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Yesterday, a short trailer on Fiddlesticks’ rework appeared on YouTube’s League of Legends channel, which could have suggested that Riot Games will soon officially present its skills. And in fact — exactly 24 hours after the trailer appeared on the network, the creators of LoL released another video, this time presenting Fiddle from a more specific perspective, i.e. as characters in the game.

Although today’s film lasts a little over a minute, it already partly reveals what we can expect from Ancient Fear — as Fiddlesticks will now be called — and to what extent the new range of abilities differs from what we have seen so far.

Answering this second question – it seems that not so much. It is true that the very beginning reveals the new possibilities of Fiddle, but the further into the forest, the less visible changes. Under the Q key, the skill will still be available to cause terror to enemies, under the sucking of the opponent’s life energy (now it will cover more than one opponent), under E, the silence will continue, and the final skill will have changed in the least, except for its visual update.

However, it is not that absolutely nothing has changed. The third ability will look completely different, because instead of releasing a ghost that will bounce off enemies, Fiddlesticks will strike with their weapon, while slowing down the opponents hit. You cannot pass by indifferently to the passive skills that have changed the most … and probably will no longer be “passive” anymore.

Instead of the usual bonuses to the movement speed, Fiddlesticks will be able to put scarecrows looking like himself, which will have the ability to discover invisible objects. In today’s video only the discovery of Warding Totems is shown, but it is possible that this skill hides — and in fact discovers — more.

The whole video presenting the possibilities of the new Fiddlesticks can be seen above.

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