vitality are behind G2 Esports, and Origen and Splyce caught up with them in the rankings — the teams Vitality are fighting with for a second place in the table.

However, that’s not the only problem for the team, because Fnatic lurks behind them, waiting to use the possible mistake of their rivals. In such a meeting there is no place for a mistake, especially that tomorrow the team will be facing SK Gaming in the battle for promotion to playoffs.

With Vitality having nothing to lose and Excel showing underwhelming results throughout the split, the result of tonight’s match should be predictable.

Our pick: Vitality (place your bets here)

FC Schalke 04, despite the victory against Misfits Gaming in the previous week, still haven’t guaranteed their promotion to the playoffs. Thanks to that win, Elias “Upset” Lipp and colleagues are still in a much better position than the rivals behind them, namely SK and Misfits. However, the representatives of the German sports club are not the favorites in this match, because the last few games Origen simply looked that much better.

Nukeduck’s team have no place for failure either, since their squad is still fighting against Vitality and Splyce for second place in the table, which guarantees a huge advantage over the other four formations taking part in the playoffs.

Our pick: Origen (place your bets here)

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Decisive clashes in LEC: The penultimate queue of struggles begins

Decisive clashes in LEC: The penultimate queue of struggles begins

The eighth week of the League of Legends European Championship can show us the first team to secure a place in the second round of playoffs. Of course, I am talking about G2 Esports, who only need a victory against Splyce to find themselves in this phase.

In good situation are also Team Vitality players, who occupy the second place in the table, and today they are facing a match with theoretically the weakest team in the league, namely with Rogue.

These and more matches will happen in LEC this weekend. For those looking to up the stakes a little and place a bet on these games — we’ve got you covered. Here’s who we are betting on this weekend.

Recently, Splyce look very good. At this point, the Snakes are in third place, but it is not safe at all. Behind their backs there are four formations that are still in the running for the first six spots. And they’re ready to fight to the last drop of blood.

G2 Esports may be already calm because they have the advantage of four wins over the third place, thanks to which one triumph is enough to guarantee them at least second place at the end of the season. In addition to Vitality, only Origen and Splyce have the chance to catch up with the European superteam, assuming they don’t stumble even once.

Our pick: G2 Esports (place your bets here)

FC Schalke 04 after a somewhat good start of the season slightly decreased in their level in the last few weeks. The disposition of Elias “Upset” Lipp and colleagues in previous queues left much to be desired, which led them to the fifth place. Apart from them, three other teams sit with a scoreline of 7-7 — Fnatic, SK Gaming and Misfits Gaming. Which is why, starting today, there is no place for a possible failure anymore.

Even more so that EXCEL players basically fight only for their honor at this point, because they will definitely end the season on the ninth or tenth place. Despite the victory over SK and quite a good disposition in the clash with Misfits, Ki “Expect” Dae-han and the rest were not able to stay in the fight for the top six. It is worth mentioning that today we will see Patryk “Mystiques” Piórkowski in the colors of EXCEL, who will make his debut in the highest European league.

Our pick: Schalke 04 (place your bets here)

This is an incredibly important clash for both teams. Origen is now in a better position because it has one advantage over today’s rival. Both formations in the last weeks showed a very good form and they remain the only of the two teams that were able to suppress G2 Esports this split.

SK Gaming did it in the last week after a terrible early game phase. Competitors of this team are respected for the fact that they managed to come back after such a tragic beginning, but it must be admitted that G2 made basic mistakes, which is why it can be said that Origen won against the leaders in a more convincing fashion.

It is true that since that time a few weeks have passed, however, the form of Origen in the previous games was also phenomenal, because they managed to defeat two teams from the very top of the leaderboards, namely Splyce and Vitality.

Our pick: Origen (place your bets here)

This match can basically be compared to the clash of Schalke with EXCEL. Here, too, we have a clear favorite and a team that has no chance for promotion to playoffs.

