Patch 6.2 brings Team Deathmatch to PUBG

Season 6 is in full swing! The best hope the intensity and explosive gameplay of Karakin has you ready for our newest heart-pumping, non-stop action game mode — Team Deathmatch. PUBG LABS is also returning with the next iteration of the Skill-Based Rating test, with changes based on feedback received from the first test.

We’re making some much needed and often requested changes to throwables. Extra-attention has been paid to Frag Grenades, which will be seeing change reducing their overall strength.

The long-requested Team Deathmatch mode has now arrived! Intense 8v8 FPP fights on 7 different battlefields pulled from your favorite maps. TDM features classic PUBG gunplay and mechanics with all the fun and action of respawning back into the fight. The boost gauge functions differently in TDM and fills by scoring kills and assists, restoring your health after you haven’t received damage for 5 seconds.

The team with the most kills in 10 minutes, or the first to reach 50 kills wins the round, with 2 round wins securing the match victory.

Game mode overview:

  • 8 vs 8
  • FPP only
  • Weapon Spawn Kits
  • Respawns
  • No knockdowns
  • No friendly fire

Historically, when moving to the right around objects in PUBG (without peeking/leaning), much less of your character was shown than if you moved out to the left. This recently received increased visibility in the community, leading to players using this mechanic to their advantage more often, which has led to some frustration.

This mechanic is closely tied to the fundamental design of the PUBG gunplay system, making it difficult to resolve the issue completely without potential adverse changes to the feel of PUBG gunplay.

With that said, as we announced earlier this month in response to community concern, we’ll be making a change in this patch to reduce the advantage gained when peering at your opponent from the right side of objects, by exposing more of the player model.

A few weeks ago, we implemented a loot adjustment for Karakin based on player feedback. Since then we’ve been monitoring games to determine if any further adjustment needs to be made and a couple things have stood out to us. First, healing items are still a bit too hard to find for how frequently people are fighting. Second, Snipers and DMRs are really strong on Karakin.

We’re going to try an updated loot setting that will increase meds, while reducing bandages, SRs, DMRs, and the Win94. We know many of you prefer these guns on Karakin, but we feel that Karakin needs a little more risk for the reward of these weapons. To help mitigate this adjustment a bit, we’re adding the G36C and MP5K to Karakin as requested by many of you when Vikendi started its vacation. Also, we have adjusted the care package airplane speed to move faster across the island.

Of course, your feedback is essential here. Try out the new settings and let us know how everything feels. Is it worth it for you to spend more time searching to get that SLR? Do matches feel more competitive without as many long-range weapons? Let us know so we can continue to adjust.

To read the full list of updates head over to the official site.

Meet the finalists of the GLL Season 4

Last weekend on the professional stage PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was dominated by the regional finals of the fourth season of the Global Loot League. In total, during the last three days of the game, which was the last stage before the grand final of GLL Season 4, took place in three regions – EMEA, North America and South America.

Team Liquid managed best in the finals of the EMEA regional cup bringing together teams from Europe, the United States and the Middle East and Africa. The international squad did not have the best start, taking only seventh place after the first day of the finals. However, Liquid dominated Saturday and Sunday matches, ending eight of the twelve matches played in the top four on those days and collecting four wins.

Together with TL, in the main final from the EMEA region we will see four European teams – WTSG, Omaken Esports, FaZe Clan and Exalt, two representatives of CIS, i.e. Tornado Energy and AfterAlt, and Turkish Digital Athletics.

The competition in North America was dominated by Shoot To Kill players, who after eighteen matches had 143 kills and eleven places in the top four, thanks to which they finished the competition with an advantage of sixty points over the next Wildcard Gaming. In addition to STK and Wildcard, the Exodus and Yaho players will also take part in the finals in Stockholm, who defeated, among others, in the regional finals. the finalists of last year’s World Championships, Genesis and Susqehanna Soniqs, which occurred during PGC under the Tempo Storm flag.

In South America, the players of the Brazilian RED Canids did the best, who secured their victory in the regional final thanks to a series of six finishes at least in fourth place, of which three ended with the victory of the team led by Andrey “and1FPS” Henrique. In the main finale, they will be joined by the Brazilian squad A Creche, and the Argentine-Chile mix from Team Singularity.

Athletico Esports, who were directly invited as representatives of Australia and Oceania, will also take part in the grand final of the fourth season of GLL. The final of GLL Season 4 itself will take place between February 28 and March 1 in Stockholm, and its prize pool will contain $150,000 US dollars.


Apex Legends fourth season trailer reveals more information about the new hero

In recent weeks, Respawn Entertainment has slowly revealed details about the latest, fourth season of Apex Legends. Before its start tomorrow, the game developers decided to present even more information about the latest update through a new note and trailer.

