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It is known that in online games pleasure comes only from winning. Yes, great action or spectacular frag will give us momentary satisfaction, but in the end, it is important that our name is under the inscription “winner”. After all, each victory is more ranking points, thanks to which our rank will grow. Important in all significant esports titles – in Counter-Strike, League of Legends and also in the upcoming VALORANT.

Riot Games obviously intends to implement the rank system in its upcoming FPS, although at the moment we know very little about it. “I think we are not ready yet to reveal details about the ranking system,” the creators assured during the recent Q&A with media representatives. “We know that rank names are available, but otherwise we don’t reveal much.”

“The ranking system is something that we are currently working on (and probably will always be!), So everything that is available in the client can still change. However, we intend to create a ranking system dedicated to VALORANT,” they added. So what does it look like at the moment?

We get seven ranks, which are to be called the mercenary, soldier, veteran, hero, legend, mythical and immortal. At the moment it is not even certain that the ranking system presented in the beta will last until the official premiere, as mentioned above.

However, it seems that the highest possible rank will be VALORANT, although not everyone probably has the privilege of having it — it is possible that we are dealing here with something like the LoL’s Challenger, available only to the absolute world leaders.

The first thing that catches the eye is a kind of resemblance to the system known from League of Legends, although this is of course not surprising — in both cases, we are dealing with the game of the same manufacturer. Either way, as in LoL, players are to be rewarded for their achievements, although at the moment it is not known how.

“We intend to introduce a rewards system for ranked games, but we haven’t developed it yet,” it was said during the aforementioned Q&A. It is also difficult to clearly determine whether the ranks will reset at the end of the season, or whether they will stay with us for longer, for example, as it is in Counter-Strike. More likely, however, is an option from League of Legends, i.e. split into seasons.

We will be able to test the ranking system on April 7 during the closed beta, as it will be there already. It is worth remembering, however, that what we will develop during tests will not translate into our rank after the premiere, which is scheduled for summer this year — in the full version we will be leveling up again. Then, ladders will be available that will not appear in the test version of the game.

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