Rogue, after the change of two players, won two matches, however, there is no way to enter the knockout phase anymore. Therefore, Oskar “Vander” Bogdan and Finn “Finn” Wiestal returned to the composition playing in Ultraleague. Toplaner and support will help their colleagues win the Polish league and possibly fight in the European Masters — that seems to be a priority for Rogue right now.

Team Vitality now has a fairly secure advantage over its rivals. Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński and colleagues aren’t going to settle on the Top 6 placement either, because the real goal is to enter the second round of playoffs. However, this will not be an easy task, because the players from Origen and Splyce stomp on them right now.

Our pick: Vitality (place your bets here)

At the end of the day we will witness the most interesting duel, because both teams have seven defeats and seven wins at the moment. Although the position in the table is so even, Fnatic seems to be a significant favorite of this match.

This is due to the fact that World Vice-Champions have recently found an amazing form. Since the introduction of patch 9.3 and the change of the marksmen, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson feels very confident and carries his team on the shoulders once again, just like a year ago. Thanks to this, Mads “Broxah” Brock Pedersen has more opportunities to support companions and plays fantastically.

Misfits Gaming’s disposition is a real lottery. In one game, Rabbits will manage to play amazingly and dominate the bottom lane from the very beginning, and in the second one they will lose miserably. It is difficult to say which Misfits will show up today.

Our pick: Fnatic (place your bets here)

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Who are we betting on in today’s LEC games

Who are we betting on in today’s LEC games

The battle of the Polish junglers, a long-awaited rematch between Upset and Rekkles, and a fight for survival continues. It’s the hottest matches of the weekend in League of Legends!

The form of both formations in recent weeks was not amazing. It is true that at some point it seemed that the team of Erlend “Nukeduck” Vatevika Holma will be able to return to the game for the highest laurels, however, during the previous round they lost both of their games. For this reason, players are currently on the verge of promotion to playoffs. Splyce won over Rogue, thanks to which they were promoted to the fourth place in the table.

In the first duel of these teams, Splyce proved to be better, which may be a good prognosis for them. A lot depends on the midlaner Humanoid, whose form is very uneven this season. Sometimes he happens to carry his team on his back, and sometimes he puts logs under his feet.

SK Gaming is doing surprisingly well in recent times. At the beginning of the season, it seemed that the playoff phase was a virtually unreal goal, but now Selfmade and colleagues have returned to the fight. In the previous three rounds SK players lost only to Misfits Gaming, with whom they are fighting for fifth place at the moment. Apart from that, Fnatic also remain in the fight for the playoffs, which is why the triumph in today’s clash is a duty for the Selfmade’s team.

It is worth mentioning that on the stage behind SK players this week will be another person than before. Of course, I am talking about Andrei “Realistik” Ruse, who until now was the main analyst. The coach of the team, Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal, announced that he will continue to play his role, although the players have a better chance of success with Realistik behind them.

EXCEL is one of the two weakest formations in the entire league at the moment, so you should not expect any surprise in this match. The last six duels of this team are only defeats, which means that they don’t have a better chance to enter the knockout phase.

This is definitely one of the most interesting duels tonight. In the last week Misfits Gaming presented itself very well and won both of their matches. Steven “Hans sama” Liv and colleagues after a series of weaker weeks have finally been able to break through, thanks to which they still count in the race for the playoffs. It should be emphasized that the Rabbits measured against the players of Origen and SK Gaming, which previously were doing great.It seems that the change of coach has left Misfits for good and players will be able to get back into shape from the first weeks.

Standing on the other side of the barricade, Team Vitality, last week won against Splyce, but could not cope with Fnatic. Two defeats for Schalke 04, however, allowed Splyce to secure a second place in the league. Despite this difference on the leaderboard between the teams in today’s duel, there is no clear favorite and a lot will depend on the clash on the bottom lane, where Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho will take on Steven “Hans sama” Liva. The form of both marksmen is reminiscent of a sine wave this season and we do not know what to expect from them.

In contrast to the previous battle, the favorite in this meeting is unambiguous. Any result other than the G2 Esports victory will be a huge surprise. In the previous duel of both teams, Worlds semi-finalists turned out to be much better. Since that match, Rogue have changed a lot, so we can expect that Kikis and colleagues will put up any resistance against their rivals.

