Visa issues are a matter that organizers of all major esports events in the world had to face for a long time. How many times has it happened that even at the last minute there was a change in the list of competition participants because the immigration office did not allow entry of one of the teams?

In Germany, however, this issue is due to fall off in the spring of 2020. Then a special visa for esports athletes will be introduced, under which players from outside the European Union will be subject to simpler procedures enabling permanent stay within the country during the term of the contract with the given employer. Amendments to immigration regulations have already been approved by the German federal government.

“A German esports visa will be a great benefit for events taking place in Germany,” said Hans Jagnow, president of eSport-Bund Deutschland. “We are the first country to establish a special visa category for esports.¬†We hope that thanks to this, even more international esports tournaments will take place in Germany.”

“This movement can also provide a foundation for other nations. Visa requirements for professional esports athletes should be systematized at the international level to facilitate access to competitions and leagues for esports players from around the world. Our efforts over the past two years have finally paid off. Visa issues at esports events in Germany are a thing of the past. The recognition of the German government is an important signal in the national and international discussion on esports,” he added.

It is worth mentioning here that you will need to meet several conditions to obtain a German esports visa. A person applying for permission to enter Germany must be at least 16 years old, receive a salary at a certain level, as well as have confirmation of professional esports on the part of the association responsible for electronic competition. In this case, we are talking about ESBD, which has already announced the establishment of a specific procedure, which will be developed together with interested parties.