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More and more countries are deciding to close mass events and limit the flow of population at airports due to the coronavirus epidemic that has been in existence for some time. It is no wonder then that the organizers of esports games also do not intend to keep players and fans in suspense and also take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of both mentioned groups and their employees. In view of the current global situation, Riot Games officially announced today that the Mid-Season Invitational has been moved from May to July, as well as the cancellation of all Rift Rivals tournaments.

An official note has appeared on LoL Esports today in which Riot Games esports director John Needham explained the reasons for the changes to the second-most-important esports tournament in the League of Legends calendar year.

“After talking to our leagues and other stakeholders, we’ve decided to transfer our annual Mid-Season Invitational from May to July this year. Moving the tournament to the summer gives you the best chance to wait out the travel restrictions, so teams from leagues around the world will be able to safely move and compete,” it said in a statement. “Location and other details will be shared as soon as possible. We need to remain flexible, considering how much the COVID-19 situation has affected international travel and live events for almost every type of sport and entertainment. However, we want MSI to remain a truly global experience.”

Due to the postponement of MSI 2020 to July this year, Riot decided to also modify the schedule of the summer round of the most important LoL leagues around the world. By the decision of the organizers of the games, all the most prestigious leagues in the world will start a few weeks earlier than usual, which means that MSI will most likely take place during the main phase of all games. Below are the new start dates for all leagues organized by Riot Games:

  • OPL – May 15
  • VCS – May 15
  • LCS – May 16
  • TCL – May 16
  • LCK – May 20
  • LEC – May 22
  • CBLOL – May 23
  • LPL – May 23
  • PCS – May 30
  • LJL – May 31
  • LCL – June 6

However, these are not the first preventive measures recently introduced by the League of Legends producer. Just a few days ago, the LEC spring finals were moved from Budapest to the studio located in Berlin, and LoL Champions Korea players after a long time competing in LoL Park without the participation of the public were sent to forced rest, as the Korean branch of Riot Games decided to stop the next matches and wait with the LCK continuation until the situation in the country is under control.

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