After a subpar start to the 2018 Season World Championship for Gambit Esports, team’s midlaner Mykhailo “Kira” Harmash took time to share their experiences at the most important event of the year.

In their opening match, the CIS representatives faced off against the Taiwan Regional Finals winners G-Rex. The 36 minute long match proved to be less than challenging for the team from Taiwan. To put things in perspective, Gambit failed to take down a single enemy turret in the entirety of the match.

Harmash and his team managed to bounce back in the second game against Kaos Latin Gamers. Gambit pulled a reversal and beat KLG in a 29 minute game. Kira’s Galio proved to be instrumental to his team’s success. GMB overcame the second hurdle for a much-needed confidence boost.

Tomorrow Gambit will face off against G-Rex and Kaos Latin Gamers again. Two teams with the best record in the group will progress towards the next round, for a chance to get into the main event.

After the dust has settled, Mykhailo “Kira” Harmash in a short interview talked about their team’s performance on the first day of the event.

Vie: You seemed like a completely different player on Galio than you were on Malzahar. How did that game go for you?

Kira: I’m really happy that on this server all skins are unlocked and that I could pick the one I really wanted. I was very happy to play Galio. I feel very confident playing him. There’s a lot of engage potential there and I actually feel useful for once. Unlike some other champions.

Vie: Tell me about your first game. It really didn’t go so well for you. What was the idea behind those picks?

Kira: We knew he had to play around top and mid. In the middle, I had to play a painfully passive game against my own wishes. At one point it was getting really frustrating because we could’ve easily killed Syndra there, gained a lot of vision control, and win the game thanks to our bot lane.

Vie: It looked like you will play around your bottom lane, but something collapsed there. 

Kira: PvPStejos didn’t call Diamond to top lane, because we wanted to protect our bot lane in case they start playing really aggressively there — like they usually do. Our coaches scouted them really well and told us exactly how to play this one. The execution of that plan was the problem. Especially in the middle lane.

Vie: G-Rex is still a major dark-horse, it couldn’t have been easy to scout them. Did they play the way you expected them to? 

Kira: I think it was what we expected. It may not seem like much, but it really helped that two of our guys have already played against one of them before. I mean Toyz (G-Rex coach). Some of the things never really changed since the Taipei Assassins days. We knew some things and we were ready for them.

Vie: Thanks for your time, Kira. Any parting words?

Kira: Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it. The first match wasn’t very good, the second one was a bit better. I think the next one will be even better and we will show some cool things. We will do our best.

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