PUBG Mobile is about to get more competitive, with a Star Challenge tournament series coming to Europe later this week.

Even though we haven’t seen much potential for competitive play in PUBG’s mobile game, it turns out that’s because we weren’t looking hard enough. But that is about to change, with a new series of competitive tournaments coming to Tencent’s PUBG Mobile.

Today, Tencent Games together with PUBG Corp. announce their tournament PUBG Mobile Star Challenge coming to Europe. The European qualifier event will feature 16 top streamers, influencers, and pro players vying for their chance at a chicken dinner. The competitors will fight for $600,000 in prize money which will be distributed over several global tournaments.

The first stop will take place in Kiev Cybersport Arena, in the very heart of Ukraine. The event begins this weekend and will happen on September 29 and 30. PUBG Mobile Star Challenge will be streamed live on PUBG Mobile Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook channels.

Invited players will form the squads of four people around themselves for the event. In a similar fashion to PUBG’s first invitational at Gamescom 2017, the invited players are famous streamers, community members, and content creators coming from both versions of the game.

Star Challenge will feature both game modes, with TPP being played on the first day and FPP on the second. The event series are made up of the Qualifiers, Preliminaries, Regional Finals, and World Finals.

The push for PUBG Mobile esports is in line with Bluehole’s five-year plan announced during the PUBG Global Invitational 2018. There are more events planned for the mobile game in the near future, with developers being keen on making it a success. The big factor for the future of the game will be the viewership numbers and the community response.

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