Ettore “Suprema_Ettorito” Giannuzzi defeated his Brazilian opponent Alemao_pesbr in the Final Match of WESG Grand Finals with a 2-0 score, claiming another world champion title for the Italian player.

As the winner of the tournament, Suprema_Ettorito received an award of $30,000 US dollars. Alemao_pesbr, who took the second place, won a hefty prize of $15,000 dollars.

This match was hosted at the Olympic Stadium in front of live audience of a few thousand Chinese esports fans. The event marked a second significant victory in a row for Suprema, following his first place finish in Pro Evolution Soccer world championship last summer.

After his return from China, the player talked about the event in an interview.

Another great event for you, another world champion title. How does it feel?

I’m so happy for this tournament. The tournament started very bad for me at the beginning. I lost one game and draw one, so I went to my hotel with only 4 points. After that, I changed my formation, I changed team with Liverpool and Barcelona because before I played with Arsenal.

Thanks to that I won all the games, I draw only one game in the group, and after that, I won the quarterfinal, semifinal, and final 2-0 in BO3. So I’m so happy! I was confident for this game and now I’m a champion.

Why didn’t you play with Barcelona from the very beginning?

Because I think Liverpool have faster players like Origi, Salah, Mané, Messi, Suarez, they are technical. So I think, for second game, you can use and choose Barcelona only for this, not for other reasons.

Who was the toughest opponent in this tournament?

I think it is Sofia.

How will you spend your money? It is really a huge amount of money.

I don’t know. Maybe I will go for some holidays, buy a new car, or do some gifts for my family and girlfriend. I don’t know at the moment.

The first phase of the event took place in a hotel and the finals were at the stadium. Is there any difference between the two in how you felt?

I think that from the hotel there will be a difference in the game. From the stadium, with the stream on the monitor, there will be a delay and it will be slower than it was in the hotel. But the emotion, of course, is different. On the stadium, you have more tension, and in the hotel, you are relaxed.

What is your next goal?

I will participate in the world final of Pro Evolution Soccer in June to become world champion back to back. I will try and we will see.

Do you have any words for your fans?

Hello, guys. I think you will challenge me in Pro Evolution Soccer. See you!

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