Faker becomes a co-owner of T1

The character of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok needs no introduction — the Korean is a true League of Legends legend who has left a huge mark on the esports part of this title. No wonder that in the past, after the end of seasons, we waited many times for the midlaner’s statement regarding his next moves. Now, although the transfer craze has long since ceased, but a real bomb reached us from the 23-year-old’s camp.

Faker is not used to changing the environment — since February 2013 he still represents the same organization; first known as SK Telecom T1, now as T1. At the end of last year, the three-time world champion even extended his contract with the organization for another two years, but as it turned out tonight, it was only an introduction to much larger events.

On T1 social channels, information appeared that Faker would be defending the team’s colors on the server until at least the end of 2023. In addition, the veteran also became the co-owner of the brand and, according to ESPN Esports, after the end of his professional career will take one of the main management roles in the company.

“I am excited about the possibility of continuing to play for T1 and I am grateful to fans around the world who have supported me all these years,” Faker said in a statement. “I feel honored to become a co-owner of T1 and I look forward to working with management after my career as a player ends. I love this team and I am proud to help shape the future of the organization.”

After two weeks of the Spring Split League of Legends Champions Korea 2020, T1 has three wins and one defeat. Faker and company have already dealt with Gen.G and kT Rolster, among others, but unexpectedly had to acknowledge the superiority of Hanwha Life Esports. However, this is just the beginning of the season and the next round will start tomorrow.





From meme to reality: Schalke defeat G2

If someone before the start of this week’s League of Legends European Championship said that G2 Esports will lose to FC Schalke 04, probably would be considered insane. That is not to say that no one has said those words. They did. Followed by “it’s all in the script”, common meme on reddit. Yesterday’s defeat of the Samurai from Misfits Gaming, however, sowed a seed of uncertainty, but the class difference between the Rabbits and the team from Germany seemed too large to put S04 also as a potential G2 slayer. And yet — Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the company will finish the fourth week of games without a single win, while Schalke 04 can enjoy the long-awaited first victory. How the tables have turned.

The first kill in the game was taken by Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle after the best dive under the rivals tower and Schalke’s quick reaction to this play. Two minutes later, Luka “PERKZ” Perković also fell, and the murder went again to the account of Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev. As a result, S04 led in gold, and in the ninth minute, it won the Fire Dragon. As if that was not enough, soon after that Jankos also fell, but after the tenth minute the situation changed. 

It all started with a great use of the Herald on the upper lane, with the help of which G2 destroyed two towers, completely eliminating the gold deficit. Soon, they even managed to take the lead on the the middle avenue and turn off Felix “Abbedagge” Braun. However, the Royal-Blue didn’t say the last word, and after switching off Janus again and destroying the tower on top, they leveled the game again. In the next minutes G2 got rid of the two structures on the road, but once again Schalke gathered to answer, this time on the lower lane.

Shortly after the lapse of twenty minutes the Samurai to the spectators’ surprise and probably even greater surprise for Schalke players, started dropping. Exploiting the potential of purple gain was not so devastating, because G2 clearly respected their rivals. In the 27th minute after eliminating two opponents S04 rushed to Baron and the vision of the first win of this team was more and more real. The more that a moment after that once again beat two rivals and got rid of the inhibitor on mid.

The third Baron in the game also hit Schalke’s account, and soon after winning the battle for the Dragon — for the S04 by the weight of his Soul — it seemed to be over. PERKZ, however, kept putting pressure on his inhibitors and got rid of two of them himself. In 42 minutes, however, Croatian tactics turned against G2 — this time it was Abbedagge who teleported to the base of rivals and began the final assault of his team, and soon after Dreams came to his aid. Two players were enough to deal a decisive blow and cause an incredible upset in LEC.

FORG1VEN to the Schalke bench, Innaxe in

Further changes are coming in the composition of FC Schalke 04. After moving Erberk “Gilius” Demir to the bench and replacing him with Luke “Lurox” Thoma, for the fourth week of League of Legends European Championship, Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou was removed from the squad. He will be replaced by the current FC Schalke 04 Evolution botlaner Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev.

Until now, the 20-year-old looked pretty good. His formation, still with Lurox in the composition, triumphed in the first six meetings of the Prime League Pro Division 2020 Spring. After a very weak showing by the main team, Bulgarian will get a chance to play in the highest European competition. Before the Schalke academy, he performed in such formations as the EXCEL Academy or HWA Gaming, and in the previous split together with Unicorns of Love he even managed to advance to the world championship.

