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In mid-October during a stream celebrating the tenth anniversary of League of Legends, Riot Games announced that both LoL and Teamfight Tactics will appear on mobile devices in the future. From that time, however, it remained unclear how widely this “future” should be considered. TFT chief designer Stephen “Riot Mort” Mortimer recently lifted a veil of secrecy.

During his Sunday stream, when he appeared as Santa Claus, he announced that Teamfight Tactics will be released in the first half of next year, and more precisely — before May 31, 2020. It is possible that Riot plans to link this date with the introduction of the third set — as long as the second, like the first, will last several months. The beta will be available in January, as Mort also mentioned.

At the moment these are the most accurate dates for the release of TFT on mobile devices.

For several months, the appearance of updates in League of Legends also means changes in Teamfight Tactics. It is no different in the case of the last patch marked with number 9.24b. It also introduces significant changes in TFT, and being more precise — numerous nerfs and several reinforcements.

Changes did not bypass entire groups of heroes, i.e. their classes and origins. As for classes, one of them had a nerf in its activity, and they are the Assassins. If you have three characters from this group on the battlefield, they will deal less critical damage than before, while their chance for crits remains unchanged. More modifications have already appeared in the origins — the Infernal ones have been improved while weakening the Electric and Shadow ones.

Nerf hammer also found its target in objects. There are not many of these modified ones, because there are only two, and both relate to the chance of activating a special effect of a given item. But if you are innately lucky person, you may not be affected by this change. In total, this also applies to extremely unlucky people.

If you want to be one of the first to try TFT on mobile, you can already pre-register via Google Play. iPhone owners still have to be patient, because Riot still has not released more information about the appearance of the game on devices with an apple in the logo.

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