The eighth week of the League of Legends European Championship can show us the first team to secure a place in the second round of playoffs. Of course, I am talking about G2 Esports, who only need a victory against Splyce to find themselves in this phase.

In good situation are also Team Vitality players, who occupy the second place in the table, and today they are facing a match with theoretically the weakest team in the league, namely with Rogue.

These and more matches will happen in LEC this weekend. For those looking to up the stakes a little and place a bet on these games — we’ve got you covered. Here’s who we are betting on this weekend.

Recently, Splyce look very good. At this point, the Snakes are in third place, but it is not safe at all. Behind their backs there are four formations that are still in the running for the first six spots. And they’re ready to fight to the last drop of blood.

G2 Esports may be already calm because they have the advantage of four wins over the third place, thanks to which one triumph is enough to guarantee them at least second place at the end of the season. In addition to Vitality, only Origen and Splyce have the chance to catch up with the European superteam, assuming they don’t stumble even once.

Our pick: G2 Esports (place your bets here)

FC Schalke 04 after a somewhat good start of the season slightly decreased in their level in the last few weeks. The disposition of Elias “Upset” Lipp and colleagues in previous queues left much to be desired, which led them to the fifth place. Apart from them, three other teams sit with a scoreline of 7-7 — Fnatic, SK Gaming and Misfits Gaming. Which is why, starting today, there is no place for a possible failure anymore.

Even more so that EXCEL players basically fight only for their honor at this point, because they will definitely end the season on the ninth or tenth place. Despite the victory over SK and quite a good disposition in the clash with Misfits, Ki “Expect” Dae-han and the rest were not able to stay in the fight for the top six. It is worth mentioning that today we will see Patryk “Mystiques” Piórkowski in the colors of EXCEL, who will make his debut in the highest European league.

Our pick: Schalke 04 (place your bets here)

This is an incredibly important clash for both teams. Origen is now in a better position because it has one advantage over today’s rival. Both formations in the last weeks showed a very good form and they remain the only of the two teams that were able to suppress G2 Esports this split.

SK Gaming did it in the last week after a terrible early game phase. Competitors of this team are respected for the fact that they managed to come back after such a tragic beginning, but it must be admitted that G2 made basic mistakes, which is why it can be said that Origen won against the leaders in a more convincing fashion.

It is true that since that time a few weeks have passed, however, the form of Origen in the previous games was also phenomenal, because they managed to defeat two teams from the very top of the leaderboards, namely Splyce and Vitality.

Our pick: Origen (place your bets here)

This match can basically be compared to the clash of Schalke with EXCEL. Here, too, we have a clear favorite and a team that has no chance for promotion to playoffs.

Rogue, after the change of two players, won two matches, however, there is no way to enter the knockout phase anymore. Therefore, Oskar “Vander” Bogdan and Finn “Finn” Wiestal returned to the composition playing in Ultraleague. Toplaner and support will help their colleagues win the Polish league and possibly fight in the European Masters — that seems to be a priority for Rogue right now.

Team Vitality now has a fairly secure advantage over its rivals. Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński and colleagues aren’t going to settle on the Top 6 placement either, because the real goal is to enter the second round of playoffs. However, this will not be an easy task, because the players from Origen and Splyce stomp on them right now.

Our pick: Vitality (place your bets here)

At the end of the day we will witness the most interesting duel, because both teams have seven defeats and seven wins at the moment. Although the position in the table is so even, Fnatic seems to be a significant favorite of this match.

This is due to the fact that World Vice-Champions have recently found an amazing form. Since the introduction of patch 9.3 and the change of the marksmen, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson feels very confident and carries his team on the shoulders once again, just like a year ago. Thanks to this, Mads “Broxah” Brock Pedersen has more opportunities to support companions and plays fantastically.

Misfits Gaming’s disposition is a real lottery. In one game, Rabbits will manage to play amazingly and dominate the bottom lane from the very beginning, and in the second one they will lose miserably. It is difficult to say which Misfits will show up today.

Our pick: Fnatic (place your bets here)

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