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Finally, there it is — the premiere of VALORANT, a tactical shooter from the Riot Games stable, which was awaited by many computer game enthusiasts around the world. FPS producers after a few months of beta testing released a ready work in which we can not only compete for the highest rank but also play in games focused on pure entertainment. As a result, Spike Fever has already appeared in VALORANT, a mode that allows faster and, above all, more crazy gameplay.

From now on in the game client, in addition to regular and ranked matches, you’ll also find the opportunity to compete in Spike Fever mode. In it clashes will be played on all maps available in VALORANT, and one team will normally have five players. So what distinguishes Spike Fever from the usual skirmish at VALORANT?

Well, in the new mode, all players assigned to the attacking team will wear a Spike, so any player can place a package in the bomb area. The condition of winning the round will of course be the same as in the classic game — detonate the Spike or eliminate all rivals.

Spike fever will definitely be a faster and more exciting game mode in VALORANT also due to the fact that in each round all players will receive the same equipment, and in addition, they will always have all the loads of their skills. In addition, special bullets will appear on the map, which, instead of adding one charge to our key skill, will guarantee us additional reinforcements such as the speed of movement, more damage, reloading our ultimate, and even reducing the health of all rivals.

All this will contribute to the fact that the matches will be much more dynamic, and it should also be mentioned that they will not take us much time — because the team that wins four points first wins the match.

Bearing in mind that in VALORANT, apart from the usual shooting range, we do not have a place where we can practice our shooting skills. Spike’s fever due to its dynamics can be a great place to warm up and to train in a bit more demanding situations than shooting at still targets.

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