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Navigating your way through the latest patches in League of Legends can be a daunting task these days. Here’s a who’s who on the Summoner’s Rift right now.

With the ever-changing metagame, it can certainly become hard to keep up with what’s what on the Rift and where’s the most direct route to the top ranks. So if you’ve been wondering which are the best champions in League of Legends as of patch 8.13 brace yourself — you’re in the right place.

Top Lane

Although meta is constantly evolving, over in the top lane champions that don’t get many changes usually tend to stay the most worth picking, at least early in the new patch. Garen would be a good example, not only because he managed to become one of the most stable champions in the game, but also because he’s a very strong contender in the top lane.

Garen’s nearly infinite durability is increased considerably with Resolve path, making him a real nightmare to face in the lane for many other champions. Not only is it increasingly hard to deal any damage to him, his ultimate ability — Demacian Justice — is a source of pain for his opponents as well. The Might of Demacia can punish the mistakes of his enemies with high true/magic damage, ending their lives in an instant.

Similarly, Fiora remains unchanged in 8.13, which combined with several nerfs on her opposition in the lane, makes her a feared champion over on the top side of the Summoner’s Rift.

Her strongest point still is her true damage dealing ability, in the eyes of her enemies making her a nuisance at best, and an unstoppable force at worst. With Conqueror rune converting damage to true damage, Fiora can amplify her damage even more, making her an unparalleled opponent in the 1v1 fights. For now, she remains a true duelist of the top lane, as well as a worthwhile pick.


With no doubt, Nocturne became the big star of this patch. He managed to remain in the spotlight since patch 8.5, which would be a feat on its own, if not for the constant buffs applied to this champion. The changes made to his ultimate ability, Paranoia, make him one of the scariest (literally) junglers in the game. And now, for even longer duration. Even more so, considering the nerfs on other top-tier solo q junglers Xin Zhao and Graves.

The 8.13 patch may also open doors for the big return of Kindred. His big re-entry was marked in the Korean pro league, LCK, namely picked by KT Rolster’s jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin.

Kindred is best known for dominating jungle for a period of time after his release, followed by a massive nerf-hammer dropped right on top of him. Even though he’s been getting constant buffs in the recent patches, he wasn’t quite ready to resurface as the top tier jungle champion. Not until patch 8.12, that is, because as of now, Kindred is back to being one of the best jungle class champions in the game.

Mid Lane

Zed, while not being a popular choice in the competitive scene, remains one of the biggest champions in ranked solo q. And that’s for a good reason.

Almost every game you will see Zed getting either picked or even more likely, banned. For one thing, The Master of Shadows is really fun to play, and even more than that, he is immensely powerful. So much so, that he is likely the single best middle lane champion on the Rift currently. At least when it comes to solo q.

As an assassin, Zed provides high single-target damage, which combined with his inane sneaky playstyle and high mobility make him especially annoying to play against. Not only can he go in, deal an insane amount of damage and retreat virtually unharmed, he has incredible roaming potential, making him a threat all over the map. Considering that marksmen put more stress on farming as of the last patch, Zed can put his skillset and playstyle to use, take advantage of that and punish the greedy ADC’s.

Another good pick that will let you win games from the mid lane is Zoe. Even considering the changes we’ve seen to her recently, Zoe remains a constant threat inside and outside her lane.


Draven always was a popular pick in the bottom lane, especially in the solo q and that remains to be true in the current patch. The fiery champion, that is best known for his aggressive playstyle is favored by many veterans in the bottom lane.

He’s very powerful during the laning phase. Draven can easily suppress his opponents in the lane with not just his abilities, but powerful basic attacks. That, combined with his passive ability, League of Draven, allows him to farm faster than any other champion in the lane, making him the best marksman on the Fields of Justice.

Similarly to Kindred, Jinx is looking to make a return to the top levels of the game. Even though she was considered to be one of the best hyper carries in League of Legends, she faded away for quite a while. With her Q ability, Switcheroo!, seeing a buff in this patch, its rocket crit damage getting increased to 220%, Jinx will be taking her rightful place as of the best champions in her weight category.


Fiddlesticks went a full circle as a champion in League of Legends. It started off in the jungle, then moved to the bottom lane, even had a brief (and not very welcome) stint as the top and mid lane champion. And as of 8.13, it’s ready to return to the support position.

With plenty of control under its belt, Fiddlesticks can be painfully annoying to play against. Not only can he punish his enemies for making mistakes or overextending, but paired with a high damage partner, they can bully almost any other duo pair.

And if being a supportive support isn’t really your thing and you’re looking for the strongest support champion to play right now, don’t look any further than Brand. Not only can this support deal plenty of damage, but he can legitimately carry his team. Even though originally made to be played as a mage in the middle lane, The Burning Vengeance is now most viable in the bottom lane.

But don’t let that fool you, he’s as strong as he ever was. Fireballs make for an easy and effective way to harass your opponents, and a strong laning phase for support Brand could lead to an extra carry for your team in the mid/late game. Just like Fiddlesticks, paired up with a high damage output champion like Draven, Brand can keep his enemies under their own turret for the entirety of the laning phase.

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