Coming out victorious in the PUBG’s first-ever Major, the Chinese OMG are feeling more confident than ever in their game.

Before their arrival in Berlin, the Chinese players were confident in the third-person mode. That’s the mode that they practiced the most back in China. As an added bonus, the European teams barely played TPP these days anymore. It was a golden opportunity. If a Chinese team could bring back the trophy, it would be from the TPP tournament.

But it did not go as well as they expected. Even though OMG managed to pick up the chicken dinner on the first day of the competition, the inconsistent performance cost them a lot of points. At the end of the event, the Chinese representatives found themselves in the fourth place, just behind the Korean and two European teams.

What no one saw coming, was what would happen next. On the first day of the FPP tournament OMG completely exploded. They took home three of the four games on the first day. And even on the fourth game, they finished second.

Not even a lackluster second day was enough to stop the Chinese team. OMG gathered enough points to cement their lead and became the first ever PUBG World Champions. In FPP, nonetheless.

To talk about their success in the tournament, we grabbed the whole team, as well as their coach TouTou for an interview.

Vie: How do you feel about winning the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 in the first-person mode tournament?

TouTou: Very happy. We played the game our way and we will continue to lead the team in OMG style. I want to show OMG’s ambition to all the teams around the world.

silentBT: I felt very bad about performing poorly in the third person mode. I still don’t know how we managed to play so well in the FPP mode, but it happened and it was amazing.

Vie: You guys played very aggressively in the FPP tournament.

xiaohaixxxx: When we play in China, we are representing only one club. But when we’re playing in the World Championship, we are representing China. So we played more aggressively.

Vie: So that was your key to victory?

xiaorong: There is no one special strategy to winning because it’s like a different game every time, map and round you play.

Vie: OMG is pouring insane resources into their teams. That must be helpful as well?

TouTou: Yes. There are four other people working towards the success of this team behind the scenes. One external contact person, one manager, and two analysts. OMG is ahead of any Western team in terms of infrastructure.

Vie: Do you know what you’ll be doing with the prize money already?

lionkk: I got the personal prize money for the most kills as well as the longest survival, and for now I want to give a good gift to my girlfriend for supporting me.

Vie: You guys also played in the Charity Showdown with the popular streamers. Some of them are just really good and experienced players. What do you think separates pro players from skilled amateurs?

TouTou: Professional players and amateurs are really different. One of them are professional athletes, they do this for a living, and amateurs play games for fun and entertainment of others. I think there is a big difference there. There are many talented and practiced players like lionkk in China. In order for the Chinese esports system to develop further, I think more players should be able to stand on this stage like lionkk.

xiaohaixxxx: I think the biggest difference is in patience. Playing a game for a job is very different from simply playing a game every day. There comes a lot of strategy, patience, and so on with it.

Vie: Before I let you go, is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

TouTou: In a regular FPS game, the Chinese teams lose to the European teams. Even in PUBG we have lost against the European teams before. But I think this PGI proved that the Chinese team can beat other European teams. We will do our best to come to the top of Battlegrounds’ esports in the future.

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