Just south of the Georgopol bridge, we sat down with Justin “MiracU” McNally before the opening games of PUBG Global Invitational 2018.

Parting ways with their sponsor, Team Kinguin, didn’t do much in terms of stopping MiracU and his team. Welcome to South Georgo (WTSG) entered PGI Europe finals in Leicester, UK, as one of the favorites to win.

The subpar performance on the first day, where WTSG finished outside of Top 10, seems to have motivated them even more. The team picked up two chicken dinners on the second day and remained consistent throughout to secure themselves a second place in the overall rankings. Together with Team Liquid and Pittsburgh Knights, they qualified to represent Europe in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’ biggest tournament ever.

Starting 25th of July, some of the world’s best teams will gather in Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany, to battle it out for $2 million dollars in prize money over four days of competition.

But before that, we chatted with MiracU about his team, their journey to the finals, and the future of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Vie: How did you get into competitive PUBG?

MiracU: I have always been a competitive person so in the early days of PUBG I played a lot of duos and always got really high on the leaderboards. When the esports scene started to develop my duo partner at the time and I made a team with some other friends.

Vie: Is your family OK with you competing?

MiracU: My family and friends are very supportive, they think esports is great, I get to travel a lot which they also see as a bonus.

Vie: The growth over the past few months has been insane. And now there’s actual money to be made from the game.

MiracU: It’s incredible how the scene has developed over the last six months, there has been a lot of tournaments and it’s great for the game. A $2 million dollar tournament is huge and it gives us players a lot of belief that PUBG is going in the right direction.

Vie: So the pressure is on now?

MiracU: I don’t feel any extra pressure just because it’s the biggest tournament to date. We will play our game and do our best, same as we always do.

Vie: PGI is just another day at the office for you guys?

MiracU: We are approaching this tournament like any of the others we have attended. We have done our research on other teams and we have practiced a lot individually and as a team.

Vie: How much of your prep time is dedicated to TPP?

MiracU: I have not practiced a crazy amount of TPP, a few hours every day, just to keep myself familiar with the playstyle.

Vie: What did you think after first seeing PGI will feature both TPP and FPP?

MiracU: Europe has been playing FPP for months now but I do see why they decided to give TPP a go as it’s still a major thing in Asia. I think it’s safe to say that FPP is way more suitable for competitive play.

Vie: You guys played out of your minds in the PGI quals. What changed in those few weeks since DH Austin, where you finished 8th?

MiracU: At DreamHack Austin we made a lot of mistakes, individually and as a team. We failed to close out some games that we could have easily won. We did not make any crazy changes, we just played our game, didn’t make the same mistakes, and got the best result out of most of the games.

Vie: PGI is just days away now. Which teams are you most concerned about?

MiracU: We know all of the teams here are capable of winning. We are not worried about anyone in particular, but I would say Liquid, Knights, and NAVI are some of the best teams at PGI.

Vie: There has been some criticism towards the slot distribution between the regions. Do you think it’s been handled fairly?

MiracU: Hey look, I know what you’re getting at. But we also need to remember that in tournaments, especially tournaments that span worldwide a la a “World Championship” of some sort, both in esports and sports, very seldom — if ever — all the best teams are actually at the tournament. You are always gonna get the geographical spread, heck you even need it. PUBG is huge in Asia.

You also have to remember that the scene is still young and trying to figure stuff out, what works best for PUBG etc. In time we will hopefully see a more well-weighted list of distributed spots, but there will always be some kind of geographical spread and that’s just something we will have to accept, it’s in the best interest of the game.

Vie: Parting words, MiracU, which region will win PGI 2018?

MiracU: Europe or CIS will take the crown.

You can follow MiracU on Twitter @MiracUfps.

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