For sure it will not be an easy task, because the Jankos’ team is definitely the best in Europe at the moment. G2 players complement each other perfectly, and the strongest point of the whole formation is Rasmus “Caps” Winther. It’s true that the rest of the team is able to win matches when the Dane does not present a great form, but then the victories are not that fast and impressive.

At the end of the day we will be able to watch an incredibly interesting duel. Looking at the league table, it may seem that Schalke 04 is a clear favorite in this match, but the reality is different. Over the past week, representatives of the German football club have not won a single meeting, which is why they had to hand over the second position on the leaderboard to Team Vitality.

Fnatic after the terrible first weeks caught an amazing form. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is especially well presented, who did not show up for the first few games. It seems, however, that the changes of marksmen gave him a lot of self-confidence and the Swede remembered the times of splendor. The legendary marksman will today have to rise to the heights of his abilities, if he wants to keep Fnatic’s hopes for the playoffs alive.

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A race for the playoffs: the sixth week of LEC

A race for the playoffs: the sixth week of LEC

The fight for the highly coveted playoff spots in Europe is in full swing but anyone can still show up. At least on paper. A review of the sixth week of LEC.

Result: 0-2

XL wanted to get a little away from the bottom of the leaderboads, so this week they decided to surprise with Caedrel in the match against Rogue with the Urgot pick to jungle. It came as a surprise, but obviously not in the way that exceL was expecting (spoiler: the pick did not justify itself).

He tried to save the situation with Expect on Yorick and maybe he would have succeeded if the team gave him the opportunity to splitpush. Instead, he was forced to stay with everyone, which did not have the best effect and was one of the reasons for the defeat.

Anyway, apart from Expect there are no bright players in exceL. KaSing is no longer the same as in Splyce, Caedrel is not performing at the proper level, but at least they are trying. But the main problem here is that the team does not have a carry — neither Special nor Jeskla can fight with more powerful players.

Now for them, only the last place in the standings is available, from which they can observe how the stronger teams compete for a place in the playoffs.

Their games for the next week:

XL (2.80) vs SK Gaming (1.45)

XL (3.30) vs Misfits (1.44)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Schalke 04
Result: 0-2

Despite a fairly high position in the overall ranking immediately after Vitality, Schalke 04 is showing more and more weaknesses every week. Abbedagge, who already won first place in solo deaths before 15 minutes, in the first match of the first day against G2 was completely ineffective. Lissandra’s ultimate was supposed to be a tool to make their team-fights work in favor of S04, but the German midlaner simply did not have time to press the buttons.

The star Upset on Ezreal did not show a good performance due to the strong G2 snowball and the passivity of his team: yet, Ezrael is far from being a character who can carry with Jace’s damage.

Team’s fans aren’t happy with the performance of Memento either. He could have made mistakes before, but in the match against SK gaming, they led the team to defeat. At first, he confused the buttons and, at the key moment, used Stopwatch, leaving Abbedagge to die in a 1v2 fight, then, in the later stages, he jumped on the blastcone directly to the enemies. He survived, but his teammates died in an unnecessary fight. In the end couldn’t take Nashor.

Odoamne on Urgot did his best to pull the team out of this distressful situation, but the weight of the jungler’s mistakes was too great even for him. If nothing is fixed, then with such a game you can forget about the coveted playoff spot.

Their games for the next week:

S04 (2.17) vs Fnatic (1.70)

S04 (1.86) vs Splyce (1.95)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Result: 0-2

After such a beautiful victory over G2, the team was waiting for better results and a rise in the ranking, but this week they did not look as strong. In the game against Fnatic, everything went wrong: they lost lanes, the execution, the control of the card.

When in 28 minutes of the game the only kills in the team are your support, it’s a clear signal that everything is bad. Kold on Nunu could only take the Nashor once, but that did not help the team at all when they needed it.

