Korea’s largest esports producer and network OGN announces its expansion to North America — and will spend upwards of $100 million dollars in doing so.

As part of its new expansion, OGN will partner up with PUBG Corp to bring North America’s first professional league to audiences. OGN will be the ones organizing, running, producing, and broadcasting National PUBG League (NPL) — a $1 million PUBG league supported by the developers of the game.

As a division of CJ E&M, Korea’s largest entertainment company, OGN has produced well over 500 tournaments and leagues in esports since its launch in 2000. The Korean company flaunts an impressive 3,000 hours of esports content produced every year. OGN is probably best known for the production of League of Legends Champions Korea league (LCK) as well as their work in Starcraft.

With the announcement of PUBG’s first professional esports league comes the announcement of OGN’s studio. The weekly live NPL matches will be played from a brand new 35,000 square foot arena in Manhattan Beach. The new OGN home in North America will seat up to 100 competitors, 500 audience members, and will feature 270 LED screens to help them follow the action. This will bolster OGN’s status, this being the largest esports studio on the West Coast.

OGN Battle Royale studio

Even though the arena was built with battle royale in mind, it will accommodate for two other esports events. Fans of esports will be invited to view the OGN Super League — a weekly competition that will cover the biggest esports titles. It will be produced side-by-side with OGN Super Match — an event with a similar concept, but featuring only invited players.

In addition to their live tournaments and events, the Korean company will be creating original esports content geared towards the North American audiences. This includes game shows, docu-series revolving around the biggest names in the esports world, virtual reality shows, and more.

OGN’s new studio in North America will open its doors early next year, with the start of National PUBG League, where 16 best teams from the region will battle for a prize pool of $1 million dollars.

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