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The long-awaited in-game tournament mode Clash is finally ready to enter beta on the North American servers.

Seven months after the system was tested in Vietnam and four months after its shaky beta run in Europe, the in-game competition platform is ready to make its debut in NA.

For those looking to find out what is Clash mode, the answer is simple — it’s a system for you to join in with your friends, form a team of five players, and compete against other similar teams for a chance to win prizes. According to Riot Games, in Clash tournaments, players will be able to win Victory Points, Clash capsules, and icons, as well as yet-to-be-announced prizes, specially made for the new mode.

To compete in the Clash tournaments players will have to buy a ticket, which can be acquired with either RP or blue essence. For now, ticket prices will be locked at 215 RP and 990 BE, as well as a free ticket can be earned this week by winning four games of Ranked Flex. The teams will be matched based on their current tier level, which can be raised by winning tournaments. The prizes are correlated with the level of the teams, meaning higher tier players will be getting better prizes.

The first tournament will start on Friday, 13th of April, and the beta will run for the whole weekend until Sunday, however, players will be able to create and join teams starting today. To join a Clash team players will have to reach level 30 on their account, as well as have completed placement matches in at least one ranked queue and attained Honor level 2 at the very least.

The testing in Europe late last year had some bumps along the way. Some of the issues involved were troubles with players trying to connect and find matches, as well as the overall flow of the platform. Based on the feedback from the previous tests, Riot Games are optimistic about having fixed any existing issues before the North American launch.

Clash beta test will hit North American servers later today.


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