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A few days ago, the future of Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks came into question. A former Latvian Counter-Strike player who is currently competing in VALORANT, was accused of cheating in the new game, although he claimed from the beginning that he was innocent.

The author of the charges was Mohamed “ItsGamerDoc” Al-Sharifi, a former Red Reserve associate and founder of the absolutely unofficial Anti-Cheat Police Department. He announced that he had contacted one of the creators of the illegal software who directly accused Svarenieks of fraud. Latvian was to be involved not only in the use of cheats but also in the practice of matchfixing, which was to apply to both CS: GO and VALORANT.

The fish123 player shortly admitted that he had in fact received some proposals, which he even considered for a moment, but finally decided to reject them despite the money offered to him.

Today, in an interview with 1pv, ardiis announced that Riot Games employees had cleared him. ” I am pleased to announce that the charges against me have been refuted after Riot conducted a full investigation. I am not entirely sure what they were checking, however, that they looked at my case and found no violations on my part. Thank you to everyone who supported me. From now on I am fully focused on further development as a player and I look forward to competing at the highest level,” the 22-year-old revealed in an enthusiastic entry.

From the beginning of his adventure with VALORANT, Svarenieks performed under the flag of fish123, and also regularly participates in tournaments like Twitch Rivals. According to recent rumors, he has been conducting talks with G2 Esports for some time, but it is not known whether recent allegations affected their course.

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