VALORANT release date, price tag, and more

As per earlier leaks, this morning the American studio Riot Games flooded us with information about their first game in the genre of First Person Shooter. The title, which until now was called Project A, will now be called VALORANT. The creators also revealed further details.

It is certain that the game will take place in teams of 5, and the producers themselves characterize VALORANT as a shooter based on various characters. The competition on each map will take place in the MR12 system, i.e. up to 13 rounds won by a given team, i.e. it will probably be shorter than in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where the MR15 rule applies (up to 16 rounds won).

As was known before, in VALORANT players choose heroes, and each of them will have a different set of skills, but accurate shooting is to be the most important aspect. According to Twitter user Slasher, eight characters are initially expected to be available: Sage, Cypher, Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Viper, Sova and Omen. However, it can be assumed that this group will grow over time.

VALORANT is also to offer a lot of different weapons, which seems to confirm the trailer published today, in which we can see the following buying menu.

From the beginning, Riot intends to counteract all people who will want to cheat in the game by introducing appropriate anti-social security measures. The developers clearly care about the players’ comfort, which is also indicated by the fact that they have already announced the presence of 128 tickrate servers, which Valve has been asked for for a long time from those who play matchmaking in CS:GO.

VALORANT will be a free game, and the manufacturer ensures that thanks to the appropriate optimization, everyone will be able to enjoy the game, even those whose equipment is not the latest. The premiere of the PC game in most regions of the world is scheduled for summer 2020.

Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the gameplay presented today, which comes from the alpha version of the game.

We are headed to space in the third Teamfight Tactics set

After several months of applying Rise of the Elements to Teamfight Tactics, it was time for change. This time, Riot Games will take us on an intergalactic journey, which will bring us new character classes and their origin, unprecedented mechanics and refreshed graphics.

With the departure of RotE, we will also say goodbye to hexes fortified with the element. This does not mean that Riot was not happy with the changes implemented in November. The Hexes have fulfilled their task to a large extent, but they did not introduce as much difference in the approach to the game as the team working on TFT would like. Therefore, with the advent of Galatyks, some games will be played on unprecedented rules. So far two of them have been disclosed.

The game can take us to the Neekowersum, which will mean that each player at the start will receive two copies of the item Help Neeko, which allows you to clone the basic version of the unit. In the second scenario, the first carousel will contain only category 4 heroes. As many as 10 such scenarios are to be available at its peak, so we are waiting for their disclosure.

So far, we’ve met three new unit origin tags. These are Star Guardians who will grant the rest of this type of character mana points after their spell, Cybernetic players who will receive additional attack damage and health if equipped with the item, as well as Mech Pilots who will connect at the start of each fight into the cosmic machine of destruction.

New (and older) character classes are also known. Mages will increase their ability power, Sword Masters will have the chance to perform an additional attack on hit, and the Destroyers will stun enemies with each spell cast.

The developers’ blog also reveals several other classes and origins, but does not explain their operation. We can therefore only speculate on the basis of the name in which direction the changes are going.

  • Classes:  Infiltrator, Destroyer, Initiator, Mana Thief (although it can also be of origin).
  • Origin:  Astral, Chrono, Rebel, Valkyrie.

This is all the information disclosed so far. We have to wait for more details until the end of the week.

Top lane changes in the Patch 10.5

Over the past few months, many League of Legends players have complained about the lack of influence of the top lane’s players the whole team’s game. In patch 10.5 Riot Games will finally go about it and by strengthening several items it may make it possible to carry from the top. In addition, the developers decided to hit the support lightly.

In the case of the upper alley, the changes will hit both Bloodthirster and the Colossal Hydra. At the moment, however, we have no information as to exactly what will be refined. In addition, the Blade of the Ruined King will be strengthened, but only for melee characters. In addition, such champions will deal more damage to the turret armor, thanks to which they will gain gold a little faster after pushing the wave.

When it comes to changes for supports, one of them is the nerf of Mobility Shoes. We know very well that the rotation with them was much easier and this change is targeted precisely at the supports. In addition, Spell Thief’s Blade and Phantom Shield will only work if an ally is next to us. This is due to situations in which Sona or another supporting character was sent to the solo lane and instead of farming, he would slap his rival and get gold. This change will not be possible after the change.

The most important of these character changes will be Ornn and Sett’s nerf. We’ve seen both champions at 10.3 very often, and the first one after the Sunfold Cape changes to 10.4 will probably be chosen in Europe every game. Amumu, Bard, Blitzcrank and Rammus will also be weakened. When it comes to reinforcements, two popular marksmen may be back in the game. While Kai’Sa was seen in LoL’s professional rivalry, hardly anyone decided on Sivir for a long time. Now perhaps both shooters will return to the runeterra.

In addition, Riot also decided that the changes that Sona received were exaggerated and now developers will restore some of its statistics. In addition, Kayn, Graves, Lissandra, Neeko, Twisted Fate and Alistar players can also enjoy.

In the current patch, the game developers have tried to introduce several new heroes to the jungle, so that players from the lower divisions are more likely to decide to play in this position. Still, some of these changes were not enough, so Darius, Brand, Mordekaiser and Poppy will get more buffs.

These are all the changes planned for the next League of Legends patch. More details will be available soon.

