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Riot Games is working not only on the technical side of VALORANT, but also on its esports aspect, and this means that fans eager for emotions will soon get something for themselves. The game developer has just announced a series of tournaments to catch the attention of new players. I am talking about the Ignition Series.

The newest child of Riot is only shortly after the premiere, but it is widely known that VALORANT is to be a production that will seriously threaten other FPS titles. For now, the return of the ranking system is to help, and soon, this weekend, there will be two tournaments. The first edition of the Ignition Series, organized in cooperation with G2 Esports and Red Bull, will be dedicated to formations from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

From Friday starting 15:00 CEST in action we will see eight teams, but everything indicates that the struggles will have a slightly looser format because the captains will get to know their teammates only on Thursday. Three days of action will select the best five.

On the other hand, VALORANT Ignition Series RAGE will be waiting for players from Japan. In this case, we can expect the participation of professional teams, because the organizers have already confirmed the participation of DetonatioN Gaming and JUPITER. Sixteen teams will compete for the main prize of 500,000 yen, which is just under $50,000 US dollars. The matches are scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will start from 8:00 am CEST.

As announced by the creators of the game, this is not the end of esports action in June. The next Ignition Series tournaments will take place from 26 to 28 June: one for teams from the EMEA region and the other for North America, but we have to wait for more details.

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