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Huge changes on the streaming platform market! Microsoft, a company that has been managing Mixer (also known as Beam) since August 2016, decided to terminate the project and join forces with Facebook Gaming, moving most of its partners there. But not all of them.

“The success of partners and streamers on Mixer depends on our ability to scale the platform as quickly and as widely as possible. It became clear that the time it took to grow our own community was disproportionate to the visions and experiences that Microsoft and Xbox now want to provide to players. Therefore, we decided to close Mixer and help the community move to the new platform. We work with Facebook to better meet the needs of our community and enable it to switch to Facebook Gaming. This is a key element of the wider activities that Xbox and Facebook Gaming take to bring new experiences and opportunities to the entire gaming world,” we read in the message

For four years of operation, Mixer was not able to match the competition, although for some time it could boast of two hot names in its ranks. Last year, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek thanked Twitch for their cooperation, signing lucrative, exclusive contracts with a Microsoft entity.

Now their future is in question — The Verge reports that the American and Canadian have been released from the contracts and it is only up to them where they want to broadcast their live broadcasts. Rod Breslau added that Facebook presented the duo with an offer almost twice as financially advantageous as the previous one, but the players rejected it.

For now, none of the interested parties has taken an official position on the case. Blevins just wrote that he loves his community, which he managed to build on Mixer and will think about it when making decisions, though he will be making his streams for the foreseeable future on Twitch.

The Mixer’s website will be operational until July 22, and after that, entering its name in the search engine will automatically redirect the user to Facebook Gaming.

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