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The first week of the first 2019 League of Legends season is approaching. The years pass, the scenario evolves, new leagues arise and more and more games are played.

Following all leagues is practically impossible, so we selected the five best competitions to follow in the first Split of 2019.

CBLOL – Beginning January 12th:

The Brazilian Championship of League of Legends will start off the 2019 season. If killing the longing is not enough, I have two reasons for you to watch CBLOL this Saturday.

The first is the new format, announced on December 6th. Now CBLOL has ten weeks and all matches will be just a single map. This result is a pleasant experience for the spectator, but that affects the competitiveness of the teams. And, unfortunately, we can only know the impact of this change on future international championships.

Another important change happened during the transfer window. The first stage of 2019 will be the most competitive edition of all time. Eight of the forty-five players registered (18%) in the tournament are foreigners, surpassing the 12% mark in 2014 — the previous high.

LPL – Beginning January 14th:

The LPL has always been a fun championship. Matches are marked by epic moments and teamfights are constant. Teams are willing to take risks and the result is exciting games. The sum of these factors makes, in my opinion, LPL the most friendly league for casual League of Legends fans.

However, the conference model seemed to be a barrier to the arrival of new fans. In 2019 the LPL will be simpler and easier to understand: all teams face each other in best-of-three series and the top eight qualify for the playoffs.

The combination of solid structure and good games is the formula of success for any league, but the LPL has a card up its sleeve. If you do not know, Invictus Gaming has maintained its world championship winning line-up for the year 2019. On the 14th we will have the first of many chances to review the champions in action against the world’s best teams.

LCK – Beginning January 16th:

With no changes to its format since 2015, the big highlights of the LCK have always happened within Summoner’s Rift. Despite this, the Korean league will have a major change in 2019: a new home. The LCK leaves the studios of the OGN and goes to LOL Park, one of the venues of the 2018 World Cup.

On the other hand, the failure in the Worlds 2018 has resulted in great changes in the equipment of the first and second division of Korea. New seedlings generate new narratives and the Spring 2019 LCK promises to be a generation shock. On the one hand, SK Telecom veterans are looking for more trophies for the most successful organization in history. On the other hand, Griffin and DAMWON Gaming are willing to show that they are not only the future but also the gift of the LOL elite.

If you like good narratives and even better games, do not miss the LCK.

LEC – Beginning January 18th:

The League of Legends European Championship is the perfect tournament for those who are fans of news. With a new name and visual identity, the LEC marks the arrival of the franchise model and newcomer organizations in the Old Continent.

But do not be fooled, European teams have not lost their competitive potential. The maintenance of players like Bwipo, Caps, Rekkles and Perkz indicates that we can expect good performances from Fnatic, G2 Esports and other teams in future international tournaments.

Europe is unlikely to give up its spot as one of the best regions in the world anytime soon, but the 2019 season will show just how much stronger they can get.

That alone is reason alone to watch the debut split of the new LEC.

LCS – Beginning January 26th:

If I had to choose the LCS soundtrack, my choice would be Pink Floyd’s Money. That’s because even after a year of underperforming and overall unimpressive results, most organizations opened their wallets and reinforced their positions for the upcoming split.

Great players are attracted to regions with greater financial potential, not very surprisingly. However, it is surprising to say that five former world champions will play in North America in 2019. The LCS has always been marked by its main characters and this season has leading players. If you want to follow the next chapters in the history of Crown, Bang, Doublelift, Bjergsen and Sneaky, just watch the most popular league in the West.

North America’s LCS once again establishes itself as the most expensive league, but will that help them get results on the international stage?


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