Six teams, four days, one house, and $150,000 dollars in prize money — Beyond The Summit returns to Counter-Strike with another spectacular event in Los Angeles, this time featuring Team Liquid, ENCE, NRG esports, and others.

The event began yesterday with six opening matches with no big surprises. Team Liquid overcame Ghost Gaming with relevant ease and the French Vitality took care of the American sides NRG esports and Ghost Gaming. ENCE’s 14-16 loss against Renegades on Train in the following match caught some by surprise but it was hardly unexpected. Instead, two straight losses for Renegades against NRG became a more turbulent topic in the community.

This weekend, however, promises to be filled with exciting matches, with some of the best teams in the world fighting for the lion’s share of $150,000 dollars — while having some great fun at the BTS mansion. For your convenience — here are the matches you just can’t miss this weekend.

Team Liquid facing off against the French superteam in an opening match for Day 2 is bound to set it on a good start. Liquid is destroying everyone lately, including their victory at the Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Sydney, and they are the big favorites to win this event too. There are very few teams in the world right now who can stand with the North American team face to face and none of them are in Los Angeles for cs_summit 4.

But that’s where Team Vitality comes in. The Frenchmen had a strong start to the event but even before that they were looking strong, most recently winning the Charleroi Esports 2019 title and successfully qualifying for ESL One: Cologne 2019. White Vitality still lacks the experience playing as a team against world’s best, they’ve been borderline dominating the tier 2 scene in Europe lately.

Is that enough to stop the world’s second-best team? Likely not. But there’s something else for those with a taste for inflated odds — while Vitality showed some solid Counter-Strike, Liquid was making a few big mistakes here and there. If Vitality had the time to look into that and draw conclusions they might have a chance yet.

Not a big chance, but still a chance. And with 2.85 odds on the ticket, it just might work out for those looking for a thrill of a risky bet.

Right after their game against the French powerhouse, Liquid will be moving to face other European up-and-comers, Finland’s ENCE. Now Aleksi “allu” Jalli’s team is a real pleasure of viewing experiences. It’s been long in the making, but right now ENCE is the best it can be.

The Finnish team shocked the world at the Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019 by finishing second and losing only to Astralis, arguably the best team in the world… Possibly ever. And two weeks ago ENCE did us one even better and defeated Astralis altogether to win the BLAST Pro Series: Madrid 2019 title.

ENCE are on fire right now, there’s no denying that. Their map loss against Renegades yesterday is the only thing that could put their streak in question, but is that truly enough? Fact of the matter is, ENCE is an incredibly powerful team, likely even good enough to battle Team Liquid.

The odds are close on this one for both teams, albeit NA’s Liquid is favored slightly. Very true on paper. But in reality? The men in ENCE are hungry for victory, they need to prove themselves badly, and they’re burning with passion to continue their streak. This one just might be closer than the odds suggest.

Closing out the Friday’s games will be a local match-up between NRG esports and Ghost Gaming, with the former being a clear favorite. And for a good reason.

NRG has really stepped it up lately. For one they are the reigning champions of cs_summit events, have won the last one against OpTic Gaming in the grand final. Since then they finished second at the SuperNova Malta 2018 and third at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 and Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Sydney.

Ghost, on the other hand, has been looking almost painfully weak. Joshua “steel” Nissan and his team have been struggling to get wins on board, with their last noteworthy achievement in January, finishing in the Top 4 of iBUYPOWER Masters IV.

The only chance for Ghost in this one would be an element of surprise. That, and it being a local match-up, which historically is more likely to be an upset. Although NRG have secured a victory against Renegades yesterday, they did lose against Vitality in a spectacular way.

That being said, NRG’s form isn’t spot-on right now and there might be an opening for Ghost to capitalize on that. The question is, can they?

Although Renegades managed to steal a map from ENCE, their current form was put into question again against NRG. The Australians seem to be inconsistent and moody, and that could be what is holding them back. One game they might explode and win against a heavy favorite. And the next they can lose against a nobody tier 3 team.

Which Renegades will show up against the French team is the big question. The match will take place on Saturday, so how these teams will perform on Friday might have an impact in this particular match-up. Renegades should have an easy game against Ghost today which could boost their morale for the real challenge on Saturday. After all, with one draw and one loss on board, Renegades are still very much in the running to make it to the playoffs.

Vitality, on the other hand, will be looking to secure their standing. After two intense games against Liquid and ENCE, will the Frenchmen have enough energy to do their best against the Australian team?

This battle between two very different teams promises to be an intense one, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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