The biggest change, due to interference from Hammond Robotics, will be the edge of the world. In the central part of the map, in place of the former fuel depot, there will be a planetary excavator, which will be visible from any location due to the ray escaping from it. This appearance on the map will also lead to major changes on the Capitol, which was divided by a lava fault into two parts — west and east.

At the same time, the developers decided to reduce the penalty for falling into the gap — instead of immediate death, players will be slowly moved to the other side of the abyss, while receiving 25 points of damage. In addition, a research camp will appear on the map to take the place of the railway yard.

The trailer released today also revealed a hint of a secret when it comes to the skills of the new legend, Revenant — we can see in the announcement that not only is he able to climb higher buildings, but he can also turn into a specter and stun enemies with a throwing bullet.

Along with the changes on the map, Revenant, and previously discussed novelties in the ranking system, in the upcoming season players will also be waiting for a new sniper weapon, Sentinel, which will have special loading mechanics, allowing both short series and charged mode, dealing large single damage shots.

More information about changes in the game can be found here.

$3 million in prizes and 12 tournaments in 2020 — welcome to Apex Legends Global Series

Just over three months ago, the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational tournament took place in Alvernia near Kraków. The name of the competition itself, as well as information provided by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment seemed to confirm that we will soon see more esports moves from the developer. Reality strongly verified these expectations, and the fans had to be patient. In the end, however, the developers of the game decided to reveal plans for the future, which, no matter what is here, are really ambitious.

In 2020, the participants of the Apex Legends Global Series announced today will compete for as much as $3 million dollars in prizes, and EA plans to also play as many as 12 events throughout the year. The start of the season has been announced by the game developers as well, at the season is set to begin on January 25. Then the first of several online tournaments will start. However, this is not the end of good news, because the inaugural competition will take place on new, dedicated tournament servers.

The whole gameplay system is a bit complicated. The basis of the games will be the online tournaments in which players from over 60 countries from around the world can participate. Some of the online struggles will lead straight to the Major, and so to the competition already being thrown. In the middle there will be Premier rank tournaments as well as for the Challengers — in both cases, the best teams will also have the opportunity to get a pass to larger events. The culmination of the entire season will be the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, which is the event aimed at selecting the best three players in the world.

The first Major will be held in Arlington on March 13-15. The prize pool for this event will reach $500,000 US dollars. More information about the Apex Legends Global Series can be found here.

Fortnite Winter Royale is back with a $15 million prize pool

Epic Games announced the return of Fortnite Winter Royale. Interestingly, the upcoming competition will take place this year, and their prize pool outshines virtually all other tournaments organized by the creators of the game except the World Cup.

This year’s edition of Winter Royale will be designed to fix a slip-up that occurred a year ago. The organizers did not remove the Infinity Blade sword from the game until the start of the competition, which gave its owner a very big advantage. The prize pool of the event, which will take place in the third week of December, will be as much as $15 million, which in this respect places it in the hierarchy just after the world championships. Every day players will be able to get as much as one-third of the abovementioned amount.

Fortnite Winter Royale 2019 will include three separate tournaments played from December 20-22. Each of them will have a separate score and prize pool. Participants from all regions and platforms will be able to participate in the event. It is important that each competition will have a platform assigned. Players playing on consoles will not be forced to fight those playing on computers and vice versa. The event will also be available to every player. How to play in Fortnite Winter Royale and participate in other esports events will be found here.

Epic Games has not yet revealed the exact format, rules, or invited players. The organizers will provide more details in the near future.


PUBG Mobile esports scene set to explode in 2020

Tencent will significantly subsidize the esports program for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile scene in the coming year. Already in the coming months, we will see new tournaments where the best players will be able to fight for their share of a five million dollar prize pool.

Last year, PUBG Mobile players spent an average of $140 million monthly on, among others, visual enhancements for characters and seasonal passes. In addition, this title is the first of the battle royale genre, which in the mobile version has achieved revenue exceeding one billion dollars. A few days ago we also learned that the abovementioned over 600 million people have already downloaded the game! It is no wonder that some of the Chinese giant’s revenues will be allocated to the development of a professional ecosystem.

James Yang, the esports director of PUBG Mobile, gave details of the previously announced Pro League for Southeast Asia and announced that two additional leagues will be created for both the Americas and Southeast Asia. The changes will also include the qualification system — from now on the best teams from individual countries will be able to advance to the highest level of play, i.e. the World League.

The World League will take place in May and October of the following year and will end with the World Championship. There is no doubt that the actions of the developers of PUBG Mobile will have a positive impact on the popularity of this title. The mobile version of PUBG already flaunts an impressive player count with more than 200 million active players worldwide, with over 30 million active daily players.