Against Misfits, the team looked better, but Origen’s midgame began to sink. Glittering at the end of the fifth week, Nukeduck looked mediocre this time. And when the mid didn’t drag the team, there’s still hope for Patrik, but even here OG failed: AD Carry simply couldn’t do damage without a strong frontline. A very sad week, after which Origen needs to seriously work on their mistakes.

Their games for the next week:

OG (1.81) vs Splyce (2.02)

OG (2.31) vs Vitality (1.62)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Result: 1-1

Changes last week worked out well for the team, but did not deprive it of irresistible craving for senseless fights. Sencux is proving with all its might that he is a solid midlanet — starting a game well, he makes more and more mistakes in the later stages, when the stakes get too high.

The marksman HeaQ is not taking the best example from his midlaner, flashing straight into the face of the enemy or getting up at a disadvantageous position on the map.

And if against excel, these mistakes did not affect the outcome of the match, then against Splyce, luck did not work out — this team is too strong to leave mistakes unpunished. And although the week was not as disastrous as that of other teams, Rogue’s playoffs hopes should be forgotten, unless, of course, they drastically tighten their game to at least the level of Misfits.

Their games for the next week:

Rogue (5.60) vs G2 esports (1.15)

Rogue (3.10) vs Fnatic (1.48)

You can place a bet on the games here.

SK Gaming
Result: 1-1

Weeks go by, and SK Gaming still depend on Selfmade. He is the only one of the entire team consistently showing good results, but this is clearly not the way to success. Sometimes Werlyb helps him, but the Spanish toplaner is so inconstant that it’s too dangerous to hope for him.

In the match against Misfits, Selfmade played literally 1v9, but even so he kept the team afloat for 43 long minutes, despite a monstrous deficit in gold.

In the game with Schalke 04, the mistakes of the opponents played a big role. Then Werlyb woke up and finally began to fuss on the sidelines for Yorick, paving the path for Selfmade to lead them to victory. However, can this go on forever? It is unlikely that the jungler alone will be able to drag the team into the playoffs.

Their games for the next week:

SK (1.45) vs exceL (2.80)

SK (4.00) vs G2 (1.25)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Result: 1-1

Located at the top of the standings, Splyce is still at risk. Already the sixth week, and Humanoid still cannot show a bright performance at the level of the top midlaner. All responsibility falls on the shoulders of Kobbe and Vizicsacsi, but even they are not all-powerful when the team meets with serious opponents.

In addition, the Splyce toplaner fell ill this week even before game days, but insisted on performing in the first match. As a result, after the defeat against Vitality, Vizicsacsi became worse, and in the game against Rogue, Orome, who plays for Splyce Vipers, took his place.

Substitution paid off, and in his debut on the LEC stage, he showed a brilliant performance on Atrox, having previously played only two training matches with the team. But nevertheless the level of opponents is not so great, which means that the question remains: can a young toplaner show the same skill against stronger opponents if Vizicsacsi does not recover until next week?

Their games for the next week:

SPY (2.02) vs Origen (1.81)

SPY (1.95) vs Schalke04 (1.85)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Result: 1-1

Vitality trying to play in their own style — as aggressive as possible, but not reckless. The best formula for success for them is to put Jiizuke on some powerful killer (like Ecko or Fizz), and then wait for him to accumulate enough items to midgame. Against Splyce, this strategy worked as well as possible, as did the Vizicsacsi focus on the top, who was clearly out of shape on the day of the performance.

With Fnatic the scheme was about the same, only the performance let us down. While Jiizuke and Cabochard put pressure on their lanes, the Vitality botlane cannot withstand a combo of Rekkles and Hylissang. The magic style of the elder dragon Jactroll on Tahm Kench could have been victorious, but in the team fights VIT were much weaker than Fnatic.

Aggression is aggression, but they still have to work on fights and backup plans to protect their place at the top of the table.

Their games for the next week:

VIT (1.81) vs Misfits (2.23)

VIT (1.62) vs Origen (2.31)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Result: 2-0

Misfits really want to get to the playoffs, and for this they have done a lot of work on their mistakes. Febiven finally began to play and drove over the enemies of his Irelia and Oriana. sOAZ came out of hibernation, in both games creating a constant threat not only in team fights, but also on sidelanes. Even Maxlore took on the role of the support-jungler, playing on Sejuani and Yvernet, and ceased to be a weak link. For once.

