Yesterday, the Korean branch of Riot Games decided on the issue of irregularities in the transfer of Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok from Griffin to JD Gaming, imposing a fine on the organization and excluding from participation in any League of Legends competitions the former director of Griffin Cho Gyu-nama and trainer Kim “cvMaxa” Dae-ho. Riotu’s investigation showed that cvMax was mentally and physically abusing his pupils, but Dae-ho himself denied ever getting carried away and reacted in an indecent way.

Now, however, more accusations against cvMax saw the light of day, saying that he was not just harsh for his players, but he used physical and psychological violence on them daily. These accusations are statements of the players themselves and one of the coaches who in an interview with Inven Global confessed their traumatic experiences related to Dae-ho.

– I joined Griffin during the second round of last summer’s split. There has been physical and verbal abuse since my arrival in the team. I have often seen cvMax throw his notebook when expressing his opinion on matches. He often behaved aggressively towards some players. For example, he once yelled at a player saying he played like an orphan. In addition, he sometimes hit the chair in which the player sat or grab the collar and shake the player  – reveals one of the witnesses of all events, coach Byun “Chaos” Young-sub.

However, these are not the only situations that harassed players had to deal with. In addition to calling players orphans, which is also considered one of the worst names in South Korea, cvMax often vulgarly called charges and used physical violence against them, as mentioned by team toplaner Choi “Sword” Sung-won. –cvMax once told me that: “You can’t make a person with one hand clap. Other players have two hands, but you only have one. I can’t treat a disabled person like anyone else. ” In addition, on February 9, while speaking his opinion about the match, he grabbed my collar and shook me hard. After that he called me to his room and said: “I have nothing to apologize for. You deserved it. Do you know what you did wrong? ” In addition, he stated that I was disgusting and that he could not stand me. He said that if we lose because of me, he would follow me even to the end of the world to get revenge or kill me. I also have a recording of a phone conversation in which he swore terribly –  confesses Griffin.

We also learn from the interview that cvMax notoriously insulted competitors who did worse even during training. Even worse, former trainer Griffin didn’t feel guilty and thought that what he was doing was all right. – Personally, I wasn’t a victim of physical or verbal violence, but I saw how he used it against other players. While we were preparing for the summer split finals, cvMax said to one of the contestants: “asshole, you really suck”. I  remember it a lot – recalls Griffin jungler Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong.

It cannot be denied that being and cooperating with an aggressive person like cvMax every day must have left a mark on the players’ psyche. In addition, telling about such a case may also affect the future of the players in esports. No wonder that some of them did not want to speak on this topic in an interview, and those who gathered courage had a lot of difficulty talking about all incidents. –In fact, speaking directly on this subject can also affect us badly. With this in mind, we agreed to give this interview to correct what is bad. To be honest, I’m scared even now. cvMax thinks that revealing this matter is tantamount to dividing the team and taking someone else’s side. The players were really hurt emotionally and went through a terribly hard time. I just wanted to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. I’m just talking about what I’ve experienced with cvMax and I want to fix what’s wrong – explains band’s second midlaner, Shin “Rather” Hyeong-seop. –I was really afraid to give this interview and I was even selfishly thinking if I would be hurt. Either way, I’m here to reveal the whole truth, that’s why I know that nothing bad will happen to me. I came from my own free will not to lie – added Tarzan.

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