A respectable sixth place finish at Phase 1 of the PUBG Europe League wasn’t enough to stop the Russian Jokers from stopping their PUBG efforts. Left teamless, many of the players soon found a new home, and one of them, Dmitry “dmash” Ignatyev, joined M19.

Unlike Jokers, who surprised everyone with their performance at the opening split of PUBG Europe League, M19 underperformed dramatically. Winners of Global Loot League Season 2 seemed completely lost in Berlin, finishing the season at the very bottom of the leaderboard — in the 16th position.

The Kick-off Cup, happening this week in Berlin, Germany, was supposed to be an environment for M19 to redeem themselves. But it didn’t go as planned. Even with reinforcements from dmash, M19 seemed only slightly more coordinate in their fights.

In the end, M19 dropped out in the group stage. In Group A, which was featuring 16 teams from European Contender league, the Russian team finished at the bottom of the table again, only ahead of the Turkish We Need a Home and Ukrainian Red Diamonds.

Dmitry “dmash” Ignatyev shared his experiences from Phase 1 of the PUBG Europe League, his esports career and the state of CIS teams in PUBG on the international stage.

When did you realize that you are ready to enter the esports scene?

Everything is very simple: on one of the streams I was called to participate in a tournament. After some deliberation, I agreed and did not regret: the competitive mode turned out to be to my liking. From that moment, I began my journey in esports.

Did you follow the PUBG competitive scene before then? 

No, because it really didn’t hook me.

Tell us about your impressions of the organization of the first phase of PEL. Do you have any comments?

The organization of the tournament pleased me: everything was up to standard. For my part, I can make only one remark: I would like to see a more convenient model for holding next time. For example, as in the NPL.

Why do you think teams from the CIS showed such sad results?

It’s hard to say. I think that the CIS teams did not prepare well for PEL and underestimated some opponents.

Do they have a chance to rehabilitate themselves and enter at least the top three in the next phase?

I can not give any prediction. Over the past weeks, organizations from the CIS have made changes to their compositions. Natus Vincere, for example, replaced three players at once, which will definitely affect their game.

What do you think about teams from Europe?

Europeans are pretty strong. This is clearly seen in the game of the top three teams of the first phase of PEL: ENCE, Team Liquid, and Ninjas in Pajamas. 

Which team impressed you the most?

I like to watch the game of G2 Esports — very skilled players with a bunch of interesting ideas, which they manage to very successfully implement.


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