Innaxe doesn’t have an easy task. His team seems to be one of the most lost formations in the entire league. The return of FORG1VEN caused a very positive response from most fans, and some experts even claimed that the representatives of the German sports club would be one of the leading forces in LEC.

However, as it turned out, from the very beginning Schalke did not present the highest level, and after six meetings it has not had a single triumph. The Greek himself is also a shadow of himself from four years ago. In addition, we came to the information that the atmosphere between the botlaner and the rest of the team as well as the management was extremely tense.

FORG1VEN published a short statement on his Twitter, in which he revealed his side of the reasons for parting with the team. “During my more than seven years in LoL, I have always played to win and in a competitive spirit. For now, the current composition [of Schalke 04] does not fit this principle. Schalke is unable/unwilling to make changes to reach my goal, so together we decided to leave the first team until they decided to change their mind,” said the Greek.

We do not know the future of FORG1VEN at the moment. From the official announcement from Schalke, we can conclude that for now the organization only gives a chance to a young player, but in fact this change may prove to be irreversible. 

Darius and Zed in the jungle? What else is Riot preparing for patch 10.4

The recent League of Legends updates bring more controversy than actual, and above all needed, changes to the game. All, of course, due to the fact that often those aspects that are problematic are balanced, and in addition these modifications are usually too delicate to have real significance. Riot Games decided, however, that in the next update numbered 10.4 it mixes a bit more in the game, so we can expect it to be different this time.

In patch 10.4 we will see few nerfs, at least if we consider the characters. Mark Yetter, one of the main gameplay designers in Riot Games, announced that in the upcoming update we will see the nerves of only a handful of heroes. Less efficient on the upper alley will be Soraka and Sona, who have recently been extremely strong in the position of toplaner. Another dose of weakness was also prepared for Aphelios, who constantly dominates the servers. Singed and Aurelion Sol will also be weaker, although they have a fairly high ratio of won battles, but are very rarely chosen by players. As for the runes, then in patch 10.4 weaknesses will hit Perfect Timing, and thus also the Stopwatch itself.

Let’s move on to the buffs, because there will be many in Update 10.4. Not so long ago, the game designers decided to weaken Lux in a supportive position, but now they have apparently changed their minds, so the Lady of Brightness will soon return to the salons in the lower alley. Caitlyn will also be stronger, who is still often chosen by players, but stands out a bit compared to the heroes who build the Essence Thief and Infinity Edge as the first items. 

There will also be reinforcements of Rammus, Amumu and Udyr who are unable to enter the finish line for a long time, who will eventually receive better-tailored bonuses after killing the Wind Dragon. In addition, Riot intends to improve the situation of Sylas after many harms. What about the upper avenue? The creators of the game decided to improve the capabilities of Jayce, Gnar and Garen, but in the case of the last it will be a build buff under the so-called Bruiser.

But that’s not all when it comes to reinforcements, because a lot will also change in runes, some items and summoner spells. Stronger in patch 10.4 are to be the Sun Cape’s operating system, and therefore also an item for junglers – Enchantment: Heat. In addition, Exhaustion and two key runes will be strengthened – Phase Rush and Storm of Swords. In addition to the aforementioned runes, the runes from the Legend tree will also change.

Interestingly, LoL designers want to slightly expand the pool of heroes who are suitable for playing in the jungle. According to the latest information published by Yetter, we will soon be able to watch Darius, Garen, Talon, Zed, Diana and Mordekaiser in the forest. Gameplay designers have pointed out that the expansion of the champions pool in the jungle is mainly directed at players from lower divisions, but we can not predict how it will affect the higher leagues.

It is also worth noting here that the game developers have said that they are already preparing major changes that are expected to increase the impact of toplaners on the course of the game. These modifications will not be introduced to LoL until the 10.5 patch.

Patch 10.3 details in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics also gets an update with the introduction of League of Legends patch 10.3. As Blake “Riot Beernana” Edwards writes, this time the team responsible for balancing the impact of individual aspects of the game instead of weakening focuses on strengthening slightly forgotten characters and classes.

