2019 will be quite different for competitive League of Legends — the pre-season patch has brought some changes to known mechanics, EU LCS has adopted the franchise system but it’s the transfer window that’s stealing the scene last week.

With changes in top Korean teams and pleasant surprises in the West, check out the changes made last week by teams around the world.

KT Rolster gave the starting foot in the wave of departures of the Korean teams. Support Mata was the first to leave the team on the 13th, followed by his duo partner Deft, the midlaners PawN and Ucal and the Rush jungler. The situation of the current LCK champion may get worse in the coming days, with Smeb and Score contracts expired.

Expected changes also reached SK Telecom T1. On Tuesday, the team posted on twitter that, if it is for the good of the nation, Faker stays for the 2019 season with Effort and Leo, but not before announcing the departure of seven members: Thal, Untara, Pirean, Blossom and the trio Blank, Bang and Wolf.

On the other hand, Khan, Clid, Haru, Crazy and Teddy are the SKT reinforcements for the season, highlighting the great top of Kingzone. It is only necessary to decide the direction of the coaches kk0ma, PoohmanDu and Bengi, whose contracts have expired.

The next in line for the desperate? Kingzone DragonX. Today, the only survivor of the squad is the jungler Cuzz, with all other players leaving the team or with contracts expired on November 19. Khan, Peanut, PraY and GorillA are officially out, while the status of Rascal, Bdd, Hirai, Supreme and ActScene technicians, is unknown.

The last Korean team that is in trouble is Gen.G. We expected a lot from the Samsung Galaxy after winning the 2017 World Cup, but the maximum it achieved were two fifth places in the LCK with two different names, first KSV and then Gen.G. With this, Ambition, Crown, Haru, CoreJJ and Mong will not dispute the next step for them, but with CuVee (top), Fly (middle), Ruler and Life (support) still secured, the damage may not be as complicated.

The west may still be asleep, but dead it is not. After announcing the entry of singer Drake as a partner in October, 100 Thieves made an ambitious import: Bang will be the Aphromoo duo partner for the 2019 season. In addition to the legendary former SKT, Huhi’s exciting little ad was made on the 20th, along with the extension of Ssumday’s contract until 2020. Of embezzlement, only Ryu, who becomes assistant coach for the team alongside Cody Sun.

Team Liquid also moved to try to repair their last weak performances on international stages, and already has two heavyweight reinforcements: former Gen.G member CoreJJ, who replaces Olleh. In the duo lane Doublelift gets a new partner in Jensen, who shined atby Cloud 9 in recent years.

On the other side of the Atlantic, as the spotlight turns to the news of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), rumors indicate the formation of a European super team. ESPN sources have reported that G2 is getting Caps for the middle lane, and is willing to even put Perkz, its acting midlanner, in the marksman’s position. Another name polled by the team is that of Mikyx, a Misfits support whose contract has expired in recent days.

And speaking of Misfits, in addition to the possible departure of Mikyx, Sencux and Jesiz, with contracts expired, the top Alphari bid farewell to the team. The Frenchman Soaz was announced as a substitute for the player, and Febiven also joined the team in search for the LEC title.

With transfer window still wide open more roster changes are sure to follow. The question is, just how powerful the western teams can get?