Second at the PUBG Europe League, third at FACEIT Global Summit, and champions of the PUBG Europe League – Kick-off Cup. Team Liquid has been dominating the European PUBG scene, and the team’s co-captain Jere “Jembty” Kauppinen explained just how did they get here.

Even though considered to be the best team representing Europe right now, Team Liquid failed to impress on a global stage. In London, during the FACEIT Global Summit they finished behind Korea’s OP Gaming Rangers and North America’s Shoot To Kill.

The competition was stiff, but both fans and critics expected more of Jere “Jembty” Kauppinen and his team. They managed to bouce back and redeemed themselves last week in PEL Kick-off Cup.

32 European teams, from PEL, Contenders and online qualifiers gathered in Berlin to battle for $125,000 dollars in prize money. While Liquid managed to triumph over the opposition taking home $50,000 dollars the next big thing starts next week — the PUBG Europe League Phase 2.

Let’s start with PEL Phase 1, where you finished top 2. What can you say about these three weeks as a whole? Was it intense to play on LAN each week? What about living in Berlin, away from home?

PEL Phase 1 was really tough because we had so many game days and during them, we didn’t really have time to do other stuff than be at the venue. Playing on LAN is always intense, especially when we have so many game days. Luckily, we have a gaming house here in Berlin so everything is easier.

In Phase 1, you faced a new scoring system — SUPER. What do you think of it?

I personally like and at the same time hate the new scoring system. It is nice that kills are rewarded, but placement points should be rewarded a little bit more than they are right now. In the end, this is a survival game and right now it doesn’t feel like it. From a viewers perspective, this system is super good because it adds early game action.

You adapted quite well to the system actually. Was that hard? How much did you need to change your style and tactics to be able to do so well?

We didn’t really change our playstyle that much coming into this system, but we learned that sometimes it is better to go for kills than try and get placements.

After Phase 1 you went to the FACEIT Global Summit where you finished top 3 and earned Europe +1 slot for the Global Championship. How was it to play against top-tier teams from all over the world?

Playing against top tier teams from all over the world was a bit different than our own league because we got contested in our loot location and had to play a different style than we are used to. It didn’t feel any harder than playing in PEL.

The tournament fielded the best teams from around the entire world, all having to adapt to a new format. Which teams impressed you the most and how? Who taught you ideas that you hadn’t considered before and what were those?

The team which impressed me most was STK, nowadays called Lazarus, from NA. They had a really bad start in the finals but still managed to come back and get second place which was impressive.

After the FACEIT Global Summit, you came to the Kick-off Cup and took second place in the group stage. What’s the secret to being such a consistently high-ranked team?

We don’t have any secrets to being a consistent team. We just play our own game and reset well after bad matches.

When it comes to the Kick-off Cup, an interesting fact is that of the 16 winners that got to the finals, 10 are from Contenders and only six from PEL. Does this ratio show the real power balance between the two divisions?

PEL teams had many roster changes so that’s why I think Contender teams were doing better, but I think there are a couple of Contenders teams that are stronger than some PEL ones and they just need a little bit more experience.

What do you expect from Phase 2? Which Contenders teams have the best chances for promotions?

I expect us to get top 3 again in Phase 2. The teams most likely to be promoted are, in my opinion, Desperado, Se7en and Besiktas.

What helps you to set such a high score, especially at the first day of Finals?

Getting high scores in finals is nothing special for us. We know we are one of the best teams in the world and we know we can do well in any tournament. We trust our playstyle and that’s it.


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