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Tencent will significantly subsidize the esports program for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile scene in the coming year. Already in the coming months, we will see new tournaments where the best players will be able to fight for their share of a five million dollar prize pool.

Last year, PUBG Mobile players spent an average of $140 million monthly on, among others, visual enhancements for characters and seasonal passes. In addition, this title is the first of the battle royale genre, which in the mobile version has achieved revenue exceeding one billion dollars. A few days ago we also learned that the abovementioned over 600 million people have already downloaded the game! It is no wonder that some of the Chinese giant’s revenues will be allocated to the development of a professional ecosystem.

James Yang, the esports director of PUBG Mobile, gave details of the previously announced Pro League for Southeast Asia and announced that two additional leagues will be created for both the Americas and Southeast Asia. The changes will also include the qualification system — from now on the best teams from individual countries will be able to advance to the highest level of play, i.e. the World League.

The World League will take place in May and October of the following year and will end with the World Championship. There is no doubt that the actions of the developers of PUBG Mobile will have a positive impact on the popularity of this title. The mobile version of PUBG already flaunts an impressive player count with more than 200 million active players worldwide, with over 30 million active daily players.

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