Valve has published a list of the most successful games of the year, of the titles that are available on Steam. Well-known and liked esports productions were on both the bestseller lists and the actively played titles by players.

The first category includes bestsellers, i.e. titles that had the largest gross revenue this year. Of the top 12, four of them are known and liked esports titles. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS both made the list, in their fourth and second year after initial release, respectively. Somewhat unexpectedly, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which are titles available for free, are among the honorable esports games in this category. In both cases, this result is certainly associated with the add-ons purchased by players, and in CS a lot of people also decide to buy an upgrade to the Prime rank released a few months ago with Operation Shattered Web.

If we were to expand the range of bestsellers to twenty-four titles, the list will also include another esports contender Rocket League and a new-to-PC title Halo, of XBOX fame. Other games on the list, like Bungie’s Destiny 2, or Civilization 6 have smaller, yet dedicated competitive scenes. 

The above-mentioned titles in the category of popularity were all very successful. As many as one-third of the top 12 games launched most frequently were esports titles. The undivided king of the ranking is CS: GO, which is breaking the records of the average number of players every day and is getting closer to breaking the all-time online record of people from April 2016. We will also find the Dota 2 distinguished in the previous category, which popularity in recent months decreases. Rainbow Six and PUBG have also had a good year, but their popularity has been going down almost continuously since the beginning of 2018.

Halo also joined the list of the most actively played games immediately after its release and has been holding their position. Among the most played games of the year we can see other competitive titles, such as Total War: Three Kingdoms, Ring of Elysium, and NBA 2K20.

Gabe Newell also released lists of the best premiers, VR games and productions that left early access last year. To check which games were included in the lists mentioned above,  click here.