The legend himself, Filip “NEO” Kubski, joining FaZe Clan caught everyone by surprise. This is exactly how other professional players, casters, and analysts reacted to the news in this social media roundabout!

There are several good reasons for the news to come as a shock. For one, NEO hasn’t been performing on par for the past few years. Secondly, FaZe have been doing great (or at the very least *better*) in the past months. FaZe managed to win the ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019, as well as finish first at the BLAST Pro Series: Miami 2019.

The fact that NEO joining on a trial basis will replace the stand-in Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubayev was in fact expected. But what will help out Nikola “NiKo” Kovač and his team the most, is the fact that the Polish player will take upon himself the responsibility of leading this team. This, among other things, will allow the heavy-hitter NiKO to return to his fragging days.

These and other reasons made for some interesting reactions from the prominent CS:GO figures. For your convenience, here’s the collection of our favorites!

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