Partial rehabilitation of Fnatic, soaz against Bwipo, the backdoor from Vitality and pentakill for Rekkles — we analyze what happened during the third week of the European League.

This week brought not only exciting and interesting moments but also patch 9.2. To find out what did that bring to the game exactly, read on.

Day 1

SK / G2: It’s not easy to play, knowing that your opponent is still the invincible G2 Esports, sweeping their enemies off the Summoner’s Rift. But SK Gaming did not succumb to the excitement and showed that they are not afraid to play against such a team. Pirean earned first blood on his Le Blanc, fighting against Jankos and Caps.

An aggressive and bloody early game from both teams, where each side responded with a kill to a kill. But only one mistake by SK in a fight at 22 minutes decided the outcome of the match. Despite the impressive performance of Werlyb on Kennen, the lack of visibility and focus of Sejuani gave G2 enough advantage to trample SK and pick up Nashor. And from there on they could see the end. 8/18 in favor of G2 in 25 minutes.

SPY / S04: From the very beginning, the game went in favor of Splyce. When they took their first blood on the top, and then Norskeren on Braum caught the dragon using the Unsealed Spellbook rune. However, Humanoid could not compare with Abbedagge nor by damage dealt, nor by pressure on enemies.

But on the 15th minute of FC Schalke 04 Esports began to gradually come forward, increasing the advantage due to the passivity of rivals. As a result, in the large midfield on the midpoint of the 26th minute, S04 were able to get an ACE and immediately advance to the Baron, which brought them 2 inhibitors later. Splyce managed to defend their base for the first time, but here the second push of Schalke 04 — powered by the Nashor buff — was the last straw. A well-deserved victory for S04 in 35 minutes with a score of 7/16 in their favor.

FNC / RGE: After a series of defeats in the first weeks of the split, Fnatic unanimously claimed that they could return to the pedestal again and this time they reinforced the words with a deed. Despite a shaky start, the FNCs showed how good they are in team fights. And if at first it was all “on the verge”, then with each fight Fnatic held on more and more confidently.

Due to the excellent positioning of FNC, Rogue could not get through to their main carry, Rekkles and in the final team-fight the Swedish rifleman received a well-deserved pentakill. 15/8 in favor of Fnatic and the first victory in this split.

XL / MSF: This time, exceL Esports was playing more actively than in previous weeks, and it bore fruit: after a leisurely 25 minutes, the game was in the hands of XL. On the 28th minute, Misfits Gaming decided to go to the baron, having lost the fight right before this, but Expect had to remake the enemy jungler with the help of the Unsealed Spellbook. After such a chance, MSF did not have any chance of winning, and even attempts to defend base 4 against 3 did not help them. Score 12/3 in favor of exceL.

VIT / OG: With the slow but sure steps Team Vitality stepped up the advantage of the whole early game, despite the resistance of Origen. By midtime, it became clearly visible — each time OG lagged behind more and more. In a fight near Nashor on 30 minutes, they tried to stop VIT, but a wonderful ult from Mowgli’s Lee Sin immediately on three players Origen decided the retreat from this fight. One successful teamfight at the 39th minute mark could turn into a comeback point for OG, if they hadn’t been caught in the deadly Vitality ambush. 16/8 for 43 minutes in favor of VIT.

Day 2

G2 / SPY: Splyce’s extremely aggressive early game, but G2 only needed a little more time for Wunder and PerkZ to collect key items. However, even with powerful carry G2 had to sweat to get another victory. On the 35th minute, SPY took Nashor and even decided on a dangerous fight in the forest, but something went wrong according to plan: Kobbe flew over the wall because of PerkZ, which hit the blast cone, right into the hands of G2. Deprived of their carry, Splyce lost their chance for a victory. Tense 40 minutes and a score of 28/14 in favor of G2.

XL / S04: For most of the match, it was a game of junglers. Memento from the early levels began to invade the enemy forest, while Caedrel focused on the ganks. But closer to the midgame Schalke 04 gradually began to come forward, because by this time Upset farmed up on Kai’Sa enough items. Unfortunately, the XL could not resist the two sieges of S04 with Nashor’s buffs. The game ended in 30 minutes with a modest score of 6/9.

SK / OG: From the very beginning of the game, the advantage was for SK: Pirean held onto Atrox perfectly, and Selfmade on Sejuani simply outplayed Kold in all directions. But this turned into excessive confidence, so already on the 16th minute, SK Daivili, under the T2 turret and this did not turn out very well. They took the tower, but the Patrik on Calista earned a free triple kill.

After that, Origen began to play more aggressively and confidently, which was facilitated by a successful fight for Nashor in the 25th minute, where Werlyb made a fatal mistake — he accidentally walked Zhonya’s Hourglass to teamfight, playing on Vladimir. 37 minutes and the victory is already in the OG’s piggy bank with a beautiful 11/22 score in their favor.

RGE / VIT: Perhaps the most incredible game of this split so far. Rogue all match crushed opponents, not giving them a chance for a comeback. Kikis played in his own style — very aggressively, and Sencux showed a real master class on cutting enemies to Akali. Vitality’s only hope for victory was in Splitpushing, which was what Jiizuke did on his Ryze.

At 31 minutes, RGE killed Nashor and went to demolish the mid, but the leader of VIT continued his push. A slight delay and uncertainty in the decision making was the end for RGE. As long as they doubted, Vitality took advantage of two additional teleports and simply took away the enemy base. So in a blink of an eye, the game in which Rogue confidently fought 13/3 ended in a win for Vitality.

MSF / FNC: If you look at the results of the first day, it may seem that the Misfits are exhausted, and Fnatic are back in service. However, as this game showed, everything is still in place. The dominant performance from MSF, where Maxlore from the very start did not let Broxah quietly farm the forest, thereby preventing Zach from skating to Leith, and Febiven to Le Blanc very quickly could oneshot almost anyone.

In addition, in the standoff at the top of Soaz, without a chance, he destroyed Bwipo. The FNC tried to stop the constant Misfits offensive and even succeeded a couple of times in this, but the defeat turned out to be inevitable. Only 30 minutes in the game and a crushing 17/2 score in favor of MSF.

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