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Big changes coming to Riot’s League of Legends in the preseason, developer blog post suggests. Longer laning phase, reworked runes, and more comebacks await us.

The last inside scoop we got at the upcoming preseason changes was almost a month ago. The update reveals multiple changes that address the laning phase, comebacks, runes, and endgame meta. The changes will be shipped to the PBE shortly, although things are still expected to change leading up to the preseason patch. The big patch will be 8.23.

The laning phase change points to the fact that Riot Games are aiming to increase the duration of the laning phase. In the current environment, one gank or bad matchup can cost your team a tower. The developers don’t want for that to happen anymore and have changes in mind. They have come up with quite a creative solution which comes in the form of “Turret Plating”  — an enormous shield that’s been planted in front of your turret.

The shield will have five layers, all of which will have to be taken down one by one. Only after all five shields were taken down will the turret start taking damage. Whenever a plate is destroyed, the resistance of the remaining plates increases. If the turret is being attacked by more than one person the turret will receive a defensive shield called “bulwark” for a short while after a plate was taken down.

Whenever a layer of the shield is destroyed, the team will be rewarded with a small amount of gold. Turret plating will only be active early-game and will disappear after the 14-minute mark. After that, the turrets will return to their current, shieldless state.

The second big change is to the Runes. We were previously informed that Riot was going to remove the stat bonuses from rune paths so that players were free to pick the runes that they want for specific champions. In the new system, they will implement a new way, which will allow players to pick their own bonus stats.

The bonus stats are set to include more adaptive damage, more HP per level, flat amounts of resistances, or attack speed bonuses. The system and the numbers are still being worked on and are bound to change, but it certainly looks like an improvement over the current stat bonuses.

Probably the biggest change comes in how the bounties are calculated. In the end, it means that the losing team is granted a clearer path to a comeback. First of all, bounties will now be displayed on the scoreboard, making it easier for teams to decide which enemy to shut down. Bounties will also not come solely from kills anymore, but will also increase with the amount of creep score (cs) the player has.

Additionally, bounties will be capped at 1000 gold, however, if the enemy’s bounty exceeds 1000 gold the remainder of the bounty will roll over to the next death. This means that a really fed champion could be shut down multiple times while still having a bounty to his name, thus rewarding a losing team.

In their final statement, the developers have given more details on how they want games to be ended more easily. This is supposedly the change Riot Games were working on for a while, although not much information is available on it. From what we know, the minions will be buffed earlier in the game as well as more cannons will be spawned.

In a similar fashion, jungle objectives such as dragon, baron, and the elder drake will spawn more frequently, giving teams an incentive to fight.

The updates that are set to hit the live servers in the next months are bound to bring big changes to the game.

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