But even with such positive changes, Misfits still look uncertain. Yes, they were able to beat both rivals this week, but both games went for 40 minutes. And on the first day against SK Gaming, they could not finish even with a big gold advantage for a long time.

Against Origen they were saved first of all by the mistakes of their rivals and only then by the correct positioning. If the team still wants to fight for the slot in the playoffs, they need to think more clearly about the plans for the game and work out their execution.

Their games for the next week:

MSF (2.23) vs Vitality (1.81)

MSF (1.44) vs exceL (3.30)

You can place a bet on the games here.

Result: 2-0

Having started the split with disastrous results, Fnatic seems to have found a way to solve their problems. In the game against Origen, the result of a competent and aggressive early game with dives under the tower at level 2 became absolute domination. They even could afford a small BM, because the risk of losing was still negligible.

Due to the inconstancy of Bwipo, the team began to play completely around the bottom of the map, trying to bring Rekkles and Nemesis forward, and so far it works.

Against Vitality, not everything turned out so smoothly. Having lost the bot, VIT concentrated their attention on the top and mid, which is why both lanes of Fnatic sagged. Bwipo nevertheless took the decisive barons, but the lost contest of the elder dragon almost turned into a disaster: Jactroll could pick up the object just by licking it with Tahm Kench.

As the jungler asserted at the end of the show, he was accustomed to measured infusion of damage to objects and such a sharp boost from the team knocked him out of a rut. A similar situation happened in the match against Origen, where Broxah missed one of the barons, losing to Kold, but there it was not so critical. That remains a noticeable weak point for the team, over which they have yet to work until next week, if they want to get into the playoffs.

Their games for the next week:

FNC (1.70) vs Schalke 04 (2.17)

FNC (1.48) vs Rogue (3.10)

You can place a bet on the games here.

G2 esports
Result: 2-0

Following the results of this week, G2 are the only team that defended its place in the playoffs, losing only one game against Origen in the fifth week. Playing around the mistakes of their rivals, they were able to play a game against Schalke 04, quickly ending it in 23 minutes. However, even bright performances by Caps and PerkZ can not hide the raw edges of the team, which are becoming more noticeable.

The plan for the early game, the mistakes of rivals and a pinch of luck — these are the components of their victories. But if at least one element disappears, then G2 no longer looks like such titans. That we were shown by Origen a week earlier.

Of course, they have already received a ticket to the playoffs and can play the split quietly, but if G2 wants to win the split, they need to stop hoping that someone from the team will definitely carry them to the win.

Their games for the next week:

G2 (1.15) vs Rogue (5.60)

G2 (1.25) vs SK gaming (4.00) 

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Trianna: “I was very surprised that there are people who root for us”

Trianna: “I was very surprised that there are people who root for us”

Vaevictis shocked everyone earlier this year after the announcement that their new roster in the Continental League (LCL) will feature a fully female roster. Team’s ADC Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova talked about her first experiences with the new team.

The big announcement has immidiately divided the community into skeptics, who believe that girls will face failure, and enthusiasts, who supported the idea and stood behind it.

The first games for the all female team were less than successful — Vaevictis suffered defeat in all three of their games so far, facing the best teams in the region. But according to team’s marksman, the girls weren’t aiming for the top spots in the first place.

Vaevictis AD Carry Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova talked about her story of joining League of Legends, the mood for the upcoming split, about her dream opponent, chances against other ADCs in the region and much more.

Hi, Ksenia. Tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you start playing League of Legends?

I met League of Legends almost 9 years ago. I played with friends some World of Warcraft, and when we got together again, they sat in Skype and discussed another game, then gradually they started to go to WoW less and less, but I didn’t want to lose contact with them, and I asked: “What are you playing?”.

And then they gave a link to the client, and together we started playing on the NA server, with 999 ping (laughs).

Is this your first experience performing on a similar scale? Is the team nervous?

