Just a week ago, we learned that SK Telecom T1 trainer Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun, who has been training for the past seven years, is going to say goodbye to the formation and look at offers from other organizations. The desire to change the environment was also expressed by Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, who definitively said goodbye to T1 just a few days later, leaving the band in a dull situation. Now, however, it turns out that the club has managed to find worthy successors able to fill the gaps left by its predecessors.

As for the change in the position of the main trainer, we are dealing with a real transfer bomb, because Kim “Kim” Jek-gyun was replaced by Kim “Kim” Jeong-soo, so one of the few trainers who managed to win the title of world champion . Jeong-soo is responsible for the huge success of Invictus Gaming from a year ago, which was undoubtedly the triumph at Worlds 2018. Last season, Kim was in turn associated with DAMWON Gaming, which is a BenLAM Benjamin. The trainer squeezed the best from a team composed mainly of youngsters, thanks to which a month ago we could watch their performance in the Worlds quarterfinal. Now, Kim has a much bigger challenge because he will have to lead the team who is always expected to have the most,

The top alley will be taken care of by 20-year-old Kim “Roach” Kang-hui, whom we can associate with performances in Kongdoo Monster. Last season, however, the Korean was a representative of Gen. G, with whom he failed to achieve particularly impressive results. Roach and his companions have failed to advance to the LCK play-offs twice, so they could also forget about fighting during Worlds. Despite everything, under the watchful eye of Kim and being surrounded by such experienced players as Faker, Roach has the chance to spread his wings and become a leading toplane in the world.

In addition, four youngsters were transferred to the 10-member team, which could train under the supervision of T1 trainers in the last year. Kim “Canna” Chang-dong, Choi “Ellim” El-lim, Lee “Gamayusi” Min-hyeong and Choi “Kuri” Won-yeong got engaged in the band.

Below we present the full composition of T1 for next year:

Kim ” Roach ” Kang-hui
Kim ” Canna ” Chang-dong
Moon ” Cuzz ” Woo-chan
Choi ” Ellim ” El-lim
Lee ” Faker ” Sang-hyeok
Jin-seong Teddy Park
Lee ” Gamayusi ” Min-hyeong
Lee ” Effort ” Sang-ho
Choi ” Kuri ” Won-yeong
Kim ” Kim ” Jeong-soo (coach)