Pobelter returns to the LCS with a CLG move

After a terrible beginning of the spring split of the League of Legends Championship Series, the CLG management decided to try to save the situation. To this end, they brought in Eugene “Pobelter” Park to the composition, who ended his brief cooperation with Team Liquid.

For the 23-year-old, this is a return to the old basket, because he has already had the opportunity to perform under the flag of the North American organization between May and November of 2015, reaching with them even the championship title in the summer edition of NA LCS 2015 and promotion to Worlds. However, for some time Park was out of the game, because in December of last year he decided to get involved with Liquid, where he served in a coach position and substituted for Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen, whose appearance in the first weeks of the season was uncertain due to visa problems.

Ultimately, however, Pobelter could focus only on training work, because temporarily the place of the Dane was taken by Shern “Shernfire” Cherng Tai from the academy roster.

Despite this, the American will still be performing in the ongoing edition of the competition, but now under the flag of CLG. Already in the upcoming weekend, during which the team will face Cloud9 and FlyQuest, he will jump into the middle lane, where he will replace Lee “Crown” Min-ho. The Korean has not looked good so far and has added his brick to the not very glorious balance of 1-7, although it must be remembered that due to the protracted visa process he did not have much time to prepare.

At the moment, it is not known whether the roster change on the road is permanent or only temporary, although it can be suspected that the results achieved by the team will affect the decision.

The composition of CLG is as follows:

Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min
Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin
Lee “Crown” Min-ho
Eugene “Pobelter” Park
Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes
Andy “Smoothie” Ta
Kim “SSONG” Sang-soo (coach)

Faker becomes a co-owner of T1

The character of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok needs no introduction — the Korean is a true League of Legends legend who has left a huge mark on the esports part of this title. No wonder that in the past, after the end of seasons, we waited many times for the midlaner’s statement regarding his next moves. Now, although the transfer craze has long since ceased, but a real bomb reached us from the 23-year-old’s camp.

Faker is not used to changing the environment — since February 2013 he still represents the same organization; first known as SK Telecom T1, now as T1. At the end of last year, the three-time world champion even extended his contract with the organization for another two years, but as it turned out tonight, it was only an introduction to much larger events.

On T1 social channels, information appeared that Faker would be defending the team’s colors on the server until at least the end of 2023. In addition, the veteran also became the co-owner of the brand and, according to ESPN Esports, after the end of his professional career will take one of the main management roles in the company.

“I am excited about the possibility of continuing to play for T1 and I am grateful to fans around the world who have supported me all these years,” Faker said in a statement. “I feel honored to become a co-owner of T1 and I look forward to working with management after my career as a player ends. I love this team and I am proud to help shape the future of the organization.”

After two weeks of the Spring Split League of Legends Champions Korea 2020, T1 has three wins and one defeat. Faker and company have already dealt with Gen.G and kT Rolster, among others, but unexpectedly had to acknowledge the superiority of Hanwha Life Esports. However, this is just the beginning of the season and the next round will start tomorrow.





From meme to reality: Schalke defeat G2

If someone before the start of this week’s League of Legends European Championship said that G2 Esports will lose to FC Schalke 04, probably would be considered insane. That is not to say that no one has said those words. They did. Followed by “it’s all in the script”, common meme on reddit. Yesterday’s defeat of the Samurai from Misfits Gaming, however, sowed a seed of uncertainty, but the class difference between the Rabbits and the team from Germany seemed too large to put S04 also as a potential G2 slayer. And yet — Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the company will finish the fourth week of games without a single win, while Schalke 04 can enjoy the long-awaited first victory. How the tables have turned.

The first kill in the game was taken by Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle after the best dive under the rivals tower and Schalke’s quick reaction to this play. Two minutes later, Luka “PERKZ” Perković also fell, and the murder went again to the account of Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev. As a result, S04 led in gold, and in the ninth minute, it won the Fire Dragon. As if that was not enough, soon after that Jankos also fell, but after the tenth minute the situation changed. 

It all started with a great use of the Herald on the upper lane, with the help of which G2 destroyed two towers, completely eliminating the gold deficit. Soon, they even managed to take the lead on the the middle avenue and turn off Felix “Abbedagge” Braun. However, the Royal-Blue didn’t say the last word, and after switching off Janus again and destroying the tower on top, they leveled the game again. In the next minutes G2 got rid of the two structures on the road, but once again Schalke gathered to answer, this time on the lower lane.

Shortly after the lapse of twenty minutes the Samurai to the spectators’ surprise and probably even greater surprise for Schalke players, started dropping. Exploiting the potential of purple gain was not so devastating, because G2 clearly respected their rivals. In the 27th minute after eliminating two opponents S04 rushed to Baron and the vision of the first win of this team was more and more real. The more that a moment after that once again beat two rivals and got rid of the inhibitor on mid.

The third Baron in the game also hit Schalke’s account, and soon after winning the battle for the Dragon — for the S04 by the weight of his Soul — it seemed to be over. PERKZ, however, kept putting pressure on his inhibitors and got rid of two of them himself. In 42 minutes, however, Croatian tactics turned against G2 — this time it was Abbedagge who teleported to the base of rivals and began the final assault of his team, and soon after Dreams came to his aid. Two players were enough to deal a decisive blow and cause an incredible upset in LEC.