Member of the first all-female professional PUBG team, Fiore “Fulambia” Boncompagni, told us about what it’s like to compete (and succeed) in the environment dominated by men.

Fulambia’s Brazil Gaming House recently overcame some of the best PUBG teams in Latin America and secured themselves a spot in the Liga Profesional de Esports’ Super League. The first female PUBG team will compete against the best teams in the region for a spot in the $2 million USD Grand Finals next year.

Although the majority of the community didn’t take the team seriously at first, through sheer perseverance BGH overcame all odds and established themselves as serious competitors.

But the road to Latin America’s Pro League wasn’t easy for the team. Competing in the environment dominated by men is difficult, admits Fiore “Fulambia” Boncompagni, but finally reaching that goal is very satisfying.

How are you Fulambia? First of all, congratulations for having qualified for the LPE Battlegrounds final. You qualified together with the best teams in Latin America. How does that feel?

Fulambia: Well, I am very well, and the truth is that it felt great. To tell the truth, it took us almost by surprise, since match 3 was accompanied by many mistakes that we had to correct in the last match. To see that it was possible for us to reverse our mistakes and get back to the top of the rating was excellent.

How did you form this squad? What prompted you to form an all-female PUBG team for BGH?

Fulambia: Previously we had another roster, in which we were a group of friends having fun. But the thing started to get serious when Queen, known as bbyebye in-game, got approached with a serious proposal. They wanted us to go all the way. It was there when we put together this roster, where we all had the same goal, the same commitment, and the same desire.

Brazil Gaming House was immediately interested in us, since we played many Brazilian scrims and got their attention. Sincerely, day by day they make us continue to choose them since they really take care of their players, which keeps us very happy.

There are people who believe in the disparity between men and women when playing these types of games and you are living proof that this is not the case. How does it feel to succeed in an environment completely dominated by men?

Fulambia: Honestly, I’m not going to lie — it feels very satisfying. Although it is a team that is still solidifying every day, just being there and competing side by side with many great teams is great. I am proud to know that we are where we are because we leave everything behind and we do not let ourselves be intimidated. We don’t let others step on us and that’s the key.

How do you see the competitive scene of PUBG in Latin America? What does it lack to be like the scenes of North America or Europe?

Fulambia: The scene is getting better, and these tournaments give rise to the undoubted growth of it. I think that to be up to North America and Europe we would have to talk about infrastructure, which we do not have and an important commitment between organizations and players.

Thanks for your time. Any shoutouts?

Fulambia: Mainly I want to thank Brasil Gaming House for continuing to support us, the girls of the team, and our coach. Thank you!

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