Of course the first one. Everyone is worried, but there’s no panic among the girls, we’ll just play our game and try to only get better with each tournament week.

What can you tell about the team, how are the girls set up, what do you say about your level of the game?

We are staying positive. The level of the game with us, of course, is not very high so far. Especially with respect to the players of the Continental League, but I believe that if you work very hard, the level of playing will rise.

You are the first fully female compositions in the history of professional League of Legends. Feel any burden of responsibility?

I do, but in reality I still do not understand what is happening. The girls, I think, are as well. So there is no strong pressure.

What are your expectations? What is the minimum and what is the maximum?

The minimum task is not to give up the game before 30 minutes, the maximum task is to win, of course.

Like ADC, who would you like to meet on the lane?

There is one, but he does not play in our region. But maybe I can still meet him in the game in some publicity stunt (laughs).

Is it Martin “Rekkles” Larsson?

Damn, I guess (laughs).

Do you think you can play as an equal against Blatsing, Unho1y and Lodik?

A bot is a lane about two players, everything is in our hands with our support. But to say “on equal terms” is a bit much.

You will be closely monitored by the entire community. Worried about this?

When I was still a LoL manager in 2017, I always told the guys that I couldn’t even imagine how they could sit quietly on the stage, play calmly and not worry. This moment will knock me out of my comfort zone very much, but I will have time to get used to it.

Do you want to say something for your fans?

I was very surprised that, despite the many negative comments, there are still people who root for us, this is a direct shock. I want to tell all of them that we really have little chance, but after the first week we will build our training schedule and begin to train in full force. I believe that by the end of the split, we will perform much better than at the beginning. Thanks again for staying with us.


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Slow and steady: the fourth week of LEC

Slow and steady: the fourth week of LEC

The continued failures of Fnatic, disappointing Misfits, unstoppable G2 esports and predictable Rogue — it’s the fourth week of LEC in review.

Stats of the week

One of the main questions of this season is what will happen sooner: the loss of G2 or the victory of Rogue? The probabilities of both events are extremely small, but the first seems almost impossible. If you look at the statistics of all the LEC players, then we will see that on every role, the G2 representative are the best at the moment per minute. And Mikyx, for example, on average does as much damage as Fnatic’s Broxah.

The “damage per minute” stat leaderboard looked as follows:

1. Perkz ADC 750

2. UpseT ADC 571

3. Caps MID 570

4. Kobbe ADC 570

5. Wunder TOP 557

The statistics of Perkz, the leader in this indicator among all players of the championship, looks awful for opponents. He inflicts on his opponent 750 damage every minute, while his main pursuer Upset is only 517. And these are the numbers of the person who plays the first season in a new position and still does not fully understand how to correctly stand the line. While G2 does not have any problems in the early stage of the game, their shooter can play aggressively in any position — in Europe there is no one to punish him and take the whole game, and not just the line.

Progress of the week

Three teams managed to win both of their games this week. Nobody doubted G2, but Splyce and Origen were surprises. The first after the failure of the two meetings were able to return life to their players, especially in Kobbe, and won two games in a row, once again adhering to their favorite tactics:

1. Win in the early game
2. Do nothing
3. Wait for late game for Kobbe to collect all 6 items.
4. ???

The plan does not look perfect, but the winners are not judged. As long as Kobbe is fine, it will work.

Origen, on the other hand, was able to breathe life into Mithy, after which he demonstrated the level of one of the best EU support players for two whole games. If the victory over Rogue shows only that you are stronger than the random set of players from solo, then winning against Schalke is already a sign that the xPeke and Deficio teams are on the right track.

The entire Origen lineup began to play better: Alphari remembered that he could press the buttons at a level above the average, Kold partially rehabilitated and looked like a jungler who does not want to fly out of the league after this split, Patrik found his comfortable picks, and there were no special complaints to Nukeduck — his level is undeniable.

All in all, all these improvements became possible due to the efforts of the coaches and the shotcalling from Mithy, which gave Origen an early advantage due to timely roams. This team has a hidden potential, and only now they began to use it for the number of percent close to a hundred.

