The continued failures of Fnatic, disappointing Misfits, unstoppable G2 esports and predictable Rogue — it’s the fourth week of LEC in review.

Stats of the week

One of the main questions of this season is what will happen sooner: the loss of G2 or the victory of Rogue? The probabilities of both events are extremely small, but the first seems almost impossible. If you look at the statistics of all the LEC players, then we will see that on every role, the G2 representative are the best at the moment per minute. And Mikyx, for example, on average does as much damage as Fnatic’s Broxah.

The “damage per minute” stat leaderboard looked as follows:

1. Perkz ADC 750

2. UpseT ADC 571

3. Caps MID 570

4. Kobbe ADC 570

5. Wunder TOP 557

The statistics of Perkz, the leader in this indicator among all players of the championship, looks awful for opponents. He inflicts on his opponent 750 damage every minute, while his main pursuer Upset is only 517. And these are the numbers of the person who plays the first season in a new position and still does not fully understand how to correctly stand the line. While G2 does not have any problems in the early stage of the game, their shooter can play aggressively in any position — in Europe there is no one to punish him and take the whole game, and not just the line.

Progress of the week

Three teams managed to win both of their games this week. Nobody doubted G2, but Splyce and Origen were surprises. The first after the failure of the two meetings were able to return life to their players, especially in Kobbe, and won two games in a row, once again adhering to their favorite tactics:

1. Win in the early game
2. Do nothing
3. Wait for late game for Kobbe to collect all 6 items.
4. ???

The plan does not look perfect, but the winners are not judged. As long as Kobbe is fine, it will work.

Origen, on the other hand, was able to breathe life into Mithy, after which he demonstrated the level of one of the best EU support players for two whole games. If the victory over Rogue shows only that you are stronger than the random set of players from solo, then winning against Schalke is already a sign that the xPeke and Deficio teams are on the right track.

The entire Origen lineup began to play better: Alphari remembered that he could press the buttons at a level above the average, Kold partially rehabilitated and looked like a jungler who does not want to fly out of the league after this split, Patrik found his comfortable picks, and there were no special complaints to Nukeduck — his level is undeniable.

All in all, all these improvements became possible due to the efforts of the coaches and the shotcalling from Mithy, which gave Origen an early advantage due to timely roams. This team has a hidden potential, and only now they began to use it for the number of percent close to a hundred.

Fnatic’s mistakes

Fnatic’s suffering continues, despite their former results. No one has lost as quickly as the boys in orange lost to G2 in one of the main matches of the week. The problems are obvious both for the coach Youngbuck, and for all the team members — Fnatic are terrible in the early stages of the game, and in this environment, the victory in the early game is almost equal to the victory in the game. Instead of picking early game champions, we often see 3 losing lanes in their draft, which are aimed at the late game instead, which leads to the majority of defeats.

Youngbuck himself says that he is weak in learning the early game, and will develop in this component with the team. But Fnatic is not the best place for such experiments, because after the World Cup final, the expectations for the team are extremely high (or at least were).

Winter management mistakes hit the team critically. Whether it was worth letting head coach Dylan Falco go, and getting Youngbuck instead, is a big question that will be answered by the table after the four weeks of LEC. Dylan with a less talented roster in Schalke 04 is in second place, and Fnatic — in second from the end.

Rekkles on the stream voiced the opinion that Caps saw the Fnatic problems hidden from the fans and the lack of opportunities to solve them, so he went to G2 to win. Now it is already obvious that for him this turned out to be unconditionally the best decision that could be made.

Best team of the week — G2

Continue to speed through the LEC. Riot should allow more than 5 champions against G2 to be banned so that at least someone in Europe can beat them. Not only that individually each their player enters the tops of the best in their positions, it is still impossible to predict what they will play in each new match.

So far, the G2 level leaves only two intrigues: will they be able to arrange the perfect split with a score of 18-0, and how they will look on the international stage? If Perkz again doesn’t eat Korean snacks and approaches the game on the line more consciously, then the EU dream team will be able to resist the Chinese teams and robots from Griffin.

Worst Team of the Week — Misfits

Marked with the “Super team” stamp, the Misfits crumbled too quickly. Their in-game communication suffers, which significantly slows their development. Gorilla and Hans Sama no longer look so impressive as at the beginning of the season. After a great start, the Korean support seemed to lose all of his motivation, losing the whole game on his own mistakes. And it’s not necessary to talk about their synergy with Maxlore — why discuss what is not there.

Teammfight in the middle of the game with Splyce is indicative, when Maxlore, Soaz and Gorilla could not synchronize their actions, separately initiated the battle and gave all the advantage away. With this teamwork, the Misfits are infinitely far from the struggle for the Top 2 in the Spring Split.

Best Player of the Week — Caps

The main talent of Europe continues to destroy as once again the opponents forget to ban his Akali. All Jizuke had to do was helplessly raise his hands up. Against Duo Caps and Jankos, no one has yet emerged victorious, their interaction is now immaculate. Wunder said that after they picked Akali, whom he hadn’t played for a long time, because he knew that Caps would keep them closed. Confidence rolls over, but when you have collected such talents, you can not call it unjustified.

The game against Fnatic was quite simple. Jankos helped a little in the early game, and after Caps on Zoe, he was unstoppable, hit all the skill shots, did impressive damage, killed Nemesis solo, forcing Fnatic to be sad once again. A great week for the Danish G2 midlaner.

Worst player of the week — Gorilla

Gorilla’s frustration can be compared to Piglet’s initial disappointment with Team Liquid. Legendary Korean players often face difficulties outside their home region and without compatriots in the team, but Gorilla already has so much experience from various tournaments that the least problems were expected of him. This week he is directly responsible for the defeats of the Misfits.

Picking Tam Kench simply buried Hans Sama against the Blitzkrank — instead of saving him from the hook, Gorilla, on the contrary, was dragging his shooter straight into the enemy team. At first glance, this is a random error, but in the second game, the Korean support also gave up the early game on the bottom lane, just by not pressing the flash in a simple situation. This is no longer an accident, but a pattern. Gorilla and Hans Sama, like the rest of the Misfits, are sorely lacking in synergy.

Games not to miss this week:

G2 [1.48] – Misfits [3.05] (Feb 15, 22:00 CET)

Schalke 04 [1.99] – Team Vitality [2.01] (Feb 16, 19:00 CET)

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