Carousel and loot

Golems will now guarantee at least two bullets with loot, and we will rarely receive heroes from golden orbs, and more often spatulas and gold. Important changes are also coming for the round with the carousel. From the latest update, the spatulas will no longer appear on it.


Increased the strength of two items — the effect of the Statikk Scythe and Ion Spark is slightly increased — now enemies will be hit with damage of not 200, but 225% of mana value. In turn, Echo Luden will be more strongly felt for the first target hit, and less for the last. The only obvious nerf is the weakening of the Infinity Edge, which will guarantee only 100% increased damage from critical blows.


The power of the Assassins was limited with the maximum number of this type of characters, while the power of three Assassins was increased. The newly introduced character class – the Moon – has been reinforced by five percentage points of skill power for each load. In turn, compositions based on six units under the sign of the Shadow will have to come to terms with a light nerf – now they will deal only 165% additional damage.

Added to this are changes for the Light. After the death of an ally, the healing will be less, while with three luminous characters the gained attack speed will be increased. In return, however, compositions based on 6 or 9 Light units after the death of an ally will launch attacks a little slower than before.


Tier 1

The effect of Ornn’s ability will now last for as long as 10 seconds and will make it slightly easier to hit the enemy with a critical hit, while Kog’Maw will perform better as hyper carry – the damage of his skills has been significantly increased. The only weakened character of this level is Vayne, who received some basic attack speed.

Tier 2

Braum will absorb more damage with the shield, and Jax will hit harder with his ability, just like LeBlanc. Rek’Sai will get an extra 5 points of armor, and Yasuo will need 15 mana less than before to cast his Last Breath.

Tier 3

Nocturne’s basic attack damage enhanced (+5 AD), health for Mundo enlarged (+50 HP).

Tier 4

Tibbers summoned by Annie will now attack slightly faster, but will lose 400 health points on the first level. However, if you can quickly find 3 copies of the little witch, then her bear instead of 2000 HP will have 2200 (and in the final form Annie up to 3000). Janna will apply a stun effect for half a second, while Lucian thanks to his skill will fire more missiles that will scale better with physical damage.

Yorick will receive a bonus of 50 HP, but less often he will be able to use his skill, and summoned ghouls will be easier to kill. Finally, slightly reinforcing Olaf — on the third level he will gain 450% attack speed during his frenzy.

Tier 5

Master Yi will hit faster, and Zed will need less time to summon his clone (now the initial mana increases from 50 to 75).


Less damage on the first level.


Patch 10.3 does not introduce too many exciting changes. The compositions based on Kindred and Twitch did not get any nerfs, so it is possible that they will be quite strong in the near future. We will probably see less Light, which not only has been weakened in itself but also the power of the most important units of this class has been taken away. A big change is also the lack of opportunity to get a spatula on the carousel – it will make the game a bit more fair.

If you want to read the full details of the patch, please refer to the official description of the changes published by Riot.

Soraka’s nerf announced: “Her winrate is just too high”

Do you like playing Soraka on the top lane? Well, enjoy this choice while you can, because in the unspecified future changes are waiting. And not at all what will help this heroine — the creators of League of Legends are aware of Soraka’s power at the top and do not intend to idly look at the development of events.

August “Riot August” Browning announced the character modifications via his Stream, as he’s the acting senior champion designer at Riot Games. During the broadcast, Browning announced that the percentage of games won by teams with Soraka at the top is 56-57 percent, which is definitely too high.

“What do I think about Soraka? She must be nerfed. Her winrate is 56-57% and she is too powerful,” Browning told his viewers. “It’s not like this choice is bad, it’s even good that the characters are chosen on different lanes, but Soraka on the top lane is super-powerful. We’ll have to nerf her and probably quite hard.”

Although August himself said about the percentage oscillating around 56, according to data from the champion.gg website this situation does not look so critical. These figures state that the Soraka chosen at the top ends the game with a win in just over 52.5% of matches played. Higher win ratio on the top lane has only Sett, but it is worth remembering that these statistics only apply to games in the ranks higher than Platinum.

Soraka’s strength on the upper lane could also be those who do not play LoL, but are enthusiasts of professional European games. Her choice in the League of Legends European Championship twice this year was decided by Martin “Wunder” Hansen. Both of these matches ended with the victory for the team of the Dane, G2 Esports, and the 21-year-old himself gained an impressive KDA of 8.