Fnatic’s mistakes

Fnatic’s suffering continues, despite their former results. No one has lost as quickly as the boys in orange lost to G2 in one of the main matches of the week. The problems are obvious both for the coach Youngbuck, and for all the team members — Fnatic are terrible in the early stages of the game, and in this environment, the victory in the early game is almost equal to the victory in the game. Instead of picking early game champions, we often see 3 losing lanes in their draft, which are aimed at the late game instead, which leads to the majority of defeats.

Youngbuck himself says that he is weak in learning the early game, and will develop in this component with the team. But Fnatic is not the best place for such experiments, because after the World Cup final, the expectations for the team are extremely high (or at least were).

Winter management mistakes hit the team critically. Whether it was worth letting head coach Dylan Falco go, and getting Youngbuck instead, is a big question that will be answered by the table after the four weeks of LEC. Dylan with a less talented roster in Schalke 04 is in second place, and Fnatic — in second from the end.

Rekkles on the stream voiced the opinion that Caps saw the Fnatic problems hidden from the fans and the lack of opportunities to solve them, so he went to G2 to win. Now it is already obvious that for him this turned out to be unconditionally the best decision that could be made.

Best team of the week — G2

Continue to speed through the LEC. Riot should allow more than 5 champions against G2 to be banned so that at least someone in Europe can beat them. Not only that individually each their player enters the tops of the best in their positions, it is still impossible to predict what they will play in each new match.

So far, the G2 level leaves only two intrigues: will they be able to arrange the perfect split with a score of 18-0, and how they will look on the international stage? If Perkz again doesn’t eat Korean snacks and approaches the game on the line more consciously, then the EU dream team will be able to resist the Chinese teams and robots from Griffin.

Worst Team of the Week — Misfits

Marked with the “Super team” stamp, the Misfits crumbled too quickly. Their in-game communication suffers, which significantly slows their development. Gorilla and Hans Sama no longer look so impressive as at the beginning of the season. After a great start, the Korean support seemed to lose all of his motivation, losing the whole game on his own mistakes. And it’s not necessary to talk about their synergy with Maxlore — why discuss what is not there.

Teammfight in the middle of the game with Splyce is indicative, when Maxlore, Soaz and Gorilla could not synchronize their actions, separately initiated the battle and gave all the advantage away. With this teamwork, the Misfits are infinitely far from the struggle for the Top 2 in the Spring Split.

Best Player of the Week — Caps

The main talent of Europe continues to destroy as once again the opponents forget to ban his Akali. All Jizuke had to do was helplessly raise his hands up. Against Duo Caps and Jankos, no one has yet emerged victorious, their interaction is now immaculate. Wunder said that after they picked Akali, whom he hadn’t played for a long time, because he knew that Caps would keep them closed. Confidence rolls over, but when you have collected such talents, you can not call it unjustified.

The game against Fnatic was quite simple. Jankos helped a little in the early game, and after Caps on Zoe, he was unstoppable, hit all the skill shots, did impressive damage, killed Nemesis solo, forcing Fnatic to be sad once again. A great week for the Danish G2 midlaner.

Worst player of the week — Gorilla

Gorilla’s frustration can be compared to Piglet’s initial disappointment with Team Liquid. Legendary Korean players often face difficulties outside their home region and without compatriots in the team, but Gorilla already has so much experience from various tournaments that the least problems were expected of him. This week he is directly responsible for the defeats of the Misfits.

Picking Tam Kench simply buried Hans Sama against the Blitzkrank — instead of saving him from the hook, Gorilla, on the contrary, was dragging his shooter straight into the enemy team. At first glance, this is a random error, but in the second game, the Korean support also gave up the early game on the bottom lane, just by not pressing the flash in a simple situation. This is no longer an accident, but a pattern. Gorilla and Hans Sama, like the rest of the Misfits, are sorely lacking in synergy.

Games not to miss this week:

G2 [1.48] – Misfits [3.05] (Feb 15, 22:00 CET)

Schalke 04 [1.99] – Team Vitality [2.01] (Feb 16, 19:00 CET)

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